Special character redirects support

Ever had to migrate an old site with a painfully complex URL structure to Webflow, but not been able to set up all the redirects for URLs with question marks (?) and/or equal signs (=)? Well, now you can.

For example, let's say your old site's URL structure looks something like this:


but you want it to redirect to:


In the past, you'd be stuck. But today, you can set up a redirect to handle these special characters.

Redirects work in the same way they've always worked, meaning you'll still need to "escape" these special characters by placing a "%" sign before them, but we now support question marks and equal signs as well.

Revisiting our example from above, to "escape" these special characters, you'll need to write your redirects as follows:

Use percentage signs before special characters to "escape" them when writing redirects.

Note that you can also set up redirects for entire URL folders and groups using wildcard rules, which you can find more information about in the help center.

Now you can redirect old URLs with question marks (?) and equal signs (=) to another path, making it easy to migrate old sites with complex URL structures.