5 top Instagram link in bio tools and why to use them

Link in bio tools allow you to maximize your one clickable link on Instagram. Here’s how to find the right tool for your business and budget.

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On Instagram, your one and only clickable link lives in your bio. Instagram link in bio tools are a great workaround.

On Instagram, you can’t put links directly on your posts. But if you’re a content creator or use Instagram to market your business, a single bio link just isn’t enough. Luckily, Instagram link in bio tools allow you to promote more than one link so you can drive traffic and sales.

What is a link in bio tool?

Simply put, link in bio tools allow you to bypass the one-link rule on Instagram and send followers to the pages and products you want to promote. These tools help you link to more content without needing to swap out that one link every time you have something new to promote.

Let’s look at five of the best tools to optimize your Instagram bio link and your content:

  • Linktree
  • Feedlink
  • Sproutlink
  • Lnk.Bio
  • Webflow link in bio template

Why you should be using Instagram link in bio tools

Each link in bio tool works a bit differently, but the tools share some common benefits.

When you use these tools, you turn your single bio link into a jumping off point to a catalog of links. So, instead of sending prospective clients to your homepage, you can direct them to more specific content that ties back to individual Instagram posts. 

To help you find the best link in bio tool to match your needs, consider your answers to these questions:

  • What is your primary reason for choosing a link in bio? Are you promoting products, directing visitors to your website, or running a specific campaign?
  • Are you planning on running any promotions?
  • Do you want to drive engagement or traffic?
  • What is your budget?

5 top Instagram link in bio tools

Let’s look at the features, benefits, and prices of five of the best tools to optimize your Instagram bio link and your content.

1. Linktree

A well-established link in bio tool, Linktree allows you to link anywhere.

The free version has limited features, but you can still connect your followers to various pieces of content through the one link. Linktree creates a landing page that displays simple text and buttons that direct visitors to the links you want them to visit. It’s easy to use with a drag-and-drop page builder and nine designed themes to choose from.

Linktree also integrates easily with Google Sheets or Mailchimp so setting up campaigns is super simple.

Unique features

  • Ability to schedule links to go live with your posts
  • Option to use custom buttons, fonts, and colors
  • Access to analytics and insights on views, clicks, location, click-through rate, referrers
  • Integrations with Mailchimp or Google Sheets to collect email subscribers
  • Ability to create custom terms and conditions for your email and SMS links


Linktree offers a free plan to get you started. To gain access to premium features, you’ll need to upgrade to their $6 per month plan.

2. Feedlink

Part of the EmbedAlbum platform, Feedlink allows you to create a URL that displays your individual Instagram photos paired with clickable links. You can attach a different link to each post. This way, visitors can quickly find the photo from your feed they’re interested in and be directed to the corresponding link.

Your unique Feedlink can be included on any of your social platforms, including YouTube channels, podcasting platforms, and more.

Unique features

  • Shoppable feed that allows you to sell directly from Instagram
  • Ability to adjust how posts appear in your link without changing your link in bio
  • Click-through analytics available for each feed link


Feedlink is free on EmbedAlbum free and paid plans. Paid plans start from $19 per month for their pro plan and go up to $99 per month for their premium plan.

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3. SproutLink

Sprout Social’s link in bio tool SproutLink offers a centralized platform for all your Instagram needs. With just one click, followers can access a clickable feed that displays your Instagram feed’s photos. Followers can then click any photo and be directed to the corresponding page or product you want. This page connects your audience to the content you want them to see, whether it’s a specific page on your website, a YouTube video, or a product page.

Unique features

  • Data analytics allow you to look at page views, top-performing content, and other post-click data
  • Ability to create all posts and links within the Sprout platform as you schedule content


SproutLink is available on Sprout paid plans. Plans start from $99 per user per month for their standard plan and go up to $279 per user per month for their advanced plan.

4. Lnk.Bio

Create a mobile-friendly landing page with all your links in one place. Lnk.Bio is a minimalist link in bio tool with a simple interface. As with other link in bio tools, you get a personalized URL that links to your landing page. From here you can create as many links as you need. You are also able to add images with your links.

Unique features

  • Option to add icons and links to other social media platforms
  • Ability to temporarily disable links
  • Customization options allow you to add images and adjust your color scheme


You can get Lnk.Bio for free, but this will get you a randomly generated URL rather than a custom one. Paid plans start at $0.99 per month for a custom URL, unlimited links, link scheduling, external analytics, and link tracking.

5. Webflow link in bio template

Create your own mini-website with all the links you need to share on your Instagram account to get the most out of your content. Add a link in bio page to your website with a free cloneable from Webflow. You can build your link in bio page easily with three free templates to work from. From this website page, you can showcase all your social links to optimize your audience engagement, drive traffic, and promote new products or offers.

Unique features

  • Free templates give you a head start on design
  • Option to add icons and links to other social media accounts
  • No need to depend on a third-party service because you own the website


Free on Webflow.

Get more out of your Instagram bio with link in bio tools

To make the most of your social content and drive traffic to where it matters, you need more than a single link in your Instagram bio. Create campaigns that drive traffic and engage your audience with one of these five link in bio tools.


October 12, 2021



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