10 UX design portfolio examples to spark your creativity in 2024

10 UX design portfolio examples to spark your creativity in 2024

Every UX designer needs a portfolio. Find inspiration for your own in these great UX designer portfolio examples.

10 UX design portfolio examples to spark your creativity in 2024

10 UX design portfolio examples to spark your creativity in 2024

Every UX designer needs a portfolio. Find inspiration for your own in these great UX designer portfolio examples.

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Your UX design portfolio stands as proof of your skills and creativity. It’s not just a visual showcase — it reflects your expertise in user-centric design principles.

Creating a compelling user experience (UX) design portfolio goes beyond aesthetic appeal. It blends visuals with visitor-friendly functionality, demonstrates how you align design choices with user needs, and curates a thoughtful website layout that narrates your design process.

Every detail of your site, from the structure to color scheme, should demonstrate your intention and capacity to deliver a seamless and impactful UX. Your portfolio is your canvas, the platform where you apply and showcase the skills you’ve honed to become a UX designer.

10 UX designer portfolio examples

We've compiled ten of our favorite examples of great UX portfolios to inspire you while you create your own.

1. Emi Lantz

Emi Lantz's portfolio embodies subtle sophistication, captivating visitors with a striking dark theme and a minimalist approach. Her adept use of animation underscores her multifaceted skillset, showcasing her design prowess and research, marketing, and brand promotion abilities.

Portfolio landing page with large text saying, “Hi! I design products and brands” with a purple “download resume” and a transparent “view projects” CTA below it.
Source: Emi Lantz

A prominent “View Project” button directs visitors to five curated projects on the landing page. Comprehensive case studies and intriguing prototype videos delve into each work, demonstrating her straightforward and practical design process. The inclusion of glowing testimonials, or “high fives,” from previous collaborators and team members highlights her personal flair, articulates her brand, and further substantiates her UX/UI design abilities.

2. Ljubomir Bardžić

Freelance UX/UI designer ​​Ljubomir Bardžić’s portfolio balances minimalist design with aesthetics. Using a classic black-and-white theme, he strategically deploys vibrant color accents to draw attention to his various projects, displaying them with clarity and precision. His portfolio pieces include client feedback to affirm his work’s impact, user journey mapping, and wireframes to illustrate his ideation and design process.

Portfolio home page with small text saying, “Hello, my name is ​​Ljubomir Bardžić,” followed by larger text saying “I’m a freelance designer and for the last nine years I have been helping startups deliver better experience across Android, iOS, and Web.”
Source: Ljubomir Bardžić

The textual content leaves no room for ambiguity. He succinctly communicates his service offerings — web design, UX/UI design, and Webflow development services — to reinforce his value proposition. Blending simplicity and directness, Bardžić’s portfolio offers a rewarding, expositional experience for visitors and potential clients.

​​3. Karolis Kosas

Product designer Karolis Kosas presents a minimalist approach to his portfolio that lets his design prowess shine through. A stark black-and-white color scheme subtly comes to life with the animated blinking eyes on the CUJO project, adding a touch of intrigue and whimsy to the site.

White homepage featuring text in the top and bottom center, and a picture of a CUJO device with closed eyes on the right. The text on the screen says, “Karolis Kosas is a product designer at Stripe.”
Source: Karolis Kosas

Each project piece provides a sleek, professional showcase of Karolis’ design process. Every meticulously curated detail guides visitors through each project stage. The side-by-side display of product design deliverables and images of the product in use illustrates how each step contributes to the final product. This thoughtful and thorough presentation mirrors the high caliber of Karolis’ design skills.

4. Pascal Strasche

When visitors land on the portfolio of Pascal Strasche, a seamless blend of professionalism and personal flair greets them. Harmonizing color schemes underscore comprehensive project presentations, each one narrating the behind-the-scenes story of his design journey.

Homepage with a white-and-blue gradient background with a headshot of Pascal Strasche on the right. On the left is text saying, “Hi, I’m Pascal: A freelance UI/UX designer. I help companies to design intuitive digital products and online experiences.” Below is a green CTA button saying, “Let’s chat.”
Source: Pascal Strasche

In a refreshing twist, Pascal discloses his personal manifesto — a clear outline of his ambitions and values — symbolizing the depth of investment in his brand. He also doesn’t leave his skill mastery to conjecture; Pascal quantifies his expertise in UI design, web design, and visual design with percentage numbers on his Skills page.

His articulate and direct approach fosters trust and reliability. By integrating his unique personality and UX/UI expertise, he creates a genuinely individualized portfolio that demonstrates his design acumen and personal ethos.

5. Vicky Marchenko

Landing on Vicky Marchenko’s portfolio feels like a warm welcome from a friend. The playful paper plane animation and friendly “hey there” expression deliver a sense of personal connection. Her consistent use of a comforting purple and white theme furthers this inviting atmosphere.

Portfolio homepage with a white background and purple paper airplanes. On the left is text saying, “Hey there, I’m a UX/UI designer that uses my background in business to create meaningful digital experiences.”
Source: Vicky Marchenko

Visitors will find comprehensive and transparent case studies as they delve into her projects pages. From project overviews to specific deliverables and examples of final designs, Vicky makes everything clear. Her footer invites users to enter their name, email address, and a message, offering a clear line of communication to make collaborating with her simple.

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Learn how to build a design portfolio

Build and visually design a full portfolio website — completely free. This course covers everything from the basics of grid and flexbox to advanced interactions and accessibility work.

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Enter Michael Kochenburger’s UX portfolio, branded as KOCO, and a wide-eyed animated robot instantly greets users. This engaging character doesn’t merely decorate the site — it ushers visitors through it, making for an immersive and welcoming journey.

KOCO portfolio site with text on the left saying, “I’m KOCO, a Product Designer from TN.” On the right is an animated gray robot against a purple backdrop.
Source: KOCO

Moving into the project pages, Michael’s design skills shine. He arranges information aesthetically, splitting each section of text with images displaying his work.

Beyond the visually engaging design, he also includes the project’s objectives, challenges, ideation, and final deliverables, clearly demonstrating his systematic approach. Michael also hides some of his work behind a password-protected vault, labeled as his “top-notch stuff.” This strategic mystery stirs curiosity, a powerful tool for attracting potential clients.

7. Olga Rody

Large text and a minimalist design take center stage on Olga Rody’s sleek portfolio homepage. She displays her projects in a large grid, featuring images from each work to subtly inform visitors of what to expect before they click, accompanied by a natural color scheme that prioritizes accessibility with its excellent contrast.

UX portfolio site with large text saying, “Olga Rody UI/UX Designer Based in Indiana, US.”
Source: Olga Rody

Clicking into one of her projects, Olga clearly defines her role upfront. As visitors scroll, she introduces a variety of design deliverables such as journey maps, wireframes, and prototypes, painting a comprehensive picture of the design process.

Her portfolio isn’t just a collection of pretty pictures, however. She includes measurable outcomes, such as usability testing results and survey answers, to showcase her impact as a designer. This focus on results paired with her visually pleasing design aesthetic encapsulates her dedication to the UX design craft.

8. Ryan C. Robinson

Switching it up with a burst of color, Ryan C. Robinson’s portfolio gives a vivid twist to modern minimalist design. His projects pop off the screen as visitors scroll through, breaking away from the standard 2D design approach and introducing 3D elements.

Portfolio site with a wavy orange and blue background. In the center of the page is text saying, “Ryan. C Robinson UX Designer Specializing in responsive web, desktop, and mobile app design.”

Each of his project pages balances descriptive content with stimulating visuals, ensuring complete understanding of his design process. His focus tags for each project are particularly useful — wireframing, mobile, UX, or visual design — providing an efficient reference point for potential clients or employers looking for examples of specific skill sets. His approach showcases a unique blend of creativity and meticulousness, demonstrating his versatility as a UX designer.

9. Gina Yu

Web designer Gina Yu imbues her portfolio with a natural color theme, offering a refreshing departure from conventional product design portfolios. Her introduction, starting with “Hey fellow human bean!” sets a lighthearted tone and underscores her ambition to craft a more human and empathetic world.

Portfolio site featuring a light-beige background with colorful paint drops throughout. Near the top of the screen is text introducing the site saying, “Hey fellow human bean! I’m an Atlanta-based product designer, who works to create a more human and empathetic world.”
Source: Gina Yu

Navigating to her Work page, the spotlight first falls on her most recent project, with four other past undertakings trailing closely under in a simple grid layout. She populates each case study with detailed process narratives and captivating, interactive prototypes. In an innovative move, she embeds a functional prototype on a graphic representation of a Mac screen for her Outback Bikes project, offering visitors a realistic perspective on user interaction.

10. Dirkjan Kraan

Opting for a human-centric approach, Dirkjan’s Kraan’s portfolio first introduces him as a person, not solely a professional. His role as a UX designer becomes apparent after scrolling past his welcoming headshot image and simple greeting: “I am a UX designer creating meaningful digital experiences.”

White, minimalist portfolio site with centered text saying, “I am a UX designer, creating meaningful digital experiences.”
Source: Dirkjan Kraan

Dirkjan allows his designs to voice his skills as visitors explore his work. His minimally worded case studies and prominent design deliverables demonstrate his high-level abilities. Throughout his portfolio, he highlights design elements he created — buttons, search bars, and headers — to articulate his UI mastery.

Show off your talents with a UX portfolio

​​Your design portfolio is likely the first impression you make on potential clients and employers, so it must stand out. While aesthetics contribute to the “wow” factor, it’s equally important to highlight your relevant expertise.

If you’re seeking further guidance, consider taking Webflow’s 21-day portfolio course to create a new portfolio or upgrade an existing one. You can also browse our essential UX design tips and tricks for inspiration and ideas.

Curating your top projects and revealing your distinct approach to problem solving can be an unexpectedly fulfilling aspect of crafting your UX portfolio. Not only do you get to demonstrate your ability, you also get to reflect on your personal growth and journey in the field.

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June 15, 2023