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6 portfolio websites designed to stand out

Get inspired to design and launch your online portfolio site

Mat Vogels
November 22, 2015

Portfolio websites have become one of the most effective (and personalizable) ways to showcase one’s work.

They not only feel professional, but they’re also the easiest way to share, update, and manage your personal brand.

A printed resume has become a bit of a dinosaur in recent years for this very reason: When your latest and greatest work seems to change weekly, it makes sense to present it all in a place you can quickly and easily update. Our world just moves too fast for print.

Of course, making the decision to take your portfolio online is just the first — and easiest — of many decisions to come.

Now you’ve got to decide how to design it.

That’s why I’ve gathered these 6 gorgeous and carefully designed portfolios: to inspire you to build a website that highlights the uniqueness of both your personal brand and your design work. Along the way, I’ll explain why I love them, and why I think they’re so effective. For additional tips and tricks for your portfolio, be sure to check out our 10 portfolio design tips inspired by Webflow designers.

1. Minewire Design

Minewire Design

Joshua Kratt’s elegant portfolio site breaks the “hero image” mold that has come to dominate the web, instead relying on succinct and beautifully typeset text to tell his story in a visual way.

Joshua also keeps his interactions subtle to ensure they stay in tune with the site’s overall look and feel. I also love that Mad Libs–style form!

2. Joe Mortell

Joe Mortell

The execution of this site is so good. Everything from the first sentence to the presentation of projects is done in such a simple and straightforward way.

I’m a big fan of being bold, direct, and putting your best foot forward. So don’t clutter up your website. Instead of showing all 20 of your projects, focus on your 5 best — they’ll speak volumes.

3. Jack Dusty

Jack Dusty

Two words: White space.

I love the use of white space on this site. It creates a sense of openness and freedom that’s so relieving in the too-often cluttered and frenetic world of the web. So often we forget that not displaying content can be a powerful design choice.

4. Jonathan Patterson

Jonathan Patterson

Looking for something a little more original? This site is a great example of trying something completely different, and displaying your work with a design that feels ultra-unique. Because this site relies on an unfamiliar interface compared to most sites, it adds an element of mystery and exploration as the user navigates.

5. Black Ninja

Black Ninja

This site is unique in so many ways. Yes, it has a large hero image at the top of the page, but the rest of page features enough unique design and interaction elements to set it apart from any other site you’ll find online.

6. ABC Creative Agency template

ABC Creative Agency template

This Webflow template also follows the trend of using a giant hero image at the top of the page — but it does so in a way that feels original. It’s just different enough to feel bold, but follows common design trends to ease the user experience.

Use this free, responsive Webflow template to build your portfolio site today.

Inspired yet? Share your work with us.

Obviously, there are millions of great portfolio sites out there — these are just my favorites of the moment. For more inspiration, I recommend looking through the amazing work on Dribbble, Awwwards, and our very own Discover page.

Do you have a portfolio you would like to share? Send it our way! If you made it in Webflow, be sure to use the hashtag #MadeInWebflow.

5. Zestful

Zestful helps companies book fun, unique, and local group activities available through their platform. You might expect a site like theirs to scream FUN! Well they don’t disappoint. Their upbeat vibe supports their mission to help teams socialize outside the office without the usual headache that comes with event planning.

6. Petal

Petal is a younger company, but they stand out because design pervades the focus and direction of their marketing. Even their product (a new, no-fees credit card) features a stunning and unique design. Their website follows suit — it’s a breath of fresh air — with beautiful colors, generous whitespace, and clear, concise copy.

‍Petal’s website supports their mission of providing easy credit access by making credit feel simple, approachable, and maybe a bit fun too.

7. BankMobile

BankMobile’s website makes banking look hip and modern, as hard as that might sound. With bold colors, clearly presented information and a consistent feel throughout the site, we especially appreciate the unique horizontal scrolling section they use to walk through the UI on their mobile app.

8. Bonsai

Freelancers are constantly on the lookout for new tools and products to make managing their business easier — Bonsai focuses on checking as many of those boxes as possible with tools that range from invoicing and payments to proposals and contracts. With so many features in their platform, their marketing site needs to effectively explain and differentiate how their products can help freelancers. A dedicated page for each one does just that.

‍Bonsai provides detailed product overviews with dedicated landing pages for all of their major features.

Bonsai gets bonus points for creating an impressive resource hub for freelancers. They share survey data about rates, best tools for freelancers, and the top places to find new work.

‍Bonus points for great, useful content for their freelance audience.

9. AltSchool

As an education partner, AltSchool has an important story and mission that underpins their work. Their website does a great job sharing their story with photography, copy, and a consistently communicated mission: to enable all children to reach their potential.

AltSchool uses photography and to bring their mission as educators to the fore.‍copy

Ready to build a business site of your own but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our full business site rebuild course on Webflow University.

Did we miss any standouts? Let us know in the comments!

Mat Vogels

Mat is a web creator and evangelist at Webflow. Follow me at @matvogels.

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