Introducing the Webflow Merch Store

We built an ecommerce store featuring custom Webflow swag from our very own brand team and friends in the community. 100% of the proceeds go to charity.

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Order Webflow swag. Get cool stuff. Support incredible charities.

As we think back on how far Webflow has come, we often find ourselves thinking about the passionate community of creators and the inspirational work they have brought to life through Webflow. By utilizing Webflow’s platform to build new corners of the internet, a community of passionate users has grown to become our greatest cheerleaders. This serves as a tangible reminder of why we at Webflow do what we do.

Our community’s passion and excitement for Webflow has included the (very) vocal request to get a hold of Webflow branded swag. You asked, and we listened. The wait is finally over — we are thrilled to share the launch of Webflow Merch Store, powered by Webflow Ecommerce! Time to get your fit right and flex that no code pride.

Webflow merch store catelog
Get your Webflow merch

What you can buy

In the Webflow Merch Store, you can expect to see a lot of great swag like: 

  • The coziest tees
  • Coffee mugs to brighten your morning, 
  • Posters to liven up your office (wherever that may be)
  • And more! 

We plan to add more exciting merch being added over time as we grow together. If you have an idea, let us know on Twitter.  We decided to give 100% of all profits generated by the store to the non-profit organization —  a climate change organization focused on ending the use of fossil fuels and building a world powered by renewable energy. One of the biggest reasons we chose was to be mindful of waste and production, especially concerning the merchandise industry. Also, is an international organization, and this launch is for (and available to) all of our users globally.

To celebrate, we created a limited-edition launch hoodie in luscious, eco-friendly heather green. Be sure to order fast because the limited edition hoodie will only be around until February 8, 2021! 

Webflow collab hoodie
Limited edition launch hoodie to celebrate our partnership with

On top of the limited edition hoodie, we’re thrilled to feature collaboration merch from incredible agency partners, Finsweet and ThreeSixtyEight, as well as influential power-user, Mackenzie Child

Webflow collab merch to represent your no code pride. 

Finsweet has also created a cloneable website as part of our Ecommerce collaboration efforts, “gtag for Webflow Ecommerce” which includes a detailed walkthrough on how to implement enhanced ecommerce tracking on your Webflow website as well as a video course to walk you through the process step by step.

Keep in mind that these merch items are all limited edition swag, so be sure to check them out and nab them while they’re hot! 

How we built it

While we're excited to share all the great new merch with you, we couldn't have done it without the power of Webflow Ecommerce.

With the flexibility offered by Webflow's Designer, you can completely customize the layout of your homepage and gallery pages to make an impression on visitors (and all without coding). While we chose to go for a simple minimalist look with our store's layout, we spared no expense on the finer details.

We added and styled our product variant buttons within the Webflow Merch Store with variant selector buttons to create small touchpoints that stand out from the competition.

It was also important to us to ensure our design met accessibility standards. We took full advantage of the Audit panel because we want to be intentional about planning and building accessible experiences from the beginning.

We enhanced and unlocked all kinds of functionality for the merch store through our library of integrations — like Printful, which allowed us to bring you a physical goods ecommerce experience. Through Printful, users can create and sell custom products online with print-on-demand fulfillment. No inventory hassles or shipping management. And we empowered our sales with Monto’s Abandoned Cart Recovery extension. Any Webflow ecommerce store can enable this integration to recover lost sales through customized, automated email campaigns to shoppers who abandoned their cart without making a purchase. Throw in the power of Stripe or Apple Pay as well, and creating seamless customized checkout experiences just got a lot easier.

Lastly, we can’t say enough how Webflow's CMS's capabilities have been the chef's kiss for the Webflow Merch Store. Thanks to the powerful Webflow CMS, we built the customization for item color previews, category filters, and references to any individual creators for our collab merch! 

Merch store powered by Webflow Ecommerce.

Thank you

This launch has been a long time coming, and we hope you have as much fun checking out all the merch as we did making it. Thank you so much for your continued support and passion for Webflow.

Here’s to a new year of building and growing… but also coming through drippin’ with some new merch. Be sure to share photos of you reppin’ these goods, and remember to tag us @webflow. We can’t wait to see what you think!

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January 28, 2021

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