Hip-hop artist SNT JMS drops new beats and wisdoms | Creator Sessions

Episode 6  |  Season 1  |  52:58  | 

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SNT JMS, “Jimmy,” is a hip-hop artist and cultural advocate who is known for his brutally honest approach to songwriting. His art is described as, “a movement to magnify the greatness in the meek,” which you will quickly discover during this Creator Session.

In this episode, SNT JMS shares countless pieces of creative wisdom that every creator can benefit from. We discuss the importance of committing to your creative practice, investing in yourself, and how to overcome doubt with preparation. He also breaks down the transition from “work life” to “passion life”-- a journey so many of us are on together. If you’re looking for creative guidance or simply need a little inspiration from a creator making a difference, this session is just for you!

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