15 fun websites for when you’re bored online

15 fun websites for when you’re bored online

Take a quick mental break with these fun websites that include quizzes, interactive games, trivia, and more.

15 fun websites for when you’re bored online

Take a quick mental break with these fun websites that include quizzes, interactive games, trivia, and more.

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Jorge Farah
Jorge Farah
Jorge Farah
Jorge Farah

The internet is a vast, endless source of content, with hundreds of thousands of fun, interesting, and useful websites popping up every single day.

In theory, you could never get bored with everything that’s available. And yet, we’ve all been there. A blank look on your face, hands on your laptop keyboard not knowing what URL to type, scrolling through your various social media feeds to see if anything interesting is trending. 

Maybe you’re procrastinating to avoid some long-overdue task. Or you’re killing time before an important Zoom meeting. Or perhaps you’re just looking for a way to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and streaming Netflix or browsing Amazon just won’t cut it.   

Whatever the case, there are plenty of entertaining and engaging websites out there that can help alleviate your boredom and provide hours of fun. Here are 15 of our favorite fun websites to visit when you're bored online. 

From online puzzles and quizzes to wikis that go deep into pop culture lore, these time-wasting websites are a great way to whittle away the hours. 

Jurassic Systems

Few movies have made as profound an impact on pop culture as Steven Spielberg’s seminal 1993 dino-romp Jurassic Park. The epic adventure spawned a long-running film franchise (including one of 2022’s biggest pictures), and references from the original film are part of the language of millennial culture.

In the movie, there’s a sequence where Samuel L. Jackson’s character Ray Arnold attempts to hack Dennis Nedry’s computer system. With Jurassic Systems, you’re able to roleplay as Ray Arnold as you try to break into the extremely 90s computer system.

This website is a good bit of fun, delivering a healthy dose of nostalgia to your day. And while you try to figure out how to access the main program grid, remember to say the magic word — otherwise you’ll get the dreaded animation of Dennis wagging his finger at you.

TV Tropes

TV Tropes is a website that catalogs and describes various conventions and devices (or “tropes”) found within creative works such as novels, movies, comics, and television shows. If you’ve ever thought “why do so many TV shows have this plot point in common?” you’ll find a lot of value in the analysis from this site.

TV Tropes includes a wide variety of trope examples, including plot devices, character archetypes, themes, and much more. And they tend to get extremely specific. For instance, have you heard of “Flanderization?” It’s when one personality trait of a TV character gets more and more pronounced as the show goes on, to the point where it seems to become the one and only defining trait. It’s named after the character Ned Flanders, from The Simpsons.

Once you’re hooked, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of your free time reading various entries on TV Tropes. It’s both fun and illuminating! 

Radio Garden

If you’ve ever wondered what the radio sounds like in Paris, Buenos Aires, or Beirut, this is the website for you. Radio Garden greets you with a three-dimensional globe that you can rotate with your pointer, and once you select a location, the site’s built-in radio player will immediately play a live radio feed from the area you’ve selected. It’s intriguing, and something you could easily spend hours poking around in.

The site is a non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, the Transnational Radio Knowledge Platform, and five European universities. And you won’t just find music — Radio Garden also showcases talk radio, podcasts, live comedy, and various odd feeds that make the project that much more fascinating.

Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow is a simple web-based game where players have to find an invisible cow hidden on the webpage. It’s sort of like "Marco Polo" — you’re guided by audio that goes from a soft murmur to a loud scream, getting louder as you approach the invisible cow. 

When you find the cow, it’ll appear and make a mooing sound. The game is timed, and the player's score is based on how fast they can find the invisible cow. Once you find the cow 5 times, the game lets you find a goat. You’ll have to find the goat about 45 more times before you get to the final animal — so you might be here awhile. 

Find the Invisible Cow is free to play and can be accessed through any web browser. It is a simple and entertaining game that’ll help pass the time, and is the perfect break from work. 

Boohbah Zone

The Boohbah Zone is one of the strangest places on the Internet. It’s a simple interactive website which allows users to play a series of bizarre, surreal mini-games. These involve fun things like picking up apples at an orchard, helping a dog reach a beach ball hanging from the ceiling, and controlling the dancing of the “Boohbahs,” a group of plump, fuzzy, gumdrop-shaped creatures.

Sure, it may be a bit of a useless website, but the Boohbah zone is delightfully bizarre and genuinely fun. Boohbah was originally a British TV show aimed at toddlers, made by the same team that created the Teletubbies. Even though Boohbah and the Boohbah Zone may be geared towards young children, its unique brand of strangeness is compelling to any person of any age.

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Weglot Like Magic!

Weglot Like Magic is an ingenious and engaging mini-game created by our friends at Refokus. Weglot is a service that provides a fast, reliable, SEO-friendly way to make websites multilingual. It’s very straightforward, with no code required and automatic detection and translation of content through the use of neural machine translation providers.

Weglot Like Magic! takes the “magic” aspect of Weglot’s services to the next level, providing an engaging experience for visitors. The website challenges users to find the meaning of the seven words displayed in different languages on the screen, using a flashlight to reveal clues hidden in the dark. It’s timed, allowing users to compete for the best score.

If you’re a fan of language, translation, and magic, you’ll find Weglot Like Magic! to be a fun challenge.


Picture this. You wake up in the middle of a field somewhere. You don’t know exactly where you are or how you got there. It doesn’t quite look like you’re in your town anymore – or even in your own country. You start to roam around looking for clues. You find some street signs, notice some unique details in your vicinity, and start to apply all your knowledge to figure out just where in the world you are.

That’s basically the Geoguessr experience. It’s a web-based game in which players are dropped into a randomly generated location on Google Street View and must guess where in the world they are based on the surrounding scenery. The game is based on the Google Maps API and includes locations from all over the world. When you make your guess, you get a point score based on how far from the actual answer your guess was.

Players can play in single-player mode or compete against others online. The game is free to play, but players can purchase additional features such as custom map options and the ability to save and share their guesses. It’s a lot of fun, and definitely something you can spend several hours getting lost in. 

Letter Run

If you’re not only looking to be entertained but also to relax a bit, Letter Run is the online experience for you. With its pleasing animation and tranquil music, there’s something oddly soothing about this little website.

Letter Run is an interactive 3D scavenger hunt video game that is built on exploration — allowing users to roam through Edgar Allan’s magical clubhouse, follow the clues provided, collect items, and interact with the environment. It’s also a very relaxing, gentle gaming experience that’ll put you in a chill, happy mindset if you’re stressed or burnt out. 

Asteroids Clone

Sometimes the best websites are the simplest. This recreation of the arcade game Asteroids is an excellent time-waster.

All you have to do is defend your space station from all of the asteroids that are hurtling towards you. That’s it! Just point and click. It’s a fun and simple game that can provide hours of entertainment.


Back in 2020, millions of people around the world had to figure out how to spend all the time they suddenly had on their hands. We were all home, bored, and worried about the future. Thankfully, Wordle was there to help us out of our funk.

Wordle is a daily web-based word game created by Josh Wardle, and is now owned by the New York Times.The website gives players six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with each wrong guess providing clues to the actual word. Wordle has a new word every day, and all players have the same word to guess.

While its popularity has decreased somewhat since its peak, Wordle is still going. It boasts an active and engaged user community who share their daily results and discuss each daily word. It’s a good, quick way to take a break and indulge in a brain teaser. 

Mental Floss

If you’ve spent a good chunk of your life online, chances are you’ve come across some content from Mental Floss, one of the most popular websites on the internet. With 20.5 million unique users every month, Mental Floss is a staple of the internet experience.

Mental Floss is a website that’s all about knowledge and is aimed at providing its readers with a unique, offbeat approach to learning. The website covers a wide range of subjects, including science, history, music, language, and pop culture. The website also features quizzes (better than the ones you’ll find at Buzzfeed), videos, DIY projects, reviews of cool new gadgets, and other interactive features.

₮ⱧɆ Ɇ₦Đ Survival game 

What if instead of sitting around bored, you were in the middle of a survival adventure? THE END whisks you away from your real-life boredom and puts you right at the center of a fight for your own survival, as you try your best to get home safe. 

THE END is a modern spin on the classic text-based adventure games, where each choice you make sends you on a different path with radically different outcomes. Avoid the various dangers that lurk in the shadows and see if you can make it to the end unscathed!

Flappy Bird v2

Remember Flappy Bird —the viral sensation that captured the internet’s attention several years ago? The concept was simple, players had to control a cute little bird as it flew through a series of pipes by tapping the screen to make the bird fly. Android and iOS users were hooked. 

Because of the game’s mechanics, Flappy Bird became an extremely popular (and extremely frustrating) game. Its gameplay was simple, but challenging, and its 8-bit look held a lot of nostalgic appeal. And the fact that the game was only around for a brief period of time before being taken down by its developer only added to the mystique around it.

Flappy Bird v2 is a web-based unofficial sequel to the original game, following the game’s odd sense of physics, its thrillingly challenging nature, and its wonderful simplicity. All you have to do is control the new bird with your space bar. Before you know it, you’ll be on your 48th attempt of the day, and people around you will start to wonder why you’ve been tapping at your space bar for 5 hours.

Know Your Meme

The world of memes moves at a terrifyingly rapid pace. And as we all know, if you stop paying attention for a minute, current memes will suddenly make no sense to you. Thankfully, websites like Know Your Meme are here to help us out. 

Know Your Meme is a wiki style resource that attempts to document various internet memes as well as viral videos, image macros, gifs, catchphrases, the internet’s “main character of the day,” and more. It seeks to explain the context around the creation of each meme, as well as how they started to mutate and transform over time. 

Know Your Meme not only categorizes and explains memes, it also gathers examples of each one, which is extremely helpful when trying to understand their relevance and usage. In fact, we relied on it for some history of reCAPTCHA memes

Type Racer Game

Type Racer is a fun little game that will have you tapping away at your keyboard faster than you ever thought possible. There’s something about seeing how your typing skills are measured in real time that motivates you to try even harder and go even faster. 

Unlike some of the other sites on this list, this isn’t a useless website at all. It’s great for improving your typing skills with the included practice exercises.  

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January 31, 2023