Open up shop: 5 product types you can sell today

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Webflow store owners worldwide are pushing the limits of web design, and creating unique commerce experiences around their products.

Get inspired by these five creators building businesses, launching side hustles, and even battling hunger during COVID. Plus, we’ve shared five templates (now 25% off!) to help guide you on your journey.

5 product types you can sell

Sell downloads like Charli Marie

We’re huge fans of Charli Marie. As a designer, vlogger, and podcaster, Charli has built a personal brand around helping designers perfect their craft. A strong name in the design community, it’s no surprise that Charli’s an avid font collector, though she had never taken the leap to actually create one from scratch — until now.

Vectorizing. Spacing. Kerning. As a side project, Charli created her first handmade font, a sans serif based on her handwriting. Though she spent months meticulously creating Grayscale, it’s now a digital product for sale on her Webflow Ecommerce store — no shipping or restocks needed.

charli marie digital product
Selling digital goods is passive income at its finest.

“As someone who’s experienced selling physical products, it’s just so much easier creating digital ones. It’s just nice to see orders coming through for this font and know that the system’s all doing it for me and that I’m not actually having to go print a T-shirt and put it in the post to people,” Charli said in her Design Life podcast where she shared her full design process.

Get to selling digital downloads

Melbourne-based agency Medium Rare has built a comprehensive Ecommerce template for you to create a marketplace of digital goods.

collective product page
Sell fonts, photos, videos or any other digital product.

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Offer services like Districtt

People move an average of 12 times before they buy a house — that’s a whole lot of furniture to buy and move. Districtt founders Trey and Cameron have built a solution in Atlanta and Dallas that’s flexible, affordable and sustainable. The rental furniture company provides beautiful, curated furniture products for a low monthly price — all using Webflow Ecommerce.

“It has always been a challenge to find an ecommerce solution for a service business. Unlike Shopify, Webflow allows you to edit the checkout process on any plan. That's enough of a selling point right there,” said Districtt co-founder founder Trey Williams.

districtt home page
Furniture freedom meets design freedom.

Get to selling services

Whether you’re a therapist, personal trainer, or web designer, freelancer Alexandru Butnaru created a modern template for you to sell your service products.

lana green portfolio
Quickly create a service-based online business.

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Teach courses like Wildist

“There are infinite ways to photograph something. That’s what makes [photographers] unique,” says the adventure-rich photographer, filmmaker and teacher Alex Strohl.

Alex is also the founder of Wildist, a new online school where you can learn how to shoot outdoor photography from pros around the world. Through Webflow Ecommerce, Wildist provides access to hours of video content so anyone can level up their skills.

Monetize your skills by teaching others.

Get to selling courses

Ready to create and sell your own courses? Brix Studio built a premium Webflow template so you can teach and monetize your own skills.

selling courses online
Get started with an easy template.

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Create events like The Dockyard Social

The Dockyard Social is one of Glasgow’s top culinary experiences. Every week they curate and bring together ten street food vendors in a converted industrial warehouse.  Through their Webflow Ecommerce site, designed by Too Gallus, customers are able to book time slots to to visit.

dockyard social tickets page
Easily create event products by using product variants.

Get to selling tickets

Sell tickets to a virtual experience with Brix Studio’s latest web template, Evently.

selling tickets with webflow
Sell different ticket types with Evently.

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Take donations like Feed the Frontline

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world, local communities have banded together to serve and protect their own. This is the case in New Orleans, where Devin De Wulf, founder of the cultural Mardi Gras club Krewe of Red Beans, organized a 6-week effort to feed the 2300+ healthcare workers in the city. #feedthefrontlineNOLA raised more than $1 million dollars through Webflow Ecommerce.

When approached with the project, designer Chris Fettin of Hundred Acre Design had to get the website up fast, and Webflow allowed him to do it all without the help of a developer. It took one weekend to get the site up and running. When the campaign got featured in The New York Times, CNN, and in local coverage, the donations began rolling in.

“Every day I would wake up and I was excited to log into Webflow and see how many people had donated, and every day I was surprised,” Fettin said.

Start taking donations

Build your own charity or donation site using UI Designer Rebecca Lowe’s newest template.

hunger solace page
Hunger Solace makes it easy to take donations.

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A new chapter for Webflow Ecommerce

Webflow Ecommerce has come a long way since its official launch in February of 2019. We’re continuously unlocking more critical commerce functionality to help you design and manage successful businesses online.

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Where we’re headed

Commerce across the web spans way beyond the physical goods traditional ecommerce is generally associated with. When it comes to the future of Webflow Ecommerce, we’re dreaming big and broad. We’re dreaming of a world where we can support the many ways your business wants to monetize online.

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July 30, 2020



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