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Refokus uses Webflow to help clients push their business to new levels

Whether they’re working with a Series A startup or an enterprise leader, Refokus relies on Webflow to create beautiful, effective, and high-performing websites for clients during pivotal moments in their growth.
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We’re passionate about building beautiful sites that also help businesses grow and acquire new users.
Leo Zakour
Leo Zakour
Co-founder and CEO, Refokus

A smarter way to build for the web

When Refokus CEO and co-founder Leo Zakour and his team discovered Webflow in 2013, they were developing client sites using an assortment of “old-school” technologies including Wordpress and PHP. Soon, they were frustrated with the never-ending development cycles and knew there had to be a better solution.

“Webflow looked amazing, so we gave it a try,” explains Leo. “We started using the tool in 2013 and haven’t looked back.”

The Refokus team —who were Webflow Experts before the concept of no-code really took off — believe that using low-code solutions like Webflow is simply the smartest way to build for the web.

While other industries have seen all kinds of optimizations, web development has remained one of the most inefficient processes on earth. At some point everyone started labeling tools as ‘no-code’ or ‘low-code’ but to me, it’s just being smart. I believe it’s a waste of human talent to NOT leverage solutions like Webflow.

Leo Zakour — CEO and co-founder, Refokus

Helping fast-growing businesses Refokus 

Refokus originally used Webflow to build sites, then export the CSS and HTML to be hosted elsewhere. Today, the team is a Webflow-only development agency focused on helping B2B businesses align their web and marketing presence with the needs of their growing business. 

The team has carved out two primary audience segments who they can best support using Webflow. “There are two sweet points for us,” explains Leo. “The first is when a company has built a product and now they need to build a company. This is usually around the same time they raise their Series A funding.” He said that businesses at this stage need a website that looks good, helps attract top talent, and creates a scalable foundation for marketing and growth. Webflow easily meets those needs.

The company’s second target audience is businesses moving from the startup world into the enterprise landscape.  

Using Webflow, we can unlock the ability for up-and-coming enterprise companies to compete with the legacy players in their industry. We’re able to help these companies develop a marketing driven-approach to their business while delivering a website that not only instills trust in the brand, but also helps their business grow.

Leo Zakour — CEO and co-Founder, Refokus

Supporting clients big and small

Working with clients ranging from early stage startups all the way to large, Fortune 500 companies has taught the Refokus team how to tailor their services to meet their clients where they are.

“With startups, migrating to Webflow is usually a quick conversation and a very easy sell,” notes Leo. “Enterprise-level clients often have more requirements and we go out of our way to ensure all of the internal stakeholders understand the value of Webflow and that their needs will be met.” This usually involves speaking with several teams including IT, security, SEO — and often, engineering. As an Enterprise Partner in the Webflow Experts program, Refokus works directly with the Webflow team to ensure enterprise clients' needs and security questions are met.

The key to selling Webflow to a CTO is not to sell them Webflow at all, but to ask them if they want to keep managing the company’s website, or if they’d prefer to focus their time and resources on building the product.

Leo Zakour — CEO and co-Founder, Refokus

About Refokus

Refokus is a Webflow Expert agency focused on supporting B2B brands in those key moments when they change their focus. Based in Hamburg, Germany, the Refokus team works with clients all over the world to create websites built in Webflow, along with other key services required to make those websites as impactful as possible; from custom code to illustrations, animations, and branding. 

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