Top 10 Webflow sites of 2017

Top 10 Webflow sites of 2017

Get inspired by the 10 most popular Webflow sites of 2017.

Top 10 Webflow sites of 2017

Get inspired by the 10 most popular Webflow sites of 2017.

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Mariah Driver
Mariah Driver
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Mariah Driver
Mariah Driver

Each year, we take a look through our Discover section to identify the 10 most popular sites, based on your “likes.” We’ve seen some pretty spectacular work in 2017, and we can’t wait to share.

We make this list from our Discover showcase to recognize the designers, developers, and other talented humans defining new frontiers in website and digital-product design.

(Want to be considered for next year’s list? Showcase your site on Twitter with the hashtag #MadeInWebflow, and then check back in with us this time next year!)

Stay hydrated in the meantime, you talented human beings, you.

I’ll stop rambling so you can start ooh-ing and aah-ing. Without further delay, here are 2017’s most popular websites #MadeInWebflow.

10. Bruno La Versa’s Lightful

Bruno La Versa, a London-Based UI/UX Designer, designed Lightful. Lightful is a purpose-driven platform built with and for beyond-profits (charities, social enterprises, nonprofits, foundations) to help raise awareness, support, and funds for various causes.

The impressive mission of Lightful shines through Bruno’s — dare I say — light, clean, brilliant design.

Open Bruno’s design in Webflow for a behind-the-site look at his inspiring work.

‍A landing page as delightful as the company’s mission.

9. Laurent Desserey’s Laurent-Del-Rey

Laurent’s personal website launched in 2017 and speaks to his groundbreaking visions for web design. Laurent Desserrey is an award-winning designer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. You may recognize him from our piece on his design process.

His site’s clean transitions and captivating animations make it impossible to resist the call to scroll, scroll, scroll. Let me tell you, Laurent’s site layout and design works, works, works.

Eager to take a look behind the site? It’s your lucky day — open Laurent’s site in Webflow at the click of a button. Or touchpad. Whatever floats your boat.

‍Laurent Desserrey’s eye-catching homepage.

8. Eder Carfagnini’s 3D Artist

Words fail to capture how innovative and fun 3D Artist is — we’ll let you see for yourself.

Eder Carfagnini, based in France, has been working as a 3D artist since 2009. He exhibits his art and design prowess in his personal website and portfolio, launched this year.

Check out the site in Webflow to see Eder’s magic!

‍Eder Carfagnini’s brilliant porfolio.

7. Alexander Kirilenko’s Geely Atlas 2018

Alexander Kirilenko, a web designer based in Minsk Belarus, takes you on a wild ride in his latest Webflow site: Geely Atlas 2018.

Alexander’s highly-interactive site guides visitors through a virtual tour of the car, supplemented by incredible photographs and seamless transitions.

The site features an incredible slider — not the baby burger — but the delicious design!

‍Alexander’s slider bar in action. (I repeat: not a bar of baby burgers.)

Take a test drive and get behind the wheel of this site — open it up in Webflow!

‍Alexander Kirilenko’s design for Geely Atlas 2018

6. Nick Vandermolen’s Senior Digital Portfolio

Nick Vandermolen, a digital designer from Sydney, specializes in UI/UX and art direction. This year, Nick showed his chops by launching his new, incredibly-designed portfolio in Webflow.

Nick’s elegant design is fortified with interactions that engage the reader through his inspiring resume of design.

Nick’s site speaks for itself: open it in Webflow!

‍Nick Vandermolen’s stunning digital portfolio.
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5. Rowan Hartsuiker’s Commerce.AI

Rowan Hartsuiker pushed standards with his awe-inspiring site for Commerce.AI. He’s a freelance responsive website and graphic designer from the Netherlands who’s been gracing Webflow with his graphic craftsmanship since he joined in 2013.

From his thematic and stunning site for handcrafted walkers, to his incredibly clean and functional templates like Gridded, Rowan has elevated the standards of design on Webflow’s platform.

Check out this live site. Or — better yet, open it in Webflow!

‍Rowan Hartsuiker’s clean and design for Commerce.AI.colorful

4. Dario Stefanutto’s AOline bags

Dario Stefanutto knocked it out of the park with his visionary concept page for a handbag company, AOline bags. Dario is a London-based visual designer, illustrator, and animator. He brings years of experience to the Webflow community, and it shows.

You may recognize Dario’s name from his work for Italian designer, Serena Papait. It was spotlighted as Webflow’s Site of the Week in 2015. Or, maybe you’ve reaped the benefits of his sophisticated and elegant contemplate template?

Open his site in Webflow and check out his brilliance for yourself.

‍Dario exhibits quite an impressive handle on interactions, elegant transitions, and clean animations.

3. Drew Roper’s Favorite Albums

Drew Roper is the mind behind Favorite Albums. He’s an art director and self described “dog dad.” His ear for music is nearly as impressive as his eye … for interactions.

Drew began curating annual lists of his favorite albums on Webflow before One Direction was still going in … one direction. (Or shortly after, in 2014.) His websites masterfully visualize the annual soundwaves he captures, and his 2017 creation is no exception.

“The scroll pad will never be a vehicle for musical reflection,” they said.

“I can’t hear you over this Kendrick album,” replied Drew.

What are you still doing here? Queue up your playlist and open his site in Webflow!

‍Oh, you thought we were going to show you number one? Keep scrolling.

2. Blaise Posmyouck’s Portfolio

Blaise Posmyouck's portfolio is the ultimate testament to his design prowess. Stunning page transitions magnify Blaise’s history of design achievements. He’s a freelance web designer and Webflow expert based in Caen, France. Blaise has launched several stunning sites in Webflow since he joined the platform in 2016.

In the market for portfolio inspiration? Open Blaise’s in Webflow and find exactly what you’re looking for.

‍The good news is, Blaise’s design needs no translation.

1. MILK’s leAD Sports Accelerator

leAD Sports Accelerator is MILK's first Webflow project — and boy did it make a splash! MILK is a full-service agency based in Cologne, Germany.

IeAD Sports Accelerator is officially the most liked site of 2017.


Right away the page loads and gives life to a clean, interactive experience with smooth transitions between pages. Click around and you’ll encounter circle navigations and awe-inspiring menus.

If you can only add one more tab to your browser, let this be the one: IeAD Sports Accelerator. (I promise I won’t say, “I told you so.”)

MILK's IeAD Sports Accelerator is the most liked Webflow site of 2017!

We can’t wait to see what you build in 2018!

Our list is missing one big thing — you!

Be sure to share your incredible work in the Show & Tell section of our forum. And most definitely share it on your social networks using the #MadeInWebflow hashtag!

If you’ve got some favorite Webflow sites that didn’t make the list, be sure to share them in the comments!

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January 29, 2018