Our 10 favorite Webflow templates from the year

Our 10 favorite Webflow templates from the year

Check out our 10 favorite Webflow templates from 2019.

Our 10 favorite Webflow templates from the year

Check out our 10 favorite Webflow templates from 2019.

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Kate Donnellan
Kate Donnellan

Our amazing community of designers added over 70 new templates to our marketplace this year.

Using a template can really speed up your design process — whether you're a professional web designer or a business owner. Open up these templates in the designer to see just how easy it is to make any one your own.

10 awesome Webflow templates released this year

In no particular order, and only based on design and customizability, here are some of our favorite Webflow templates that were released this year:

1. Craig

craig webflow template
Designed by: LightningLab

Craig is a thoughtfully crafted multi-page portfolio template. It's perfect for freelancers, creatives, or anyone looking to show off their work in an impressive and compelling way.

As a creative, we understand it can be hard to find the time to work on your own portfolio website when you’re working on client jobs, side projects, or your regular 9-5 at the same time. Using a stunning template like Craig will allow you to spend more time on your client work. All while giving you the opportunity to present your own projects in the most visually effective way possible.

This template holds everything you could need for your new portfolio. Clear testimonials, engaging typography, and a super effective contact form for lead generation. Beautiful scroll interactions on the homepage and hover animations on the project page will keep the user engaged as they travel through your portfolio.

This template will let your work do the talking. Open Craig up in the designer and see just how easy it will be to make this template your own.

2. Fenix

Designed by: Pablo Ramos

Fenix is a creative agency template with over 80 elements all designed to fit seamlessly together. A really unique feature of this creative agency template is that it's ecommerce enabled — you can sell your own merchandise super easily, in a way that is consistent with the design of the rest of your site.

Fenix has everything a creative agency or freelancer could need to generate leads online. Thoughtfully placed CTAs (calls to action), an effective pricing plan section, a testimonial section and a dazzling blog are just some of the elements of this template that will have new clients knocking on your door.

Fun scroll animations, hover states and interactive elements will let you showcase your agency's personality online, as well as all of your fantastic work. The blog is one of the most impressive sections of this template, in my opinion. Visitors can easily search for the content they’re looking for thanks to the amazing tag & category integration. There is also the possibility to have a newsletter signup form in the banner — this is one of the best ways to gather new potential customer information and provide them with content you know they enjoy.

3. Soft

soft webflow template
Designed by: Ciprian Paraschiv

Soft is a wonderful Webflow template for showing off any app based SaaS company! This one page landing page is the perfect way to present your mobile app online. You can use this template if you're pitching to investors or looking to build a proof of concept.

It holds charming scroll animations, soft edges and enjoyable interactions that will excite visitors to use your app. A one-page site can sometimes seem cluttered and disruptive to use, but not Soft. Both the navigation and footer work to their highest potential — directing users straight to the part of the page containing the information they’re looking for. For a high paced business like a start-up, it's vital to be able to make changes to your page quickly. With the Webflow CMS it's easy for you to make updates to your landing page as they happen.

This really is a landing page that needs to be seen to be believed, and at $24 is a real bargain. Check it out & see what you can do with Soft.

4. Reader

ui kit blog template
Designed by: Elastic Themes

Reader is a stunning UI kit template, designed to help you create stylish blogs and magazine sites. Save time and choose one of the 8 pre-built homepage layouts, or easily mix and match components to create a new, unique one.

Reader allows you to tag and categorize your posts easily within the Webflow CMS. This provides a strong user experience — allowing users to quickly filter and find the content they're looking for. It also does wonders for your on-site SEO.

For any blog or magazine site, it’s really important for readers to be able to intuitively share content and posts on their own social media. Reader lets them do this super easily with it’s fantastic social media integration. With the click of a button, readers can decide to share posts — this will in turn drive more traffic to your site.

Design interactions and animations without code

Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code.

Start animating
Design interactions and animations without code

Build complex interactions and animations without even looking at code.

Start animating
Start animating

5. Videographer

Designed by: WebDev For You

Videographer is a fully responsive, clean, and professional Webflow template perfect for Video Production, Agencies/Videographers to showcase their portfolio.

Videographer is a professional website template — perfect for video first websites. If you’re a video producer, agency, or a videographer then you need to check this one-page template out. It’s a very simple but impressive template divided up into 3 key sections — About, Projects and Contact. Visitors can easily scroll to each section, or use the impressive takeover menu to navigate the page.

Takeover menus can sometimes feel disruptive to the user experience, but that’s definitely not the case here. You can add a compelling image or video for each section within the menu, which is really effective in drawing users further into your site. There’s also the choice to have a video in the hero banner. A fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your best work as soon as the visitor lands on your page.

Scroll prompts, delightful scroll triggered animations and hover states urge the user down the page — allowing you to present them with your most impressive work. And fast.

6. Frame

frame webflow template
Designed by: Deni Bozo

Frame is a flexible and powerful template that’s best suited primarily for photographers. It comes with 8 stunning pre designed layouts that you can use to get your new portfolio up fast. Alternatively, you can mix and match the pre-built components (there are over 200 of them) to create your own unique site.

As a photographer, you need a site that will work hard for you in terms of SEO and lead generation. Each of the 8 layouts offered in Frame will do this for you. Each of the 8 layouts differs from the next one, so you’re bound to find one that will work best for you. Demo 1 has a super clean left-hand navigation that allows users to find what you’re looking for quickly — while engaging with amusing micro interactions.

In contrast, Deni Bozo designed Demo 8 to seem almost like a social media feed. It urges the visitor to interact with your content in a way that feels intuitive because of their social media experience, but is also unique to experience on a website.

7. Foray

foray webflow template
Designed by: Medium Rare

Foray is a block based UI kit template, perfect for creative agencies. With a huge amount of varied content blocks to choose from, Foray makes it easy to build a unique responsive website for your agency.

Medium Rare designed this template to be modular, and every element was carefully built to allow for the greatest design flexibility. Each element works seamlessly with the next, meaning that it’s easy to create a clean design with a strong and consistent user experience.

Foray has a huge amount of pre built components — 65 content blocks, 3 unique navigation options, 2 footers, and 4 lead generation focused landing pages. You can easily drag and drop elements to make them work best for your website. Foray uses parallax scroll animations and interactive hover states to make sure that the user stays engaged with the website. The typography used in this template is also super dynamic — your options are endless when deciding how to portray your content.

Open Foray in the designer and see for yourself just how easy it is to create a unique site for your agency.

8. Chronicle

chronicle webflow template
Designed by: Dorian Hoxha

Chronicle is the perfect template for a blog, news or media website — where communicating information with your visitors is at the forefront of what you do.

It's easy to feel bombarded with information when you're browsing online. So having your posts laid out in a clear and concise way gives control back to your users. This allows them to take their time, and digest your content comfortably.

Chronicle offers 9 (!) homepage layout options. No matter what type of content you’re sharing online, you should be able to find a layout here that suits your needs.

Tags, categories, estimated reading time and engaging micro interactions make this template shine. The strong UX allows visitors to browse your content at their own pace in an enjoyable way. Suggested posts at the end of blogs or news stories keep them engaged and increase their time on the site.

The Webflow CMS makes it easy for you to add, edit or remove posts as you want. Open Chronicle in the designer and see just how simple it is to design and keep a content-first website on Webflow.

9. Klær

klær webflow template
Designed by: Udesly

Klær is a stunning Webflow ecommerce template that can give you a unique design for your online store. The stylish look and feel creates a memorable experience for each user who visits the site, and keeps them coming back for more. Udesly designed Klaer for clothing stores, but if you sell any sort of tangible product online, you can use this template.

Klær has every element you could need to get your clothing store up and running online. There’s a tiny, unobtrusive but clear popup that you can use to tell your customers about sales and special offers. Video integration lets you show videos of how your clothes look in real life in video. Engaging scroll interactions keep the visitor engaged.

This ecommerce template is really easy to navigate. The large but well organized dropdown navigation lets you highlight featured products and direct customers to where they want to go. You can set clear categories for your products, making them easy to find when customers filter and search.

The product pages also contain key features to make the actual purchasing experience as seamless as possible. Pricing, product codes, full product details and FAQs are all included here. This means the customer can find all the information they need on a product in one place.

10. Gourmet burger

Designed by: Rebecca Lowe

Gourmet Burger is a restaurant template with ecommerce integration. For any restaurant having a strong, informative and easy to use is really important in attracting diners who are browsing online for their next meal.

In my eyes, the most impressive feature of Gourmet Burger is the dazzling parallax scroll animations it offers. Without Webflow, you'd need intricate CSS & JavaScript knowledge to create anything similar. You can easily use these to show off your most popular dishes, your restaurant itself or any unique brand elements. Utilizing design trends like those offered in this template will delight users and keep them engaged.

Is there anything more annoying than when you’re looking at restaurant menus online, and you end up having to download a PDF? This is personally one of my pet peeves, and Gourmet Burger does a great job at avoiding this. Their interactive menu lets visitors easily click between courses and menu types — without filling up their phone or computer downloads.

A super unique feature of Gourmet Burger is that it is ecommerce enabled. This means that you can sell restaurant merchandise and cookbooks to your customers, building brand loyalty and generating word of mouth.

That’s it for this 2019!

The Webflow Community has had a huge year this year – from meetups to No Code Conf

We love having new templates designed and added to our marketplace by members of the Webflow Community. If you’re a designer and want to see your template featured in our next roundup — see how to submit a template of your own.

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