10 best Webflow templates of 2021 (so far)

Choosing a template to use for your website can be overwhelming. We’ve chosen some of the best and popular Webflow templates to give you some inspiration.

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Whether you’re a business trying to get your new site live, a designer working with a tight deadline, or anyone in between, our responsive website templates can save you a whole lot of time and money. By using a website template, and making it your own, you can massively cut down on the amount of time it takes to get a website up and running.

It can be so hard to find a template to suit what you need — when you Google "website templates" the results are pretty overwhelming. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve chosen the top 10 used templates of 2021 so far. Each of these website templates can work as a strong base for your next project. Make sure to open them up in the Designer and see how you can make one your own!

10 best Webflow templates of the year

Without further ado, here are some of the most popular Webflow templates in 2021:

1. Reflex

reflex webflow template
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Reflex is a versatile one-page portfolio template that can be used to showcase a variety of creative work. From freelancers to agencies and companies, Reflex makes for a great portfolio template with a premium touch.

2. FolioSpec

foliospec webflow template
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FolioSpec is an elegant and minimal portfolio template. It features a light and dark mode toggle, CMS functionality, and smooth interactions & animations.

3. Byrå

byra webflow template
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Byrå is a great template for an agency website, creative portfolio, or photo studio. It works well for creators, and teams, with both physical and digital spaces.

4. Beacon

beacon webflow template
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If you’re looking for a modern template for a small business, Beacon may be right for you. It features the use of Webflow CMS and boasts an elegant, yet modern, design — perfect for agencies, startups, creative studios, or small businesses.

5. Portfolios

portfolios webflow template
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Portfolios is a portfolio template created for Designers. It features 6 different homepage layouts, 3 work showcase pages, 3 about pages, 3 service pages, 3 blog pages, 3 contact pages, and an ecommerce section.

It’s a great template if you’re looking to mix and match different elements to create your own customized portfolio website.

6. Aurora

aurora webflow template
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Aurora is a creative template designed for SaaS companies, startups, and mobile apps. It contains a collection of different homepages for mobile and desktop applications, pricing pages, Q&A pages, testimonials, and more. It also utilizes Webflow CMS, for all your blogging and content marketing needs.

7. Creator

creator webflow template
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If you’re looking for a minimal and clean personal website, Creator is definitely one worth checking out. This template is great for the modern day online creator that wants to express themselves, display their work, and connect with potential business partners.

8. Ollie

ollie webflow template
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Ollie gives you everything you could need to design a stylish website. Consisting of an assortment of building blocks, this UI kit lets you build a polished and responsive website fast. You can also create your own unique pages from modular UI templates.

If you’re a business selling a service online, then Ollie would be a great choice for you. It holds over 100 different interface blocks, including social media integration — you can make sure that every move your user makes on your new site is enjoyable. One of the most powerful features of this website template is the variety of pricing package elements that it offers. There's one to suit (almost) every business need. 

The contact form element also gives you a great base to capture and qualify leads through your website. Bring in your color scheme and see just how quickly you can transform elements from Ollie into your brand new website. 

9. Panels

panels webflow template
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Panels is a multipurpose grid-based website template that packs a lot of punch. It’s perfect for startups or small businesses looking to move online. With Panels you can get your new site up in hours instead of days (or weeks… or months). Create beautiful designs with over 75 pre-built panels, or easily craft your own using Panels’ amazing modular panel structure. 

10. Agencieos

agencieos webflow template
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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — Agencieos is one of the most powerful multipurpose templates in our entire marketplace. In my humble opinion, it blows other page builder templates out of the water. 

Agencieos is perfect for showcasing your work and personality without disturbing the user experience. Check out all of the homepage and landing page layouts on offer in the Designer (make sure it’s fullscreen!). The typography and fonts that are offered by Agencieos really put it leaps ahead of other templates. 

Agencieos is a template that's strongly focused on lead generation, and would prove super useful to any small business. There are different contact forms to choose from, and this really visual template also gives you a few options on how to lay out your social media integrations.

Agencieos is a great example of members of our Webflow community working really hard to make sure that everyone, no matter what level of expertise they may have, has access to amazing templates to kickstart their web design project.

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Additional Resources 

If you’re a small or medium business trying to get your website up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d love to help you out. We’ve chosen 3 free templates, aimed at helping strongly-affected industries to get online and keep running. Check them out below.

  • Biznus: a multipurpose template perfect for small and medium retail stores to get their business website online
  • Fitnesso: an Ecommerce enabled template built to help fitness coaches sell their premium packages online
  • Chomp: a complete Ecommerce template for businesses wanting to set up an online store and sell their services online.

Choosing a template for your new site and getting your site live are two very different things. Luckily for you — they’re both pretty straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step on how to create your site with a Webflow template.

  1. Choose a template! You can take all of our templates for a test drive and open them up in the designer. Make sure that you’re happy with the offerings of your template before you buy it (if it’s one of our premium templates, that is). 
  2. Create a template based project. 
  3. Customize your template — this is where the magic happens. Add your branding, interactions, showcase items, blog content etc.. Don’t forget about all of our content on Webflow University. It’s been made just for people like you, looking to get a website live. 
  4. If you’ve bought an Ecommerce template and you’re looking to set up an online store — customize your products, payment and shipping options. Making sure this is all done before your site is live is really important and ensures no mix ups take place when customers make an order. 
  5. Connect your custom domain and launch your site!


January 7, 2021


Web design

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