19 best useless websites according to the internet

19 best useless websites according to the internet

Get your procrastination on with 19 of the best useless and amusing websites the internet has to offer

19 best useless websites according to the internet

19 best useless websites according to the internet

Get your procrastination on with 19 of the best useless and amusing websites the internet has to offer

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Written by
Naja Wade

There are about 1,197,982,359 websites in the world as of January 2021.

Yes, you read correctly — 1,197,982,359 active websites make up the world wide web.

While only about 15% are currently active, among those you’ll find the gem of gems — websites that are active and carefully designed yet are absolutely, in the most amusing of ways, utterly useless.

Whatever the rationale, someone felt compelled to make each of the 19 sites listed below. And we just have to share them with you.

We called them gems for a reason. If you have the time to spare or sense that urge of procrastination coming about, give these wonderfully pointless websites a go! Here are 19 of the best useless websites that you can find on the internet.

1. HackerTyper

An image of the HackerTyper website.

HackerTyper is one of those websites that exists but you can’t quite put your finger on why it exists. Perhaps it was designed to live out those 90s hacker film fantasies in real life, like Hackers or Weird Science.

It’s an amusing interactive web page and someone’s love letter to code. Check out the website and play around a bit if you have time to kill. It’s also a neat way to learn to code!

2. One Fish Studio’s uselesscatgame

Are quirky cats still trending in 2021?  Trending or not, cats are almost synonymous with internet culture. Maybe that’s why One Fish Studio brought us a cheeky little game to waste time on when we should be doing something better — the uselesscatgame.

Click on a random color and you’ll be rewarded with — you guessed it — a cat with laser eyes. (It’s the internet, so why not?)

Uselesscatgame knows its purpose: to be a useless website for people with nothing to do but kill time on a pointless website. It’s in its name. What more can you ask for? Clicking on a random color to reveal a silly cat with laser sci-fi eyes is just fun. 

3. Cat Bounce

An image of the Cat Bounce site.

Cats are a staple in internet meme culture, so it only makes sense that there are multiple useless websites putting cats front and center.

Cat Bounce is maybe the most useless website of websites on this list. Cats simply bounce about on the page. But wait, it gets better! When you click the “make it rain” button, a deluge of cats rains down from the top of the screen. Pointless? Absolutely. But it’s one of those weird websites you’d find trending on Twitter for no reason other than its wonderfully useless nature.

4. Long Doge Challenge

Oh yes, the cute cat’s ultimate rival, the Doge! Unless you use the internet solely for work and nothing fun, you most certainly are aware of the internet’s affinity for the Doge. Enter, the Long Doge Challenge.

If you need a good chuckle, check out this site. You’ll find a glorious pixel graphic of the internet’s beloved pup, the Doge. With each scroll or flick of your finger, you’ll collect wows — yes, wows!

So far I’ve collected 25 wows, and according to the web page, my Doge is “wow wow long.” Is this a testament to the useless web in all its glory? Yes. This is a thoroughly pointless website yet altogether amazing nonetheless.

5. Pointer Pointer

An image of a girl pointing

Where does one begin with Pointer Pointer? To start, move your cursor across the screen, wait about 3 seconds, and voilà, a photo of someone, something, or a group of someones will appear on your screen, pointing directly at your cursor.

Who are these someones? I’m not certain, but they look like nice people from the early 2000s. And hey, we’re all nostalgic for those sweet and innocent pre-social media times.

6. Mondrian and Me

Brought to you by the same guy behind the glorious Long Doge Challenge web page is Mondrian and Me. Another useless website but with an artistic twist!

An interactive point-click web page that allows you to explore your “artistry” while killing time and indulging in a bit of procrastination, Mondrian and Me is a fantastic site to peruse.

7. Bored Button

An image of the Bored Button website.

Bored? So bored? Bored at school? Bored at work? Bored to tears? Bored to death?!

You need the Bored Button, the only button on the internet that is here to cure your boredom in the most cleverly and endlessly useless of ways!

If cat GIFs or Doge memes aren’t your thing, the Bored Button is your best bet for online procrastination (with the exception of Twitter).

Just click the button and see for yourself. The Bored Button will transport you to a realm of endless internet games, columns, memes, quizzes, and more! Wait — maybe this website isn’t completely pointless?

8. Ffffidget

The ffffidget website is the internet’s fidget spinner. Ah, what a magnificently useless website! Add it to the list.

You click it and it spins, or stops spinning, and so on. If the virtual version doesn’t quite do it for you, don’t be dismayed. You can buy your very own real-life fidget spinner by accessing the hyperlink at the bottom right-hand corner of ffffidget’s web page.

9. Try PaP

An image of the Try PaP website.

The passive-aggressive password machine, or PaP for short, is brought to us by Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider.

OK, so this is not completely a useless website as it can test your password’s strength in the cheekiest of ways, but it still has made the list! The page leads with “Imagine your in-laws are helping you with a password ... this is what they’d say.” Simply type in your password into the text box and wait for PaP to insult your paltry efforts.

If you’re in need of a grin, want to kill some time, or need to check your password’s strength in a more amusing manner, look no further than PaP.

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Unleash your creativity on the web

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

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10. Smash the Walls

Another interactive yet incredibly useless website for our list is Smash the Walls! Or rather, click the colorful walls and watch them crumble to unveil another colorful wall. To say that you’re “smashing” walls would be quite the hyperbole.

Nevertheless, if you’re into candy-colored neon graphic folds, this profoundly pointless website is a wonderful way to delve into the depths of your procrastination.

11. Something Weird or Confusing

An image of the "Something Weird or Confusing" site. It features a button you can push that sends you to a product that is weird or confusing.

Looking to buy something weird or confusing? Look no further! Whether you want to get lost in the depths of the bizarre items available on the internet or need an eccentric gift, is the useless website that you’ve been seeking. Who needs Amazon when you have Something Weird or Confusing?

Similar to PaP, this site isn’t entirely pointless as it does have a bit of a functionality. However, just like PaP, it’s a wonderfully pointless way to waste time.

12. The Zen Zone

Ah, The Zen Zone. The perfect place to visit for an oddly satisfying, almost meditative, experience. Not every useless website on the internet has to be absurd.

No quirky cats with laser eyes, no Doge memes, no flashing wacky graphics, none of that. It’s just you and the wholesomely simplistic UI designed by Tim Holman transporting you away to the zen-est of zones you’ll find on the internet.

Choose switch, swirl, or break and let the games begin.

13. Fish Feeder

A screenshot of the Fish Feeder website.

Creative Tech Guy’s Fish Feeder is a love child of the early internet and a fantastically pointless way to procrastinate online.

Fish Feeder could be deemed pointless as it serves no other purpose than entertainment. It’s a weird website, yet cool in its conception and admirable in its nostalgia-invoking 2000s aesthetic.

14. Joquotes

This one’s not for everyone, but if you happen to enjoy a good JoJo meme or JoJo content, do yourself a favor and check out Joquotes. You’ll grin and find plenty of shareable content for your social media following to get lost into. If you’re a fan, take a dive into the internet culture surrounding JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and you’ll be entertained for hours.

15. ThreeJS Background Test

An image of the orbs on the ThreeJS website.

ThreeJS Background Test is an entirely useless website but nevertheless an incredibly cool project! There’s not much to say about the website other than it is a single-page web page with a three JS as the sole fold.

In this single fold, pixel-like orbs float about on your computer screen. These orbs move in a hypnotic motion. If you scroll or move your cursor, you can get a better display of these orbs as they float about in the void that is this delightfully weird website.

16. beesbeesbees

Imagine the internet without meme culture. It’s almost impossible to imagine, but it’d be quite the drab experience. Internet meme culture is synonymous with absurdity, and beesbeesbees is a proud subset of the absurd content that lies within the worldwide web.

A useless website? Without a doubt. But it’s one that is a testament to the wonders of meme culture.

Oh, the internet. What would we do without the marvelous, yet irreverently ridiculous gems that you behold?

17. Patience Is a Virtue

An image of the never-ending loading screen on the Patience is a Virtue site.

If you haven’t happened upon this flippant corner of the internet, Patience Is a Virtue is a good starting point for you.

This is a magnificently pointless website but could be a good joke come next April Fools’ Day! Or perhaps it can be your online party trick to share on your social media feed. Hmm, let’s go with Twitter!

18. Endless Horse

Endless Horse is the lovely lackluster cousin of the Long Doge Challenge.

Just like the Long Doge Challenge, you are presented with a pixel horse — but none of the fun “wows” from Long Doge. However, just like the Long Doge, as you scroll — you’ve guessed correctly — the horse gets long! It’s the endless horse. The URL speaks for itself. What else would you expect from such a useless website?

19. Paper Toilet

An image of a toilet paper roll on the Paper Toiler website.

To top off our list of the most useless websites on the internet, here is Paper Toilet. Not to be confused with toilet paper.

Paper Toilet is a single web page of a toilet paper roll placed on top of a black fold. To see the website in all of its glory, simply scroll and the rest is internet history!

Make your own weird website

So there you have it, 19 of the best useless websites you can find in the internet’s deepest corners. We wanted to give you a bit of variety, a sample here, a sample there, of the pointless and/or weird websites you can find online.

Feeling inspired? Why not make your own weird website today with Webflow! Unleash your bizarre creativity to the worldwide web!

Last Updated
April 20, 2021