7 graphic design blogs that will inspire you

7 graphic design blogs that will inspire you

Learn how graphic design blogs provide the spark you need to start or finish a project. Here are seven design blogs and why you should visit them.

7 graphic design blogs that will inspire you

Learn how graphic design blogs provide the spark you need to start or finish a project. Here are seven design blogs and why you should visit them.

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Creativity is fleeting, and even the strongest designers need a boost now and then.

Graphic design blogs curate diverse examples of great design in one place. General design blogs help you start from scratch, and others split designs into categories so you don’t have to sift through logos, websites, and branding examples that aren’t relevant to you. 

Whether you’re working on personal designs or a project for a client, spend some time clicking through these blogs to find a spark of inspiration when you need it most.

3 things to look for in a graphic design blog

Some graphic design blogs offer overviews of many different topics, and others hone in on niche design elements. Narrow your search to blogs with similar audiences and purposes as your design. 

The industry

It’s important to reflect the needs and requirements of different industries in your design. Look for blogs that were created for clients similar to yours, and find blogs that analyze and showcase work within your chosen industry.

For example, graphic design work for a healthcare website would likely use calming colors, such as pastels, and imagery that promotes healing, such as a person smiling after receiving treatment. Meanwhile, design work for a tech company would likely leverage bold and dynamic design elements, such as sleek and modern typography, a limited color palette, and plenty of white space to convey innovation and creativity. 

The design blog for streaming service and tech platform Spotify is a great resource for creative insights in the tech sector, answering design questions such as “how do you choose colors” and “how to get pure feedback with no bias for our designs?” With its bold, contrasting colors and clean, sans-serif typography, it’s perfect for stirring inspiration. 

The type of design 

From packaging to web design, there are many different aspects of graphic design to explore. Narrowing your focus streamlines your search and helps you find relevant examples that align with your specific project. Many design blogs specialize in certain areas, making it easier to find inspiration and stay up to date on the latest trends. 

The Dieline, for example, focuses on packaging design, while Real Thread covers clothing and fashion. If your work includes illustration, It’s Nice That covers the latest in graphics, illustration, and digital art. As for web design inspiration, check out popular websites made in Webflow

Other blogs cover isolated design elements and specific parts of your brand identity. If you’re looking for the best font, for example, Fonts in Use might have a post that can help. 

The branding

Examining brands similar to the one you’re working on helps you find trends in the industry and stay up to date with what competitors are doing. 

If you’re creating a logo for a software as a service company, investigate similar brands and take note of the colors, fonts, and shapes they use. Chances are, they cater to the same target audience and know how to use branding to reach them. For example, they might harness specific color meanings to evoke the feelings you want your audience to experience.

Consider brand and product-oriented blogs such as Identity Designed, Under Consideration: Brand New, and BP&O

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Unleash your creativity on the web

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7 of the best graphic design blogs to draw inspiration from

Here are some of our favorite blogs posting inspiration for graphic designers. They cover all the bases — from UX to website layout and logo design — to inspire your next project.

1. Inspiration Grid

A screenshot of Inspiration Grid’s graphic design blog, showing the header “Graphic Design Inspiration” and three thumbnail photos of design projects.

Inspiration Grid is a colorful design blog that’s been going strong for over 10 years. Its many contributors post daily write-ups for various fields, including illustration, advertising, and art. 

Every post has tags and categories to help you find projects like your own for inspiration. Inspiration Grid also provides advice and product reviews on the best new tools. If you want to tap into the broader design world, this is the place.

2. Creative Boom

A screenshot of Creative Boom’s landing page, which has a white background and thumbnails for different blog posts.

Creative Boom, a UK arts magazine, publishes several daily posts on all kinds of art. Its blog covers major trends and top-notch design, photography, and filmmaking examples. It also has sections for free resources, tips, and practical advice on starting and sustaining a career.

Creative Boom sends out a weekly newsletter and releases regular podcast episodes featuring insightful interviews with well-known designers. And if you’re only looking for inspiration, it has a navigation tab dedicated to just that.

3. Made by Folk

A screenshot of Made by Folk’s website, which has colorful blogs for different blog posts and a black-and-white header that says “Made by Folk. The people behind design.”

Made by Folk posts audio and video interviews with creatives in the design industry. In every post, professionals tell the stories behind their projects and explain their decision-making. You’ll find honest accounts of running a graphic design business and how experts find inspiration when they feel stuck.

Every interview covers a slightly different topic, which can help you explore specific areas of interest in depth. For example, Made by Folk interviewed Glasgow-based studio D8 about beverage packaging design. The video interview shows examples of D8’s ideas, offering a walkthrough of the process and the final product. The conversation inspires creativity, even if you don’t create packaging.

4. swissmiss

A screenshot of the swissmiss blog with an About column on the left side and a post about “Gebrauchsgraphik” by Erik Nitsche in the center.

Blogger Tina Roth Eisenberg started swissmiss in 2005 to keep track of her inspiration. Now with over a million unique visitors every month, Tina posts a combination of high-quality design examples, thought-provoking quotes and videos, and conversations with designers. There’s also a “made me smile” tag for when you need a pick-me-up.

Tina’s platform focuses on both inspiration and community. She founded CreativeMornings, which hosts a lecture series, a job board for designers, and a section where you can add and share your work. If you’re looking for a thriving creative community along with a blog, swissmiss is the place to find it.

5. We and the Color

A screenshot of We and the Color’s landing page, with a bright graphic header logo, a white background, and a large blog post thumbnail.

We and the Color is a web-based magazine for creative professionals and people interested in art and design. This blog carefully curates information on all types of design — new fonts, branding projects, and infographics included. 

The blog also has a section for recommended online courses and software as well as downloadable fonts and templates to help you hone your craft. You’ll find both inspiration and the resources to put that creativity to use.


A screenshot of’s website, a heart, and “home of fine hypertext products.” The featured project, “Making a very tiny watch screw,” shows a YouTube video in which the cover photo is a screw much smaller than the head of the match shown for scale

Since 1998, has been a key player in the design blog world, and founder Jason Kottke has published over 26,000 posts. It covers art and design content but also technology, music, food, and a host of other topics broadly related to the future of humanity.

To limit yourself to design-related posts, narrow things down using the design tag. Some more specific and playful tags include crying at work, The Beatles, and video games. Much of’s content is free, but if you like what you find, you can become a member.

7. Typeroom

A screenshot of Typeroom’s landing page, with a light-pink background and blog post titles in a dark serif font, one of which is highlighted in hot pink.

Typeroom dedicates its blog to typography inspiration. It features specific trends in typography, font designers, and the role of lettering in design and society. The posts cover anything from in-depth examinations of particular fonts to interviews with industry experts. 

Typeroom also has a newsletter and an active community on social media. If you’re interested in writing and sharing your own typeface-related posts, there’s a submission option, too.

Learn more about graphic design

If you’re just getting started, Webflow’s graphic design primer includes information for beginners to get started. You’ll also find software recommendations with their features, pros, and cons.

And if none of the blogs we’ve suggested here is quite the right fit for your creative inspiration needs, you could always start a graphic design blog with Webflow’s website builder. For inspiration, check out the best graphic design websites and graphic designer portfolios from members of our community.

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