Enable SSL on webflow.io staging domains

Launched on 
November 27, 2018

Want to know about a quick, free-for-everyone win from our work on Webflow Ecommerce? Now you can enable SSL on unhosted projects to publish your in-progress work, prototypes, and staging sites to an https://_______.webflow.io subdomain.

Staging sites, SSL edition.
Staging sites, SSL edition.

In fact, this is now the default for all new projects in Webflow. Because secure hypertext transfer protocols are the best kind of hypertext transfer protocols.

Project settings > Hosting tab > Enable SSL
Project settings > Hosting tab > Enable SSL

To turn this on for existing projects, simply head to the hosting tab of your project settings, flip the “Enable SSL” toggle, and republish.

And boom! Security, peace of mind, and a nifty little lock icon in your browser’s URL field. What a time to be alive.

Ever been annoyed that you can’t publish your staging sites to an https URL? Well stop being annoyed, because that’s a thing of the past — now you can turn on SSL for your staging sites in your project settings.