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Look through the powerful and raw lens of award-wining photojournalist, Ami Vitale

Episode 25
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This Creator Session couldn’t come at a better time. This is a story about humanity from one of the most inspirational women we have had the opportunity to collaborate with. Ami Vitale is a photographer, film-maker, journalist, conservationist, advocate, and she is seeking out the human story. As a photojournalist she has been around the world and experienced some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful moments humanity has to offer. She has won countless awards, her photography has been exhibited around the world in museums and galleries, and has even graced the cover of National Geographic. But as this Creator Session came together it became about so much more than photography. It’s about how your work as a Creator can impact the world and create change. This is a Creator Session about understanding people and cultures more deeply than you thought possible.

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