5 Design & development podcasts worth listening to

5 Design & development podcasts worth listening to

Expand your creative knowledge and get inspired with these 5 design and development podcasts.

5 Design & development podcasts worth listening to

Expand your creative knowledge and get inspired with these 5 design and development podcasts.

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Jeff Cardello

The more content and commentary on design that we take in, the more we learn and grow our skills.

Podcasts allow you to hear different perspectives about development and design, expand your knowledge, and help motivate you when you’re stuck in a rut. If you’re looking to get inspired or listen in on some insightful discussions, check out five of our favorite design podcasts. 

1. Land of the Giants

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Land of the Giants stands out from so many other podcasts for its level of professionalism. This isn’t a show where two people randomly muse about a topic over bargain-bin microphones — it’s top-notch audio journalism. Everything they cover is well-researched and enhanced by sound clips and interviews with experts on the topic. 

We love that Land of the Giants does deep dives — with entire seasons dedicated to companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Netflix, as well as a series focused on food delivery apps. Episodes are full of information but never feel too dense because they tell not just the stories of the companies but also the entrepreneurs who helped shape their trajectories. 

There is so much here about what goes on behind the scenes of tech companies, from the technology that powers them to the user experience of their products. Land of the Giants is rich in detail and compelling storytelling which makes it a podcast you’ll want to binge. 

2. Creative Pep Talk

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We’ve all hit obstacles as creatives. There are always design projects that never feel right, no matter how much we tweak them. When the finished product doesn’t meet the expectations we’ve set for ourselves, it can crush our motivation and fuel imposter syndrome. 

Creative Pep Talk is here to uplift designers. Host Andy J. Pizza, an accomplished illustrator and brilliant creative, wants to help designers succeed in their everyday lives and break free from the self-judgment that haunts so many of us. 

Andy has done graphic design for companies such as Google, Starbucks, and Warby Parker, and he knows firsthand what challenges designers face. There’s a healthy dose of feel-good pop psychology here, but it never feels disingenuous or cheesy. Andy has been there, and through his authentic and entertaining voice shares, he reveals his hard-learned lessons to help others. If you’re feeling invisible and alone about who you are as a design professional, Creative Pep Talk is here to reassure you that it’s all going to be okay.

With episodes like 3 Exercises for Finding Your Way Back to the Heart of Your Creative Path, 9 Prompts to Help You Make Your Most Powerful Work to Date, and Your Inner Critic is Drowning Out Your Creative Voice, you’ll find plenty to boost your creative spirit. The best design podcasts are ones that not only educate, but also motivate — and Creative Pep Talk does just that. 

3. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

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Design Matters with Debbie Millman was the first podcast about design and has been consistently putting out engaging and informative episodes since 2005. Debbie Millman is an accomplished designer, but also a polymath whose talents include that of an artist, writer, and speaker. Along with these many skills, she’s also the co-founder of the first-ever graduate program in branding at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Debbie’s personable demeanor, enthusiastic sense of curiosity, and depth of knowledge make her a great interviewer who always seems to connect with her guests. People like fiber artist Bisa Butler, musician Rickie Lee Jones, and performance artist Marina Abramović all make appearances. With a nice variety of guests, listeners are exposed to a wide range of creative insights and ideas.

Whoever you are and whatever your passions are in the creative industry, Design Matters will leave you with a fresh dose of inspiration.

4. Design Details

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Design Details, with hosts Marshall Bock and Brian Lovin, is a great listen for those who want to expand their knowledge about tech and design. They go far beyond skimming the surface but do so in a way that’s laid back and friendly.

If you’re into deep UI design cuts, there is so much here to love. For example, they dedicate an entire episode to Twitter’s follow button — talk about getting specific! Along with geeking out over more granular aspects of design, they discuss things like software development, design tips and tricks, creative culture, as well as other interesting topics related to the design industry. 

With a casual yet informed vibe, Marshall and Brian dispense plenty of useful information that anyone whose interests lie in tech and design will find illuminating. 

5. Layout

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Listening to Layout, with its hosts Kevin Clark and Rafael Conde, feels like getting pizza and drinks with your nerdiest, goofball friends. In this weekly podcast, they have conversations about topics like the business of design, typography, web design portfolio tips, UX design, and design-related matters. Along with all of these deep discussions, there’s also a fair amount of lighthearted banter. Kevin and Rafael have a great dynamic that’s casual and inviting. 

You can tell that both Kevin and Rafael enjoy recording these episodes and have an authentic love for design, making it a fun listen that also manages to dispense a lot of great information. 

Stay inspired

Keeping up with the design world includes listening to podcasts, following influencers on social media, looking at the work of design professionals on Behance and Dribbble, checking in on Made in Webflow, and exploring the multitudes of other design-related content out there.

We’re always happy to share what we find motivating and informative, and hope you regularly check in with our blog, where we love showing you new things about design and how to use Webflow to bring your ideas to life. 

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