Why your marketing team desperately wants your website to go no-code

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Hello, it’s me, your trusty marketing teammate.

I am writing to you on behalf of all marketers from the bottom of a metaphorical web development well. Frankly, we need help. We can’t spend another Friday afternoon tracking down our beloved yet disgruntled dev teammates to fix typos on the landing page. 

You need to give me the right tools to do my job so this eye twitch can go away. 

Think about it — our team doesn’t look great when we invest $10K into a paid advertising campaign that sends people to a landing page so ugly, unresponsive, and buggy, it could make Tim Berners-Lee cry. Do you really want that on your conscience? Do you want to get a phone call from a key investor at 11 p.m. telling us we have (digital) egg on our faces?

I am begging you to free your marketers from outdated web development processes so they can move your company’s growth goals forward. 

You don’t want to make enemies with the marketing folks who control your brand’s social media logins. We will absolutely start the world’s first Twitter fight between a software company and the Wendy’s social media intern when threatened. Our ideas are too good, our timelines are too fast, and our impatience has reached a breaking point.

Luckily, the solution is straightforward.

If you move your marketing website to a no-code platform, it will help your marketers iterate faster, fix mistakes without a developer, and elevate your brand’s image. 

If you don’t? Well, get ready to launch clunky landing pages and half-baked campaigns while also undoing the PR damage of several social media beefs you didn’t ask for. Your move.

PS: If you’re a marketer, feel free to copy and paste this into an email to your CMO or CTO and sign it with your name. I don’t mind. After all, everyone needs a good template.

Here’s why your marketers — even ones less spicy than me — are begging for a no-code platform.

Development bottlenecks waste money, take too much time, and create unnecessary divisions between teams

Marketing and development teams were never meant to be enemies. We are two households, both alike in dignity. We both like building things and the glee of yelling “ship it!” when the things we build are ready to be seen by the world. We take a tinkerer’s pride in finessing the little details and we enjoy seeing the results of our efforts. Marketers and developers are wired very similarly.

So why let traditional web development processes divide us?

The phrase “development bottlenecks” makes it sound like developers want to stand in the way of launching something. But it’s not that devs don’t want to help — they’re just drowning in last-minute requests from marketing that get in the way of their daily duties. 

Marketing teams move faster than a speeding JIRA ticket. A lot of times, we discover issues mere hours before a deadline.

Traditional agency and in-house web design timelines do not move quickly enough to keep up with customer needs, marketing trends, and ever-evolving brand guidelines. We need a login to a no-code web development platform where we can update something without destroying the development framework of the website itself. In short: We want to make a button bigger without breaking something. 

And perhaps most importantly — we want to make our developers’ lives easier, not harder. We want our two teams to be friends again.

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Your marketers want more creative control over your brand’s web presence

Third-party marketing Band-Aids designed to avoid developer bottlenecks have made the internet a true Wild West. Early 2010s web design and marketing was stuck in old-timey high noon standoffs. Then, tools like Google Tag Manager and Optimizely emerged as solutions to pinging IT departments for quick needs. As a result, a lot of marketing tech stacks look like a Jenga game about to go south.

Relying on third-party platforms for web design needs, like one-off landing pages, is not ideal. It’s a security concern (so many logins) and a branding consistency nightmare (grainy logos and not-quite-right font weights). Plus, old-school drag-and-drop editors you see in landing page builders don’t tend to be as responsive on mobile. I’ve personally spent more time squinting at [Web Builder Brand Name Redacted] and painstakingly moving a slider around than I care to admit. 

Using third-party web builders to sidestep relying on devs is like giving your audience store-brand soda instead of the real name-brand. Everyone can taste the difference. 

For enterprise brands that have milliseconds to make a good impression off an ad campaign they sunk thousands of dollars into, serving up the knockoff won’t close a million-dollar deal. Your marketing team understands this, and they need no-code tools to help you make more money. And if I know one thing about investors, it’s that they love money. This whole let-your-marketers-have-a-login thing works out for both of us.

Marketers need to test hypotheses and keep up with trends faster than your current process allows

I’ve never met a CMO who wants to dump their entire Q4 budget into hiring, managing, and (let’s be real) eventually firing a bevy of expensive agencies to solve their most basic marketing problems. You want to keep the most important day-to-day responsibilities in-house with a team you trust. Because the faster you can iterate and get something live, the faster you get ahead of your competitors. In marketing, timing is the ultimate advantage.

This is especially true in the post-2010s Web. Experimental and immersive marketing content is becoming the norm. Your audiences are not swayed by yet another flat SaaS website. They need to be astonished, intrigued, and hooked. 

You can’t intrigue your audience if it takes weeks to push an experimental campaign live. Put your website on a no-code platform and your marketers will be able to stay ahead of trends faster than you would’ve with an external agency.

We want to make beautiful marketing experiences that shock, subvert, and delight our audience (and who knows, maybe even wins us some awards?). Please let us.

Send help — your marketers can’t keep doing this

If anyone wants to throw down a ladder into this well I’m in, or at least send down a sandwich, I’ll be waiting. And drafting those subtweets to Wendy’s that will make you go viral in all the wrong ways. 

Or, you could avoid all this trouble and get in touch with Webflow. That’s completely up to you!

Sincerely and ominously,

Your marketing team


July 26, 2021



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