Interactions 2.0.1

As we noted in our release notes, the initial launch of Interactions 2.0 was just the beginning, and there was still lots to add to keep parity with legacy interactions and complete the features we have planned. So without further delay...

We’ve made a bunch of enhancements and improvements that’ll let you add animations and interactions across more of your site (and some bugfixes that’ll hopefully save you some headaches). Notable improvements include:

  • Support for symbols. At release, repeating Interactions 2.0 across symbols wasn’t possible. Thankfully, now it is.
  • Support for Collection pages. As promised, we’ve built out support for Interactions 2.0 on CMS Collection pages. (Support for Interactions 2.0 on Collection Lists is coming soon.)
  • Scroll offsets controls. Now you can precisely adjust the bounds of your scroll animations by setting offsets (both px and percent of viewport height) that determine when your animation starts.
  • More easing options. We’ve updated the easing options to include everything from legacy interactions, so you can add all the precise transitions you need. We’ve also reorganized the easing options to make more sense.
  • Duplicate animation steps. Now you can duplicate steps in animation for easier and faster building of small changes.

We’ve also fixed some bugs:

  • Undo/redo now works as expected
  • Cutting and pasting elements won’t break IX2 interactions
  • Scroll interactions on Safari mobile now work as expected
  • ...plus a bunch of other bugfixes!

And a here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2.0.2:

  • Collection Lists support. Building on our new support of Collection pages, soon you’ll be able to add Interactions 2.0 to Collection Lists.
  • Improved UX for reusing interactions. Soon you’ll be able to target classes in animation lists, which will make it much easier to reuse recurring interactions.
  • Phasing out legacy interactions. We’ll be phasing out legacy interactions from the Designer for all new sites and existing sites without legacy interactions — but don’t worry, any site with legacy interactions in place will always have the option to toggle between the old and the new. You won’t lose your work!

Enjoy the updates! Happy designing.

We’ve added support for Interactions 2.0 across Symbols and Collection Pages — along with a bunch of other fixes and enhancements.


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