13 eye-catching real estate website templates

13 eye-catching real estate website templates

Have your domain name ready — here are 13 eye-catching real estate website templates, each unique and designed for the modern real estate market.

13 eye-catching real estate website templates

Have your domain name ready — here are 13 eye-catching real estate website templates, each unique and designed for the modern real estate market.

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Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade

Whether you’re a solo real estate agent, property owner, or agency — you need a great real estate website to promote your business.

Unless you want to rely on potential buyers just stumbling upon your properties, you need a solid website that makes your properties discoverable via search engines. 

But not just any real estate website will do. You need web design that stands out and appeals to your market. In other words, you want your site to be just as memorable as your real estate listings themselves. 

Luckily, you don’t have to build from scratch. Get your domain name ready so you can snag one of these beautiful templates and start building your website. 

1. Estate  

An image of the Estate Webflow HTML template.

Estate is a beautiful real estate agency website template with a minimal, sleek design that gives the website a clean look. We especially like it’s tasteful animations and  warm welcome message that fades into a CTA. 

Estate is a beautiful template that comes with all the necessary pages and functionality of a modern real estate website — like a Google Maps integration and built-in SEO features. The listings page presents various property listings in a fresh, clean layout that makes it easy for curious buyers to peruse the properties. 

2. The Village

An image of The Village website template.

If you want something slightly bold and untraditional, The Village is a great option. This stunning template includes everything you need for a real estate property website — ranging from property listing sections to contact forms and everything in between. 

The lovely color scheme, bold typography, and diagonal photo layouts combine well to create a perfect foundation for a playful real estate website. 

3. Mercer

An image of the Mercer template.

Mercer is a template that exudes prestige — making it perfect for a real estate agency that represents high-end properties. 

This template uses the juxtaposition of white space and dark images to create a luxurious and exclusive aesthetic. Formal typography and minimalist iconography support its graceful, intuitive design. We especially like that this template includes sections dedicated to the neighborhood so potential buyers can get a feel for the entire area when viewing a listing, not just the property itself.

4. 88settle

An image of the 88settle website template.

Next, is the real estate website template 88settle. This tangerine treat is a perfect template for a medium-to-large property management or real estate company. It’s professional design, captivating visual elements, and intuitive functionality are all ideal for a real estate website. 

This template’s listings page and individual property pages hone in on all of the pertinent property information such as price and location. With this template, you can also set different property types so you can create clear categories for your listings. 

5. Urban Co

An image of the Urban Co website template.

If you want to make browsing your property listings an immersive experience, Urban Co is the template for you. 

With its parallax animations, scrolling effects, and mesmerizing web design, Urban Co feels like an online tour for a post-modern architecture firm. Its next level design makes this template perfect for high-end property development firms or real estate businesses.  Just be careful with the amount of motion you use —  for more insight check out our tutorial for building for those who prefer motion and those who don’t

6. Dimora

An image of the Dimora website template.

Dimora is a modern real estate website template that offers great functionality. It’s enchanting parallax animations and spell-binding visual effects give a sense of life and motion to the website's design. 

We like that the CTA to “sell your property” opens into a contact form. This, paired with a collection of sold listings, encourages potential sellers to trust the company to handle their sale as well. Overall, this visually appealing design will appeal to both buyers and sellers, making it an ideal choice for a growing real estate agency. 

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Unleash your creativity on the web

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

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7. MyRental

An image of the MyRental real estate template.

As the name implies, the MyRental template is designed for rental properties. It follows a familiar layout that creates an enjoyable browsing experience for visitors. 

MyRental comes complete with a social media integration, contact forms for booking and sending inquiries, blog pages and more — all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package. If you’re looking to launch your rental property business, grab this template and start building. 

8. Canela

An image of the Canela real estate website template.

Canela feels like a magazine with a great balance of oversized typography and image grid. This template is perfect for realtors or real estate agencies that specialize in niche housing such as charming vintage homes, vacation properties, or sprawling villas. 

This template works well as a base because it’s easy to use and customize. Switch up the colors and fonts to make it your own. Then, all you’ll need to do is plug in your own high-quality images and property descriptions. 

9. Real Estatos

An image of the Real Estatos real estate website template.

Real Estatos is a clean and professional real estate website template. As you scroll through the homepage, lines of text and visual elements feel as if they awaken — bouncing on scroll and zooming in on hover. This immersive design coupled with the fresh UI creates a welcoming and enticing experience for site visitors. 

This template comes complete with a Google Maps and social media integration, a section for neighborhood areas to explore, a blog, newsletter, and more. Real Estatos is a great template for corporate and residential properties. 

10. 92 Rhys

An image of the 92 Rhys real estate website template.

92 Rhys is a real estate website template that one could easily mistake as a site for interior design considering its highly stylistic approach. The template design is alluring, with 3D animated effects that unveil content as you scroll, dark colors, and shifting images.

If you’re looking to create a real estate website that’s packed with movement, imagery, and a sense of drama — 92 Rhys is for you. 

11. Sirius

An image of the Sirius real estate website template.

Next is Sirius, a multipurpose real estate website template that can be used for real estate agencies, development construction companies, or architecture agencies. 

The Sirius template includes four homepage layouts that you can mix and match as well as pages for individual listings and a CMS for your blog. Additionally, because this template was created with global swatches, you can change the entire color scheme in just a couple of clicks. 

12. Razor 

An image of the Razor real estate website template.

The Razor template is as sleek as it is stacked. You can choose from four layouts — main, parallax, animated, and video header. This template uses Webflow CMS so you can quickly and easily create pages for property listings, team member profiles, open houses, testimonials, and much more. And with the addition of the “dream home finder” feature, Razor leaves no stone left unturned. 

This template is well suited to high-end real estate agencies and firms that specialize in corporate or vacation properties. 

13. Husly

An image of the Husly real estate website template.

To conclude our list, we're checking out the modern and stylish Husly. This template presents a professional and clean design, complete with the functionality ideal for real estate agents and agencies specializing in residential or rental properties.  

The template allows you to feature multiple types of listings — residential, commercial, apartment, and office space — and differentiates between properties that are for sale or for rent. We love this straightforward design that makes finding the right property for each person simple.   

Inspired? Let's start designing

So there's our list, 13 eye-catching real estate website templates, each unique and perfectly designed for the modern real estate market! If you're feeling extra inspired, get started designing your own memorable real estate website. 

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November 1, 2021