6 great examples of agency website design

6 great examples of agency website design

Discover how these agencies unlocked Webflow’s design potential to build websites that attract clients and share their work with the world.

6 great examples of agency website design

Discover how these agencies unlocked Webflow’s design potential to build websites that attract clients and share their work with the world.

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An agency website is more than a portfolio — it’s a hub where potential clients witness your expertise in action.

An effective agency site showcases an agency’s branding, personality, and identity through impactful design and examples of high-quality work. Including a strong portfolio to advertise successful past campaigns encourages potential customers to inquire about a project of their own.

What makes a great agency website?

Your design agency’s site needs to demonstrate the team’s talent and give clients a hint of what you offer to acquire new clients. A successful website should include:

  • An excellent user experience (UX) with intuitive navigation and user flow
  • A portfolio to highlight previous work
  • A cohesive brand identity throughout the site
  • A contact page so potential clients can get in touch

To get you started, we’ve compiled six agency website designs that exemplify excellent digital design and highlight what each agency is capable of.

6 design agency website examples to inspire you

Now that you know what an agency site should include, let’s look at some great examples in action.

1. Ensorcis

A screenshot of Ensorcis’ homepage featuring a navy blue color scheme, a heading reading “Multi-disciplinary creative agency,” and space-themed illustrations.
Image source

Ensorcis is a web design agency that flaunts its diverse range of skills through its site. Great web design is important for every agency but especially for teams offering web development and other creative design services.

The Ensorcis logo is a textured circle, as if someone drew it with a paintbrush or water. The site color scheme — navy blue and bright teal — enhances this watery theme. The dark background has subtle, wavy layers that create a gradient from dark to slightly lighter, similar to the deep sea or outer space — both expanses that promise discovery and exploration. A little animated rocket in the center of the homepage brings this idea of an out-of-this-world journey to life.

The web design communicates to potential clients that they can expect to find the same adventure throughout their creative processes with the agency.

Other pages, like the web design and portfolio pages, get straight to business to highlight Ensorcis’ work. But the design’s strength lies in establishing a bold brand identity and showing visitors Ensorcis isn’t afraid to have fun while getting the job done.

2. Super77

A screenshot of Super77’s portfolio page featuring a collage of square images on a bright red background.
Image source

Super77’s animation and video services — in music, advertising, and more — require a website that represents such a robust portfolio. Having worked with clients from brands like Coca-Cola and Nike to artists like Bob Marley and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Super77 needs a design as diverse as its customer base.

The agency’s work page, headed by a vivid red background, presents many projects in a bold but organized layout without overcomplicating the UX. At the top, Super77 showcases a gallery of featured work, and visitors can hide the featured projects if they’d rather forgo the highlights and explore independently. This helps viewers find topics of interest faster — bringing them closer to contacting the agency.

Minimal graphic design lets Super77’s portfolio speak for itself. Clickable squares with images allow visitors to expand projects of interest, adding uniformity to the different media types Super77 creates.

Super77’s agency website shows visitors a dynamic portfolio with striking design that doesn’t distract from what matters most: the content.

3. Akeo

A screenshot of Akeo’s homepage featuring all-caps text in a bold sans-serif font reading “We build impactful & innovative digital products.”
Image source

Digital and web design agency Akeo has an uncomplicated UX on their site, with a flat design user interface (UI), sans-serif fonts, and lots of white space. But small elements — like animated text and interactive buttons — add depth and life to the design, showing potential clients the agency’s creativity and attention to detail.

The dynamic design starts on the loading page. A unique loading animation of a galloping horse entertains visitors if they have to wait a few seconds. This imagery also asserts the agency’s identity right away. Like a running horse, Akeo is elegant, determined, and powerful.

Then, on Akeo’s landing page, a bold heading presents its intention: to “build impactful and innovative digital products.” The agency draws visitors in by immediately stating their mission in action with embedded videos just below the heading. A full-page video reel of the portfolio shows visitors Akeo’s best work before navigating elsewhere to prove they create impactful designs with efficiency.

4. revrnt

A screenshot of revrnt’s header with the word “design” in a pink sans-serif font and a shot from the background video of a person drawing in a notebook.
Image source

revrnt’s website, designed by their CEO Arya Rashid, uses vibrant text and background colors to add fun elements without complicating the layout. The agency offers various services to help companies build brand identities, including photography and video, graphic and web design, and more.

A bold yellow appears in the agency’s logo and in backgrounds throughout the site, and bright pink, blue, and turquoise highlight other details. Each color is equally saturated, adding consistency and pops of color across the site’s content. On the homepage, below a bio and information about revrnt, visitors can explore four categories: strategy, media, websites, and design. Clicking on each reveals yellow, pink, blue, and turquoise backgrounds, adding intense colors without creating monotony.

And color is just one thing that sells revrnt’s friendly brand: The agency has a vivid and welcoming tone throughout, with colloquial copy and smiling pictures of the team. The nearly neon theme could lead to an overwhelming UX design, but revrnt makes it work — and the end result is an informative website that lets potential clients know the agency can balance fun with a clear brand identity.

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5. Heco

A screenshot of Heco’s header featuring an animated black-and-white rippling wave-like design and black text above it reading, “We create dynamic brands that help new companies grow” against an off-white background.
Image source

Heco, which creates new websites and branding for everyone from startups to tech giants, doesn’t have a navigation bar on their homepage. Instead, they encourage users to scroll with a small arrow pointing down. When visitors begin scrolling, the site’s smooth user flow moves through the portfolio and company background, showing potential clients that Heco understands the user journey and how to guide them through information — a desirable design feature.

We love Heco’s landing page header, which is minimal yet mesmerizing. The text “We create dynamic brands that help new companies grow” sits above a soothing, wave-like animation that fills the bottom of the page. These two elements work in harmony: The heading tells visitors that Heco’s projects are dynamic while the animation shows that dynamism in action.

Scrolling down reveals rectangular images that act as windows into previous designs, proving Heco’s versatility. The agency’s previous work shows their robust ability to work with different color schemes, animations, and industries.

A few sections with sans-serif text highlight Heco’s awards, high-profile clients, and top skills, showcasing the agency’s work through external validation as well as their own stunningly designed website.

6. Another Circus

A screenshot of Another Circus’ website with the text “Let’s get the show on the road” in a white sans-serif font on a black background and a minimal navigation bar at the top of the page.
Image source

Another Circus is a Greek branding and UI agency. The first thing visitors encounter on the site is a full-screen video portfolio, like a performance on center stage, with header text that changes with every refresh, from “Let’s get the show on the road” to “Sit back and enjoy” and others. This sets the scene for a cinematic experience, which Another Circus’ high-quality, exciting video content offers.

To complement the site’s visual storytelling, Another Circus includes photos of previous work throughout. On the about page, for example, a paragraph touts its hands-on design method with the header, “You are in good hands.” Below, 12 gifs show human hands engaged in different activities, like playing instruments and holding an ice cream cone. Here, the agency’s playful approach to design proves two things: They know how to use video content to prove their point, and they aren’t afraid to have fun doing it.

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April 28, 2023