Announcing the winners of Global Maker Day 2020

Discover the winners, chosen by the community, of Webflow's first Global Maker Day.

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During the last day of the Webflow World Tour, we held our very first Global Maker Day — a 24-hour remote design-a-thon where members of the community came together to build a working prototype in Webflow. Winners were selected for a chance to win prizes sponsored by our partner, Accel.

We had an inspiring day.

Community members voted for their favorite submissions in each category. There were no outside judges — winners were 100% chosen by the Webflow community.

Here are the winners of Global Maker Day 2020

1) Best business or ecommerce prototype

zoom project
This project is available to clone for free.

Winner for best business prototype goes to Sarkis! He designed and built a full Zoom prototype all in Webflow! And it’s not just a Zoom prototype. It’s a Zoom app within a Mac OS prototype — inception if you ask me.

2) Best enterprise solution

finsweet enterprise project

Winner for best enterprise solution goes to the team at Finsweet! They built a prototype of Webflow, in Webflow, to showcase how you can use a form to send a POST to a backend using a private API key. Data entered into the prototype goes straight into an Airtable used for the backend. Pretty sweet, Finsweet!

3) Best integration or add-on

generate PDF project
This project is available to clone for free.

Winner for best add-on goes to Vivek Shukla! This project lets a Webflow user turn any of their div blocks into a PDF. What makes this different from other PDF generation tools for Webflow is that there’s no backend logic that needs to run. Using a script, the PDF is generated directly in the browser!

4) Best social impact project

steamcycle project

Winner for best social impact project goes to the team that built STEAMcycle! This project aims at repurposing unused tech devices from the community in partnership with nonprofit organizations to support under-resourced students. STEAMcycle connects community members with nonprofits to make this a reality, currently in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5) Best portfolio or side project

the mountaineer project

Winner for best side project goes to Amit Patel! Amit’s side project, The Mountaineer, is a community website for travelers to connect with one another and share things like their travel schedules, tips, and more.

6) Best cloned project or use of a pre-built template

Winner for best pre-built project goes to Shahriar Azad Evan! Using a free template, Shahriar rebuilt his portfolio in Webflow. It’s safe to say that you can easily modify any Webflow template to create a great looking portfolio.

Creating a diverse cast of makers

Global Maker Day showed us how the no code movement is taking step towards enabling a diverse case of makers. By diversifying the array of people capable of building and launching digital products, no code tools have the potential to also diversify the range of products being built and the speed with which they can come to market. 

But we need more. More diversity of background, viewpoint, and opinion. Because the more diverse our cast of makers becomes, the more diverse the solutions available, and the more holistically those solutions will meet contemporary problems.

Stay curious, keep practicing, and don't stop building.

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September 9, 2020

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