9 inspiring examples of ecommerce websites made in Webflow

Check out these beautiful examples of ecommerce website design to inspire your own online store.

After only 5 months on the scene — 3 months in beta and 2 live — Webflow Ecommerce has made a real splash. Every day we’re thrilled to see new online stores using our platform. Here are 9 great examples that will make you want to get your own products online today.

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1. Barakunan

Barakunan homepage.

Barakunan is an independent publisher and production house.

The first thing we see scrolling past the purposely cryptic landing page is a book titled, The Martyrs. A large image of the book has a minimalist feel with its plain paper cover and simple typography. A short description beckons us to “journey with the seductive voice of Zahreddine, the genderless, cross-dimensional mystic, as they celebrate the sacrifices of the martyrs.”

This certainly isn’t a cliched plot line.

For any ecommerce site design, it’s important to grab a potential customer's interest right away. Showcasing a featured item or group of products is a great way to bring focus to what you're selling.

A button with the call to action, "discover in our shop" brings you to a product page with a lengthier description. This design reveals a bit of content at a time, leading us deeper into the site to learn about their literary offerings.

Barakunan could up their game even more by including a page count and specs on the size of the book. A few excerpts would also give visitors a taste of the writing style before they purchase, and blurbs or reviews, if available, would really elevate the page. But even without those flourishes, it's a lovely site with a fascinating-looking book to offer if you're looking for something a little different.

2. Artikel Store

Artikel homepage.

They say you should never go grocery shopping while hungry. I’d add: don’t look at sites selling warm clothes when it's cold outside. This chilly writer is tempted to hit the buy button on many of these cozy pieces from Artikel.

Their design is filled with large, bold typography and negative space. It’s a minimalist framework that keeps the focus on their products.

While the design includes lots of great product pictures, the site isn’t just a sterile digital retail space. Artikel tells their story through the pictures of people wearing and making Artikel clothing. Everything is handmade in Copenhagen, a fact that’s an important part of their identity.

We'll soon be publishing a deep dive into Artikel's backstory here on the Webflow blog, so stay tuned for that!

3. Hetkinen

Hetkinen homepage.

"The essential is simple," are the words that greet us on the landing page for Hetkinen, a company selling natural skincare products.

It’s such a great tagline for a business selling soaps, lip balms, and other personal care products. Their theme of simplicity can be seen in their products and throughout the site design.

Muted colors, lightweight typography, and artfully composed shots all create an uncomplicated vibe. Certified Finnish pinewood containers and images of trees and leaves tell us that their products all have a touch of the personal and are far from mass-produced.

Their product descriptions aren't just a list of ingredients. They use words like "soothing" and "smoothing" to conjure a tactile experience. Hetkinen does a good job of telling potential customers why they should make a purchase.

4. Structures Brewing

Structures Brewing homepage.

This website for Structures Brewing promotes their brewery in Bellingham, Washington, and acts as an online store for their t-shirt collection.

Not sure what death has to do with the brewery — but boy do I want that shirt!

5. Eggcitables

Eggcitables homepage.

For those who don't eat eggs, it can be hard to find a decent substitute. Eggcitables makes a gluten-free, chickpea-based powder alternative.

The landing page features a package of their egg substitute and a revolving display of dishes it can be added to. They also include recipes and photos that make eating egg-free look like a delicious endeavor. It's a smart content strategy for a company selling a product not everyone will be able to imagine putting to use.

Further down the landing page is Hannah Chisholm's story of why she started the company. Reading about her struggles with food allergies and her desire to help others with food restrictions personalizes the product.

This design does a great job with both the content and imagery — enough to make even this egg-eating writer want to try Eggcitables.

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6. Simple City

Simple City homepage.

Are you a fan of Atlanta's distinctive architecture? Simple City offers stickers and illustrations of the buildings that make Atlanta's skyline special. Preston Attebery, the artist behind this site, renders his illustrations in a minimalist style — straight lines capturing their architectural essence. This layout is all whites, blacks, and greys to match the art he’s selling.

The product page for each drawing shows it framed and hanging in a living space. Taking a product out of the two-dimensional realm to help visitors imagine it in their personal space is a great way to inspire a purchase.

7. Timothy Stone Watches

Timonthy Stone Watches homepage.

Timothy Stone offers elegant watches at an affordable price. This design is all about sophistication — the landing page features various watch collections all photographed against tasteful backdrops.

This first page doesn't overwhelm us with text, but instead features large product shots that guide visitors toward collections that catch their eye.

Clicking a collection brings you to poetic copy that could have easily been a boring list of product specs. The Katy collection write-up pays special attention to the watch hands that, “gracefully pass the hours accompanied by the finest, most delicate second hand.” Their copy is as fancy as their visual branding.

8. Midwest Mutt Shop

Midwest Mutt Shop homepage.

Midwest Mutt Shop takes a minimalist approach with liberal use of white space. Large, colorful photos of their canine clothing and cute photos of doggos are sure to please their pooch-loving demographic.

The product photography shows off the quality of their products. Product descriptions include all the important details, like sizing and measurement information to make sure dogs can be outfitted properly. Whatever you’re selling, the Midwest Mutt Shop provides a solid model to follow.

Check out how it was designed in Webflow.

9. Mr. Desoto

Mr. Desoto homepage.

Mr. Desoto uses 100% of their profits to help the homeless people of Phoenix, Arizona.

You can buy backpacks, posters, and photographs from around the Valley of the Sun, including pictures of those who call the streets of Phoenix home. The portraits humanize this often marginalized group. It’s a good reminder of who you’re helping when you make the decision to purchase.

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