How Nursa delivers quality care at scale with Webflow

Looking to match more nurses to patients in real time, Nursa migrated 40,000 pages to Webflow, enabling business scale and strong cross-functional collaboration with fewer resources.
Pages migrated in 19 days
Faster website changes
Increase in website speed
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Company type
The biggest value driver for us is speed. Webflow allows us to get the best performance, while ensuring team and cost efficiency.
Curtis Anderson
Curtis Anderson
Founder and CEO, Nursa

Nurses save countless lives every day. But what happens when a hospital gets unexpectedly busy and is suddenly short-staffed? With the nationwide nursing shortage, it’s more essential than ever to ensure healthcare facilities have an effective partner who can match them with quality caregivers when they need them.

Enter Nursa, a healthcare staffing platform. Nursa exists to put a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need, connecting qualified nurses seeking flexible work with healthcare facilities in need of help. Started in 2020 by Founder and CEO Curtis Anderson, Nursa is a win-win-win for the healthcare industry. The team looks to enrich the lives of nurses everywhere and be seen as a partner in delivering effective, compassionate patient care in every market it serves– dramatically improving the $17 billion temporary nurse staffing industry.

Initially, Nursa concentrated most of its resources on building out its main marketing website to drive user traffic to the mobile app which hosts its job board and facilities, with over 20,000 jobs added each month. To capitalize on higher traffic to the marketing site — which was 10x that of the app — and optimize the user journey across every touchpoint, Nursa needed to integrate the app and website. But disparate, siloed systems between design, engineering, and marketing made it challenging to make even the smallest changes, and managing WordPress and its API required seven to eight engineers at any given time. They knew this way of working wouldn’t be sustainable in the long run, so the search for a new solution began. 

Unlocking CMS scale and dedicated support with Webflow Enterprise

Leaning on the Webflow Enterprise team to conceptualize our site architecture, content, and CMS structure during onboarding was a massive benefit — it gave us confidence that we found the right partner to grow with us.

Nenad Ivanovic, Principal UI Designer, Nursa

Together with Nursa’s Founder & CEO, Principal UI Designer Nenad Ivanovic carefully considered how they could free up engineering resources to focus on the core app, while bringing autonomy of the site to the marketing team. They knew a site migration would be no easy feat — one that would require the team to conduct an audit of its 300,000+ pages and sunset outdated ones to optimize for performance. 

Curtis and Nenad began evaluating Webflow Enterprise, and in partnership with Webflow’s Solution Engineering team, got to work testing a growth model to validate their requirements, prioritizing performance and speed. They also needed to ensure a synergistic API connection between Nursa’s database and Webflow’s CMS API function, and worked with Webflow’s Account Team to confirm data types, expected payloads from the API, and any potential limitations.

As CEO, Curtis’ ultimate goal was to find a viable and simple solution that allowed his team to focus on their core product without compromising their focus on moving strategic projects forward. “The biggest value driver for us is speed,” he says. “Webflow allows us to get the best performance, while ensuring team and cost efficiency.” So much so that in the end, while small changes on the site would have previously taken up to three weeks on WordPress, migrating their entire site — around 40,000 pages — took just 19 days with Webflow.

Additionally, as the team moved forward with Webflow Enterprise, Nursa had access to the essential dedicated onboarding support and strategic recommendations from Webflow’s Account Team, ensuring they were set up to meet their ambitious growth goals. “Leaning on the Webflow team to conceptualize our site architecture, content, and CMS structure during onboarding was a massive benefit — it gave us confidence that we found the right partner to grow with us,” says Nenad. 

Now, the marketing team owns the website and engineers only step in to manage the CMS API, saving Nursa hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering resources.

Nursa's job board
Nursa's job board with 20,000 jobs added each month

Breaking team silos to scale content production and improve SEO

Webflow enables us to scale SEO and customized pages easily and effectively, while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering resources.

Neil Rothstein, CMO, Nursa

Historically, Nursa’s website workflow was full of bottlenecks and roadblocks, impeding operational efficiency and making changes cumbersome at best. Once someone filed a request, the marketing manager would define and prioritize the project; then a writer would create content while the designer mocked it up in Figma and a developer worked in WordPress. Many iterations later, they would test it and fix any bugs in production. 

Now that there’s a natural progression on alignment and priority in Webflow, tickets are addressed 10 times faster. “Without Webflow, we were disparate,” says Marketing Project Manager Nathalia Padua. “Now that we’ve broken down silos, we deliver our best possible work.”

Rather than chipping away at a backlog of tickets, Nursa’s teams can embrace an experimental mindset to maintain momentum. When the team wants to test a landing page, for example, they can see in real time how many clinicians are engaging with the site, iterating as they go. “We can see what’s actually working and be that much more effective,” says Nathalia. 

Webflow’s fine-tuned SEO optimization tools also freed up the team’s developer dependency. Now, Nursa publishes roughly five pieces of new blog content per week and empowers their content team to be self-sufficient to hit their ambitious SEO goals. In fact, they’ve already had a few record-breaking days of SEO traffic and performance post-Webflow migration.

Nursa's refreshed blog
Nursa's refreshed blog with 5 new articles published per week

Fulfilling a mission to save more lives

Nursa exists to put a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need — and we’re just getting started. Our partnership with Webflow enables us to focus on our core mission, and we couldn’t be more grateful to share the journey with such a fantastic team and product.

Curtis Anderson, Founder and CEO, Nursa

Anyone who’s been in a hospital or clinic has seen the real-world impact nurses have on their patients’ lives. Every shift that goes unfilled has devastating potential — which is why Nursa set out to fix the status quo. Armed with strategic guidance and best practices from Webflow’s Enterprise Account Team, Nursa can scale with confidence to fulfill its mission. 

Before, Nursa’s team would just talk about possibilities, but now they can move forward faster, and maintain a competitive edge by executing their biggest ideas as a collaborative team. “We test things more rapidly now that we have an experimental mindset. I don’t want the website to be a blocker, I want it to be an enabler — and my mission is to exhaust all of our great ideas,” says Nenad.

Because behind every ticket, tweak, and test, there’s the potential to save actual lives. 

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