The 8 hottest Webflow templates for summer

Refresh your website this summer with 8 new responsive, HTML5 website templates — all ready to publish dynamic content via Webflow CMS.

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We love a blank canvas — but we also love saving time and money. These 8 fresh templates provide beautifully simple starting points for your next project.

Our ever-evolving selection of templates is perfect for the first-time Webflow user, the designer with a tight deadline, and everyone in between — even you!

These 8 fresh templates are hot off the presses, and ready for you. Give ‘em a spin in the Designer, make them your own, and watch your site come to life.

1. Oxy UI Kit

Responsive portfolio and agency UI kit

Designed by: Deni Bozo

Designed for: Creative agencies and freelancers

Fonts used: Lora and Poppins

Don’t be fooled by Oxy’s simple design — it’s got a powerful, diverse engine of page designs and components lying behind the pretty banana.

Unique features of Oxy:

  • 6 unique homepage and hero designs  
  • Header display options: set your header to be sticky, standard, or show/hide it on scroll
  • Interactions: advanced animations and interactions add polish and enhance usability

2. Natura

Business website template

Designed by: Pablo Ramos

Designed for: Spas, salons, individual beauty services and businesses

Fonts used: Libre Baskerville and Roboto

Pablo Ramos built Natura with the beauty business in mind. The template comes outfitted with contact pages, detailed pricing pages, and everything else you need to create a beautiful website  — and business. Growing your career or business in the beauty industry? Treat yourself to Natura’s elegant, intelligent, and easy-to-use template.

Unique features of Natura:

  • Two unique homepage layouts
  • Responsive slider: the touch-friendly slider lets you display images and text elegantly on every device
  • Symbols: Natura comes with several reusable elements you can use across your site

3. Dulce

Creative website template

Designer: Dorian Hoxha

Designed for: Agencies, marketing teams, startups, etc.

Fonts used: Merriweather, Lato, and Poppins

With 6 unique homepage layouts to choose from, Dulce provides a robust base to build any business site on. The bountiful collection of unique components, buttons, and icons makes Dulce a sweet starting point for your business.

Unique features of Dulce:

  • Lightbox: showcase high-res photos and videos on a black backdrop
  • Interactions: scrolling and loading interactions create a smooth user experience
  • Hover effects: colorful gradient (one of the leading design trends this year) overlays add even more life to the site

4. Persona

UI kit website template

Designed by: Elastic Themes

Designed for: Designers, agencies, photographers, bloggers, and all other creatives

Fonts used: Oswald and Karla

With 8 unique homepage layout options, Persona is one of the most robust UI kits in our marketplace. Persona’s pre-designed layouts are perfect for a wide range of creatives, and can help speed up your workflow significantly.

Unique features of Persona:

  • Interactions: smooth, interactive elements live across the site
  • Custom buttons: 6 unique, custom, and buttons
  • Robust style guide
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5. Tempo

Creative agency website template

Designed by: Deni Bozo

Designed for: Agencies

Fonts used: Lora and Poppins

Deni Bozo’s Tempo is built for agencies looking to showcase their work and their team while producing an incredible user experience. The beauty of this template is in the details: parallax animations, custom buttons, gradient hover effects, and subtle interactions produce a memorable user experience.

Unique features of Tempo:

  • Parallax animation: elements appear to be moving at varying velocities, creating a feeling of depth
  • 3 header display options: set your header to be sticky, standard, or have it show and hide on scroll
  • Dynamic pages: easily add content to the blog and project pages or customize the CMS structure to your liking

6. Wellness

Business website template

Designed by: Pablo Ramos

Designed for: Health professionals including personal trainers, health coaches, and health-oriented businesses

Fonts used: Oswald and Roboto

Pablo Ramos designed Wellness for the growing number of professionals in the health industry. Whether you’re designing a site for yourself or your business, you’ll find everything you need in this robust, thoughtful template.

Unique features of Wellness:

  • Interactions: easy to use or edit
  • Custom forms: beautiful forms to help build your lead list and subscriber base
  • Responsive navigation: site navigation automatically collapses into a mobile-friendly menu on smaller devices

7. Unlimited

Business website template

Designed by: Deni Bozo

Designed for: Business firms, digital agencies, or startups

Fonts used: Poppins and Lora

Unlimited lives up to its name as a template for an almost unlimited number of uses. It can be a great starting point for the landing page of a business firm, digital agency, startup, or individual freelancer. The template features over 100 components that will help you create a “wow”-worthy site without a significant time investment.

Unique features of Unlimited:

  • 6 unique homepage layouts: choose from 6 different homepage and 6 unique hero sections
  • Over 100 components: use a combination of accordions, tabs, and buttons
  • Static or fixed navigation: select between two different types of header

8. Lumen

Single-page website template

Designed by: Elastic Themes

Designed for: Small businesses

Fonts used: Roboto

With three unique, colorful landing page layouts, Lumen is perfect for any small business. The refreshing design, robust set of useful components, smooth interactions, and functional forms will help new and existing customers fall in love with your business.

Unique features of Lumen:

  • 3 unique layouts: for mobile apps, books, and “software as a service” SaaS companies
  • Interactions: add life across your site
  • Style guide and utility pages: easily change the style of base elements

More templates to come

We’ll be back to in a few months to share the next batch of new templates!

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July 12, 2018



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