36 effective SaaS website examples in 2024

36 effective SaaS website examples in 2024

Want to see how the best SaaS websites convert more visitors to customers? Check out the 36 best SaaS website examples to launch your own.

36 effective SaaS website examples in 2024

Want to see how the best SaaS websites convert more visitors to customers? Check out the 36 best SaaS website examples to launch your own.

The 2024 State of the Website

Discover key challenges today's marketing teams are facing, as well as opportunities for businesses in 2024.

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Need some inspiration? Hone your SaaS website design skills and learn from the best by checking out the most effective — and high-converting — SaaS websites on the market right now.

The best software-as-a-service, or SaaS, website design takes lots of time, effort, and expertise. In this blog, we’ll show you the best SaaS website examples — the ones that use clear copy, use of whitespace, color, animations, and interactivity — to help you create your own.

36 best SaaS website designs of 2024

Borrow some web design inspiration and marketing tips from these impactful SaaS websites:

1. Proof

Screenshot of Proof's homepage from

Great user experience is all about getting personal with the user. Proof is quick to illustrate how you can boost conversions with real-time personalization and social proof badges. Spoiler: that’s what their products, Experiences and Pulse, do.

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2. Kajabi

Screenshot of Kajabi's free trial page

So many SaaS websites make the mistake of making the conversation on their homepage all about them — but not Kajabi. Instead, this SaaS website prominently features its users as the main heroes by showcasing user success stories, creator revenue, and testimonials. Kajabi entices visitors with social proof, standing out from competitors.

3. Lattice

Screenshot of Lattice's homepage featuring headline "Experience the power of strategic HR"t

Lattice is one of the best SaaS website examples, and for good reason. Their homepage immediately introduces visitors to a variety of their services and unique value propositions including compensation tracking, performance tracking and analytics. This people management platform also includes use cases and a prominent free demo CTA.

4. Petal

Screenshot of Petal website

Let's be honest, most banking websites look intimidating; they offer too much choice and too many sales pitches. Petal, however, is one of the best SaaS websites in the banking industry we’ve seen. With a straightforward user flow, Petal literally stands on a spinning pedestal to command full attention.

Designed by Devin Fountain, Petal’s website uses a refreshing color palette, expertly mixing teal, off-white, and yellow color blocks in their design. Big titles and plenty of white space guide users through the site, keeping Petal’s brand identity at the forefront. Kudos to Petal for making the whole credit card application thing look like less of a hassle.

5. DropBox Sign

Screenshot of DropBox Sign's homepage from

Split screens are everywhere in today’s layout design trends. Arguably, this SaaS website design is one of the easiest ways to pack more information on the main screen without overwhelming the visitor.

To entice visitors, DropBox Sign prominently displays customer benefits to their product, including an easy and intuitive interface, great security features, and numerous integrations with other popular tools. Plus, by using an internal linking strategy on their homepage — a great SaaS SEO approach — they improve their online rankings.

Screenshot of DropBox Sign's homepage

6. Streak

Screenshot of Streak's homepage from

SaaS companies may have gotten a bad rap for overusing isometric illustrations back in the day, but they do look nice, especially if they’re on-brand. And when paired with quick animation and bold typography, we think it works quite well for Streak!

This SaaS website design incorporates the same hue of blue from the illustration into other elements — icons, buttons, and screen blocks — to deliver a unified brand experience.

7. Appcues

Screenshot of Appcues homepage

A great example of a high-converting SaaS website design, Appcues’ homepage features a clear, succinct value proposition, facts, figures, and testimonials — plus a compelling CTA, which offers a free start to their product. 

Additionally, the use of animation in their SaaS website design keeps visitors engaged and interested, increasing time on the page.

8. Memberstack

Screenshot of Memberstack homepage

Memberstack is a SaaS website example that packs a punch with interactivity. Using the toggles on the left, you can change the look of their animation in the right block to illustrate all the benefits of gated content and paid memberships.

Screenshot of Memberstack homepage that showcase interactive demo from

They further incorporate interactivity by including clickable customer testimonials, a video demo, and a scrollable project calendar to show — in real-time — how customers can take advantage of their tool.

9. Catch

Screenshot of Catch homepage

Catch is another great SaaS website example that uses bold, sleek design reinforced by crystal clear copy to explain the nuts and bolts of their product. Catch’s entire website reinforces the kind of user experience their SaaS app delivers — simple, straightforward, and delightful. Take design inspiration from Catch’s masterful blend of copy and visual elements.

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10. Slidebean

Screenshot of Slidebean homepage

A company selling pitch decks and presentation templates, Slidebean doesn’t compromise on its SaaS website design.

Slidebean highlights their ample white space with splashes of blue and coral pink to draw the user’s attention to calls to action (CTAs), buttons, and other important elements. They use plenty of white space in their SaaS website to allow the eye to rest and refocus on the main value propositions.

11. FullCircl

Screenshot of FullCircl's homepage design

By using attractive photographs, illustrations, social proof, demo screens, and bold button microcopy, FullCircl clearly showcases the value they can deliver.

Screenshot of FullCircl homepage that showcases unique value proposition from

This SaaS website also does an excellent job of highlighting the benefits of their services through compelling statistics around finance-ready leads and client onboarding. 

12. Play

Play’s site features a dark color scheme (unusual for SaaS website design), a bold, enticing headline, and a video hero featuring an animated mobile app prototype. These features work together to showcase their key offering — a mobile design application.

Play sets the mood for a new, unfamiliar experience. Who would have thought that you could craft great product designs on your phone? Play’s compelling user interface demos, paired with on-point copy and a video product tour, make it a great SaaS website example that’s built to wow and convert.  

13. Grow

Screenshot of Grow homepage with a video demo from

Often, SaaS startups need to appeal to B2b decision-makers without losing their unique identity along the way. Grow is a great example of how to do just that. This SaaS website opts for a darker color palette and simple but descriptive slogans. After all, Grow’s goal is to attract enterprise clients interested in advanced business analytics, not just anyone.

Screenshot of Grow homepage with customer testimonials from

Prominent ratings, featured clients, and testimonials reinforce the idea that Grow is a trustworthy partner to lean on.

14. Gemnote

Image of Gemnote's home page which features eye-catching hero images from

Great SaaS websites often feature eye-catching hero images which stop skimmers in their tracks and encourage them to pay attention to what they have to say. Gemnote — a SaaS website for custom merch — does just that.

Gemnote expertly uses its hero image to illustrate the kind of products you can order in a few clicks. They also use a good conversion trick of using a filled and a ghost button to solicit more clicks to a better offer.

15. Draftbit

Image of Draftbit saas website design from

Draftbit’s SaaS website design uses a long homepage version to unpack all the product features in a fun, interactive way. Using screenshots, code snippets, and product mockups, Draftbit shows, rather than tells, how you can visually build native mobile apps on their platform.

Screenshot of Draftbit's animated demo

16. Loom

Screenshot of Loom's homepage

Words are nice, but videos are even better. Loom — a video-chatting tool — manifests this idea throughout their SaaS website with a hero video, GIFs made during video-conferencing, and minimalistic product mockups.

As a result, this SaaS website design looks word-light but value-heavy as they sell you on the idea of using video for corporate communications, one fun fact at a time.

17. Thena

Screenshot of's homepage

Another great SaaS website example, Thena’s homepage is bright, clear, and educational. In order to convince customers to purchase their product, Thena includes detailed screenshots of their solution, which they quickly follow with stellar social proof. 

18. PartnerStack

Screenshot of PartnerStack's homepage from

PartnerStack is another great SaaS website example that shows how simple design tricks — color blocks, bold text, highlighted text — can create a memorable browsing experience. The team succinctly explains what they pack inside their big platform right on their homepage, breaking down key features, showcasing testimonials, and strategically placing a few boldly designed CTAs.

19. Kraftful

Screenshot of Kraftful's homepage featuring a call to action

Kraftful’s SaaS website gets right to the point — their main header copy is bold and invites visitors to start a free plan with a featured call to action. 

With bright colors, animations, and glowing customer testimonials that offset the complexity of the product this startup is selling, Kraftful nails SaaS website design. 

20. Storetasker

Screenshot of Storetasker

As a marketplace SaaS company, Storetasker places its best asset in the spotlight — the fun, young, and highly experienced tech experts you can connect with whenever you need a quick website fix.

They establish a people-focused theme by prominently featuring customer testimonials and recent community reviews. After all, a successful marketplace is built upon trust and effective collaboration. Stortasker’s SaaS website design perfectly illustrates that they excel in maintaining both.

The 2024 State of the Website

Discover key challenges today's marketing teams are facing, as well as opportunities for businesses in 2024.

Read the report
The 2024 State of the Website

Discover key challenges today's marketing teams are facing, as well as opportunities for businesses in 2024.

Read the report
Read the report

21. Whimsical

A screenshot of SaaS website design example from Whimsical, sourced from

The name is a bit of a giveaway here. Whimsical’s SaaS website greets casual browsers with a huge color splash, quirky background design elements, and bold, colorful templates to click through.

If you are not sold on their idea of visual communication within the first page, hop to one of the feature landing pages to see how they use extra doses of colorful illustration, animation, and demo videos to showcase the power of mind maps, flowcharts, and wireframes.

22. Kisi 

Screenshot of Kisi homepage

Just like Grow, Kisi does a superb job of aligning their SaaS website design and copywriting with the communication style of their target audience — enterprise security experts and CIOs. Their homepage breaks down the sales pitch blocks, describing their cloud-based access control system. They also showcase their impressive key company figures and industry acknowledgments to establish themselves as industry leaders.

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23. GitBook

Screenshot of GitBook homepage from

Part note-taking app, part knowledge base management product, GitBook positions itself as a product every user will appreciate. Using interactive demos, screenshots, and short text blocks, this user-friendly SaaS website quickly communicates what’s in it for you — including their extensive integrations.

24. Ramp

Screenshot of Ramp's website from

Ramp, a finance platform, nails the art of live demos. As visitors scroll through their site, they can watch the product in action, including how their instant insights tools, automation, and customization work. This SaaS website includes the logos of some of their most well-known customers, including Shopify and Glossier, which establishes their brand as reputable and trustworthy.

25. Modyfi 

A screenshot of Modify's homepage from

Modyfi’s SaaS website takes creativity and interactivity to the next level. As users scroll along the long home page, Modyfi takes them on a journey through the product, including several different features like collaboration tools, automations, and flexible image processing. With so many interesting design elements, including bold colors, Modify reinforces its brand identity and keeps visitors on the page and engaged.

A screenshot of Modify's homepage which features bold animations from

26. Zight

Screenshot of Zight's homepage

Zight is another visual communication tool on our list. Unlike Whimsical, the Zight team opted for a more formal look — a white main screen and light-blue and pink highlights and buttons. This palette, which has lots of white space, acts as a great canvas for colorful visuals that show how the app works.

27. Getaround

Screenshot of minmalist saas website design from

Using creative animations and product images, Getaround’s SaaS website design instantly creates a feeling of vibrancy. Step-by-step instructions for using the app, testimonials from real users, and easily accessible FAQs showcase this SaaS website’s ability to inform and entertain users.

28. Zentail

Screenshot of Zentail's website homepage

Zentail’s SaaS website immediately interests visitors with the inclusion of a bold statistic — Brands switching to Zentail grow their sales by 3x — which they quickly follow with brand recognition and testimonials from clients.

Unlike other companies in this best SaaS website design examples list, Zentail’s CTA is pretty unique — the “let’s talk” microcopy encourages visitors to click with its casual, low-stakes tone.

29. Obviously AI

Example of saas website design from

Data science expertise is a hot commodity. But not everyone has the time (or aptitude) to master the skill. That’s where Obviously AI rolls in with their no code data modeling platform, powered by conversation.

In the spirit of keeping things “obvious,” this SaaS website explains how the product works using animations and demo videos before pitching their plans. Plus, their intentional use of white space and on-brand, bold color scheme makes this SaaS website a stellar one.

30. User Interviews

Screenshot of saas website with a clean design from

User Interviews’ user-friendly SaaS website design is chock full of whimsical illustrations, testimonials, and interactive design elements. Plus, they place their “sign up for free” CTA clearly and boldly throughout the website — like in the menu header and near the hero image. The site also includes other CTAs for further exploration of their offerings, an essential step to convince visitors to become customers. A great example of clean design in action!

31. Sandbox Software

Sandbox Software's homepage

Cute illustrations, straightforward product descriptions, and a prominent testimonial are a recipe for success, if you ask Sandbox Software. Their website has excellent user flow, organically guiding new users through the key features of their child care management software and sprinkling in some extra cuteness — even their pricing page is fun and engaging!

32. Nauto

Screenshot of Nauto homepage from

Nauto — an AI-powered driver behavior monitoring platform — is another excellent SaaS website. After enticing users with a video preview of a futuristic driving experience, Nauto quantifies the value their platform already delivers to some 800 brands. Data-backed and value-packed, Nauto’s website is a fine SaaS website design example of how mixing and matching different design elements within your homepage can uptick conversions.

33. BILL

Screenshot of BILL's homepage

BILL’s rotating hero copy, which showcases several different benefits of using their product, allows their solution to resonate with a range of potential customers. Whether visitors need help reducing their paper, automating their workflows, or reducing friction in their processes, BILL has something to offer. To really seal the deal for visitors, BILL includes some pretty impressive statistics about their customer base.

34. Gumroad

Screenshot of an example of bold saas website design from Gumroad:

A simple ecommerce SaaS website that helps anyone become an entrepreneur, Gumroad’s SaaS website design makes the prospect of creating a unique digital storefront exciting and fun. Using bold, complementary colors, animations, and retro-looking decals, Gumroad stands out from other ecommerce platforms in the space, and encourages young, spirited creatives to give their product a chance.

35. Jasper

Screenshot of Jasper's product on their homepage design

Jasper, an AI-powered content creator, immediately wows visitors with a captivating hero video background and product mockups. Jasper's homepage highlights product features and demonstrates how their tool can help teams move faster and more effectively.

36. Formstack

Screenshot of Formstack's homepage

Businesses — large, small, or somewhere in between — are always looking to make their processes smarter and more efficient. Formstack, a workflow automation software, promises just that in its web design. In line with their unique value proposition of making employee and business owners’ lives easier and simpler, their SaaS website design and functionality, which features a product hero and clear CTAs, are sleek, simple, and not too overcrowded. Meaning, visitors feel inspired to learn more, or start a free trial.

Craft a SaaS website that captivates and converts

With the correct use of white space, interactive elements, clear copy, and intentional use of color — among other important features — your SaaS website has the power to be your most cutting-edge sales tool. Create yours using pre-built website templates for SaaS, or design a custom page layout using drag-and-drop tools with Webflow.

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