12 of the best Webflow CMS websites (so far)

12 of the best Webflow CMS websites (so far)

Make managing your own content easy with Webflow CMS.

12 of the best Webflow CMS websites (so far)

Make managing your own content easy with Webflow CMS.

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Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello
Jeff Cardello

Having a tool like Webflow CMS simplifies the creation of well-structured content and updates like adding a blog post, changing item descriptions, or adding pieces to a portfolio. Webflow CMS also lets you design with real content, giving you a clear picture of how everything will work together. We’ve collected 12 websites built with Webflow CMS to inspire smart ways to manage dynamic content.

1. Plant Based News

Plant Based News is like the Medium of veganism — with a considerable following on social media. Their content may not be as expansive as the universe of Medium’s, but they have a sizeable collection of blog posts, recipes, and news — all focused on a cruelty-free lifestyle.

This large volume of content would be hard to keep organized without a CMS. The design is follows a straightforward layout with plenty of clean lines, giving it the feel of a much larger media outlet.

The site highlights the positive aspects of a vegan lifestyle instead of shaming or alienating non-vegans. Plant Based News presents themselves with a high level of professionalism to make even the most die-hard omnivore reconsider their next trip to the drive-thru.


2.Hello Bonsai

Oh, the naivete of the new freelancer. Those days of innocence when all your contracts were verbal, time was tracked on scrap paper, and you slept until 10 every morning without an inkling of guilt. As your career progresses, this freedom can easily transform into chaos. Eventually, some level of professionalism is required, even if you work in your pajamas all day.

Hello Bonsai has tools to help you stay organized and keep your freelance business on track. Whether it’s time tracking, invoicing, project management, or other resources you’re looking for, Hello Bonsai will help simplify your process.

Their blog is organized with tabs for categories like “Finding Work,” “Marketing Yourself,” and “Finance.” Each post is laid out in a grid and follows a CMS template. The design is free from distracting elements and focuses on their products and resources.

Hello Bonsai wants you to be a more organized freelancer. Instead of wasting time tracking down invoices, you’ll be freed up to look for your car keys, wallet, or television remote. That reminds me ... have you seen my phone? I swear I left it right ... there ...

3.Periscope Data Blog

Whenever you have an expansive blog, you need a bit more structure than just a long scroll of posts. Periscope Data Blog is dedicated to SQL (Structured Query Language). And for anyone into SQL, organization is key — whether it’s data or content about data.

Just as SQL organizes large amounts of data, Periscope Data Blog does the same with their blog. Categories are easy to navigate via the top navigation, and are contained in a straightforward CMS blog template. The person who adds content to the site’s vast amount of blogs has an easier job thanks to Webflow CMS.

4. Worldwide ERC

Working internationally can come with a lot of complications. Worldwide ERC is a resource to make things easier for international employees navigating the intricacies of working abroad.

This is another example where the focus is on the articles versus an overly stylized design. The landing page features a collection of their current articles, navigated by a long scroll. Article categories are arranged neatly in a top row navigation.

It’s a simple approach to managing a huge amount of a content while still being accessible and visually pleasing. The site’s clean grid layout has a great aesthetic and is easy to navigate. It’s a testament to the power of Webflow CMS to streamline the process and create a uniform experience for the user.

5. King Canary

Design agency King Canary doesn’t hold back from expressing their creative spirit with a bold, colorful site design — and a lot of content managed with Webflow CMS.

Instead of an “Team” page, they have a page called “Canaries” that features employees.The staff photo collage in a minimalist CMS template is a nice touch. They also use the CMS to manage the content on their Projects and News pages.

So far we’ve looked at a number of blog-driven designs, where aesthetics haven’t been a primary focus. But here, along with the CMS blocks, are dynamic transitions, videos, and rad animations like a kickflipping canary. This is a good example of a creative design that manages content in a practical way.


For those interested in conferences about design, UX, and other related tech topics, FLD TRP is a super-handy website. It started as a personal spreadsheet and grew into a website that shares a database of cool conferences.

This kind of generosity really brings us back to the early days of the internet, when sharing information was more important than sharing opposing political viewpoints. And instead of only listing large, well-known conferences, the site focuses on specialized ones with less exposure.

The homepage has featured conferences that you can search by region. There’s nothing outdated and everything is organized with Webflow CMS. A CMS can really simplify the job of keeping large collections of time-sensitive content up to date.

Now who wants to share their frequent flyer miles so I can check out some of these conferences? Anyone? Anyone?


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Unleash your creativity on the web

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

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7. Mundart Sirup

Mundart Sirup is a German company that makes fancy syrups. Specifically cucumber-basil and peach-lavender syrup, which both sound like they could be the start of many delicious summertime cocktails.

Mundart Sirup’s branding seems to strike a middle-ground between DIY and gourmet. What would you call that … semi-artisanal? I love the hand-drawn styled typography combined with a bright palette and elegant bottles of sugary syrup goodness.

This page is designed to promote their syrups with an emphasis on events they’ll be at. They keep their appearances up to date with Webflow CMS — it’s great when brands make an effort to personally connect with customers.

8. Koma Sliders

Koma Sliders is an Australian restaurant that makes Korean sliders. The site blends just the right amount of design creativity with practical promotion of their food. In the restaurant business, culinary offerings may change depending on what’s popular, sometimes daily. That’s why it’s such a good idea to use a CMS to keep the menu current.

Koma Sliders uses Webflow CMS in both their Gallery and Catering menu, leaving the potential to add to their culinary offerings as they expand.

9. Tegan Cochrane

Tegan Cochrane homepage

Fans of track bikes love them for their minimalism. Without fancy gears or, sometimes, even brakes, they’re stripped down, sleek two-wheeled machines. Tegan Cochrane is a sponsored track bike cyclist and her personal website features the races she enters, her sponsors, and her story. Much like a track bike, her website ditches anything extraneous in its design and content.

The landing page is a calendar with her upcoming races, all constructed from a clean CMS template. There’s also a media page that uses Webflow CMS with videos, photos, and stories about her her cycling adventures. Most of the content consists of high-quality photos that capture Tegan’s athleticism and the beauty and spirit of track bike racing.

10. Compagnie Vendeenne

Compagnie Vendeenne homepage

If you ever need to take a boat from the west coast of France to the quaint island of Yeu, Compagnie Vendeenne has the watercraft to get you there. Three different ports all have different departure times to a single destination, with some having up to 10 scheduled departure times a day. Passengers rely on this volume of information to be correct — Webflow CMS is central in keeping everything organized and current.

11. Rad Dad

Dads are rad. I mean, they help make humans! That’s a pretty huge accomplishment. The most notable thing I’ve done recently is rid my kitchen cabinet of Obama-era spices. Which … really ...  isn’t that rad.

But for all you rad dads, there’s the Rad Dad Podcast.

It’s a simple layout that conjures an NPR-station-like design. The focus is their feature episodes. Guests on the Rad Dad Show are often people from the Bay Area tech scene, with Dribbble founder Zack Onisko being the most prominent.

Even if you’re not a dad, there are a lot of cool guests and different insights from people who’ve created companies and the most important of startups — tiny humans.

12. Three Piece Bar

Does your party need a mobile bar? Then Three Piece Bar has the booze and mobile platform to deliver drinks to you and your guests. As long as you’re in the UK.

There’s so much content here, and it’s all managed by Webflow CMS. Everything from recipes and galleries, to testimonials and case studies — all integrated into the design by the CMS. This is another great example of how the CMS doesn’t have to be limited to just one type of content. The more practical applications you can find for it in your own design, the easier it will be to make changes to it in the future.

Manage your content better

Webflow CMS simplifies the process of managing your content. Whether you’re updating a menu, adding a new podcast episode, or writing a blog, you’re never limited by static templates. Webflow offers a customized CMS — a flexible, powerful tool that gives you the freedom to focus on what’s important: creating great content for the world.

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July 5, 2018