Interactions 2.0

The wait is finally over. Today marks the initial release of Interactions 2.0: a complete revamp of Webflow's interactions and animations tools. New to Interactions 2.0:

  • Scroll based animation triggers for dynamic interactions like parallax
  • Mouse tracking animation for microinteractions
  • An intuitive timeline-based method for building rich, multi-step animations
  • Brand new style properties to transform in interactions, like background color, border
  • A whole lot more

To learn more about today's release, check out our blog post on what comes out today, along with what's on the road ahead.

To get up to speed with this new release, check out our new course on Webflow University.

Timeline-based animations. Parallax scrolling. Mouse-based microinteractions. Now in Webflow. Experience Interactions 2.0 today.