9 new Webflow CMS templates

Check out our 9 new responsive, HTML5 website templates — all of which are ready to publish dynamic content via Webflow CMS.

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Webflow gives you the power to build absolutely unique layouts starting from a blank canvas.

But a completely new solution isn’t the right call for every project. Sometimes, a quick turnaround time calls for a faster process — at which point, a pre-built Webflow template can be just the thing. Or maybe you just need a site up for that upcoming Kickstarter campaign! They’re also a fantastic way to learn the ins and outs of Webflow.

Whatever the reason you need a template, these 9 new additions to our template marketplace offer flexible, beautiful solutions to a range of common design problems. So let’s see what’s new.

1. Orchi

Creative CMS template built for architectural firms

Designer: Deni Bozo

Fonts used: Poppins and Playfair Display

Stylish, modern, and sleek, Orchi offers everything you’d expect from an architectural firm’s website — and it works just as well for anyone who need an easy, attractive, and effective way to share their work with clients.

Unique features of Orchi:

  • Two header layout options – display your header and main nav at the top of the page, or to the left
  • 3 header display options – set your header to be sticky, standard, or have it show and hide on scroll
  • Detailed documentation on how to use the template and its features

2. Photo

Portfolio CMS template for photographers

Designer: Pablo Ramos

Fonts used: Open Sans and Muli

Photo is the perfect CMS template for visual artists who want to showcase their work in a clean, bold way. It also features two different homepage designs, one compact, counting on other pages to tell the whole story, the other long and exploratory.

Unique features of Photo:

  • Two homepage design options
  • Two pre-built sign-up forms, one on-page, the other in a modal
  • A modal for newsletter signups
  • Accordion-style FAQ design

3. Loyal

Portfolio CMS template for photographers

Designer: Albor Bozo

Fonts used: Poppins and Playfair Display

Ablor Bozo crafted Loyal’s sleek, minimal design to be almost invisible — and thus perfectly frame your pictures. Little details and animations accentuate each photograph, helping the viewer immerse themselves in your dramatic landscapes, intimate portraits, and quiet compositions.

Unique features of Loyal:

  • 2 navigation area options – white for dark backgrounds or grayscale for white backgrounds
  • 3 header display options – set your header to be sticky, standard, or have it show and hide on scroll
  • Detailed documentation

4. Jobify

CMS website template for job portals

Designer: Deni Bozo

Fonts used: Montserrat, Poppins, and Playfair Display

Jobify is a powerful, responsive, and high-performance HTML5 template with everything you need to build your own job board, complete with job listings, a blog, and FAQs. There’s even a CMS-powered tagging system to help people find the right type of job faster.

Unique features of Jobify

  • 3 header display options – set your header to be sticky, standard, or have it show and hide on scroll
  • CMS-powered, categorized job listings with job-type tags like full-time, part-time, etc.
  • Detailed documentation

If you’re looking to build out a job board, check out our article on “How not to design a Jobs page.” Should come in handy.

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5. Realtor

CMS website template for real estate

Designer: Pablo Ramos

Fonts used: Montserrat, Georgia, Open Sans, and Source Sans Pro

Realtor offers an intuitive real estate website design to help people find the property of their dreams with ease.

This template includes pages for listing locations, agents, a blog, and more, plus three different layout options. Best of all, the listing pages are super-robust, allowing you to add a slider gallery of photos, a second gallery design, walkthrough videos, a map, real estate agent info, and a contact form.

Realtor’s unique features include:

  • Three distinct layouts
  • A “quick finder” menu to help people find the right house from any page
  • CMS-powered agent listings that can be referenced on the pages of homes they’re handling
  • Built-in icon set

6. Justice

CMS website template for law firms

Designer: Pablo Ramos

Fonts used: Abel, Lato, and Open Sans

Classy, austere, and bold, Justice was designed to inspire trust — and give lawyers all the content types they need to clearly communicate their offerings.

Justice’s unique features include:

  • 2 distinct layout options
  • CMS-powered blog, practice area, FAQ, and team pages
  • Built-in icons

7. Helpdesk

CMS website template for documentation

Designer: Rowan Hartsuiker

Font used: Lato

The Helpdesk template gives you a modern, responsive helpdesk/documentation website right out of the box.

With the use of Webflow CMS, you’ll be able to create detailed documentation by writing categorized articles. Add article authors, mange FAQs, write blog posts, present events, and restyle the template to fit your business.

  • Unique designs for FAQs and Knowledge Base articles
  • Blog and event pages (for workshops, meetups, and webinars)
  • 2 variant page designs

8. Marriage

Wedding CMS website template

Designer: Rowan Hartsuiker

Font used: Lato and Prata

Marriage is a fun and creative wedding/personal template that lets you easily share your wedding plans, photographs, and stories both before and after the big day — and give the design your own personal touches.

Marriage’s unique features:

  • Simple RSVP form
  • Lightbox gallery to simplify that post-wedding photo sharing
  • Beautiful blog, schedule, and registry page designs

9. Builder

CMS website template for construction companies

Designer: Deni Bozo

Fonts used: Poppins and Playfair Display

If you’ve got a client in construction, Builder could be just the thing. With CMS-powered projects, services, and a blog, they’ll find it easy to share useful home maintenance tips, their latest work, and new services they offer.

Builder’s unique features:

  • Ready-to-use “request a quote” form
  • Portfolio-like projects for clients to highlight what they’ve built
  • Homepage slider with a background video

What will you build?

We hope one of these templates meets your needs, but if not, there are over 100 others to check out in our website template marketplace.

Oh, and if you didn’t already know, we’re always looking for new templates built by designers just like you. So if you’re looking to add a source of passive income to your freelancing life, check out our template submission guidelines and send something over!


October 7, 2016



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