Updates to Webflow’s pricing and plans

Updates to Webflow’s pricing and plans

An overview of changes to our Site plan pricing, plus new Workspaces for freelancers and agencies.

Updates to Webflow’s pricing and plans

An overview of changes to our Site plan pricing, plus new Workspaces for freelancers and agencies.

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Vlad Magdalin
Vlad Magdalin
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Vlad Magdalin
Vlad Magdalin

Hi everyone — today, I wanted to personally share some significant updates to Webflow’s pricing plans.

If you’re already a Webflow customer, you’ll receive an email with more details shortly, and this post is meant to serve as an overview of the changes. These updates will roll out over the next few days, so they may not be visible in your account yet — but we wanted to let you know as soon as possible. 

Before we get into those details, I want to make it very clear that all existing plans will be locked into their existing pricing for at least one year from today — regardless of whether you’re on an annual subscription or a monthly subscription.

Webflow has changed a ton since we launched in August of 2013, and our product has evolved from a single-page site builder to a powerful platform used by hundreds of thousands of businesses to run mission-critical websites. We’re updating our pricing to reflect the continued evolution of our platform and to ensure we continue growing alongside our customers for decades to come. Here are the two key changes we’re announcing today:

  • First, we’re increasing Site plan prices for the first time since 2016. These changes reflect the vast improvements we’ve made in our product over the past six years, and they’ll enable us to invest in building a more robust and reliable platform going forward. To help make this transition easier, especially for freelancers and agencies who work with clients, we’re extending current pricing for all existing Site (Basic, CMS, and Business) subscriptions for at least one year. More on this below.
  • Second, we’re launching new Workspace plans specifically for freelancers and agencies. These plans unlock exclusive access to features tailor-made to improve the experience building in Webflow for freelancers, agencies, and their clients. Keep reading to learn more about these new plans and how to get started.

Site plan pricing changes

Site plans allow you to publish a Webflow project to a custom domain and unlock advanced functionality including CMS items, form submissions, additional bandwidth, and much more. Over the past few years, we’ve transformed what you can build in Webflow with new capabilities like Memberships and Logic (both of which are now available in beta) as well as improvements to core workflows with CSS grid, CMS performance enhancements, faster publishing, and WebP support. We know many of you are curious about the future of Memberships and Logic, so we’re glad to share that access to the fully-released version of both features is also included in our updated Site plan pricing. 

Image of Webflow releases between 2012-2022 including key features such as Interactions, CMS, Symbols, 3D transforms, Flexbox, global swatches, Lottie integrations, accessibility audit, SOC 2 compliance, WebP support, and more.

Our new pricing reflects these updates as well as future investments across each of our plans. With these changes, Site plan prices increase between $2 and $9 per month, depending on your plan and billing frequency.

Updates to Site Plan Pricing

Price per month Basic CMS Business
Annual billing $12 → $14 $16 → $23 $36 → $39
Monthly billing $15 → $18 $20 → $29 $45 → $49

You may notice that the CMS plan price is increasing more than other plans, and we want to be transparent with you about why that is. After significant research initiatives — including customer conversations and comparisons to other tools in the space — we came to the conclusion that the CMS plan has been historically underpriced. We believe that this change aligns our pricing in line with the value and robust capabilities it provides.

Grace periods for existing customers

We know that price changes can be challenging, especially for those of you who work with clients or have lots of hosted Site plans. We heard your feedback around challenges with our Workspaces release earlier this year, and we know that some of you are still in the process of migrating clients off of Client Billing. To give our customers more time to transition to new pricing, we’re automatically extending legacy pricing for at least one year for existing Site subscriptions via what we’re calling a “grace period.”

Here’s a breakdown of how the grace period will apply for existing customers:

Existing sites on Basic, CMS, and Business plans

Grace period end date How it works
September 22, 2023 (one year from today)  Sites on Basic, CMS, or Business plans will keep their current pricing until their first renewal on or after September 22, 2023 (one year from now).

Example scenarios

  • Monthly billing: If your site is on a CMS plan that renews on the first of the month, it will renew at updated pricing on October 1, 2023.
  • Annual billing: If your site is on a CMS plan that recently renewed on August 1st, 2022, it will keep legacy pricing until its renewal on August 1, 2024.
  • Switching from monthly to annual: If you change your billing frequency from monthly to annual on September 15, 2023 (before the grace period ends), you will lock in legacy pricing until your plan renews September 15, 2024.

Newly created Basic, CMS, and Business plans

Grace period end date How it works
December 31, 2022 (end of the year) For existing customers (those with a Webflow account before today), you can still purchase or upgrade Site plans at legacy rates until December 31, 2022. These sites will keep legacy pricing until their first renewal on or after January 1st, 2023.

Example scenarios

  • Upgrading to a monthly Site plan: If you upgrade an unhosted site to the CMS plan with monthly billing on October 1, 2022, it will renew at updated pricing on January 1, 2023.
  • Purchasing a new annual Site plan: If you create a new annual CMS plan on December 30, 2022, it will keep the legacy rate for the following 12 months. The plan will renew at updated pricing on December 30, 2023.

If you’re a freelancer or agency already working with clients who aren’t covered by these grace periods, please reach out to our team for additional solutions.

The specific date any site switches to updated Site plan pricing depends on its billing frequency and plan renewal date. You can find this information on the Billing section of your site’s Settings, and we’ll send you a reminder email prior to your account renewing at the new rate. More information around grace period policies (including additional example scenarios) is available on our Support Portal.

New Workspace plans for Freelancers and Agencies 

The 60,000+ professional freelancers and agencies building their businesses on Webflow are core to what we do. Our success is shared: We provide the tools that help bring your ideas to life and drive results for your clients. We grow together, and we’re committed to making Webflow the best experience for both you and your clients. 

Since we announced Workspaces earlier this year with new collaboration features, we heard clear feedback that while these plans were an improvement over our legacy plans, they didn’t feel as relevant for many of you. How you collaborate with clients looks different from collaboration within internal teams, and we had an opportunity to solve your unique challenges throughout a project’s lifecycle. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two new Workspace plans — Freelancer and Agency — with special features and pricing tailor-made for your needs.  

Plans: Freelancer $16/mo, max 3 seats, 10 unhosted sites, full CMS access on unhosted sites, free guest access in client workspace. Agency $35/mo, max 9 seats, unlimited hosted sites, full CMS access on unhosted sites, free guest access in client workspaces.

These new Workspace plans unlock access to:

  • Full CMS access on unhosted sites. Build entire sites in your Workspace, without worrying about CMS limits or adding a paid Site plan before you’re ready to go live. Unhosted sites in your Workspace automatically get upgraded to our most powerful CMS functionality with up to 10,000 CMS items (200x more than before). 
  • Free guest access in client Workspaces. Easily collaborate with clients in their Workspace with full design access — without paying for an additional seat. This includes free (Starter) Workspaces, so you no longer need to convince clients to upgrade to a paid Workspace or share login credentials to collaborate on a website.
An image of "My Workspace Settings" in Webflow where you can invite Agency or Freelancer Guests into your Workspace.

These Workspaces are the first step towards a dedicated experience for freelancers and agencies across all of Webflow. Stay tuned for more tools to improve how you find and work with clients, an updated partner program, and much more. 

How to get started

These new Workspaces are available for freelancers and agencies starting today. If you’re already on a Workspace plan (Starter, Core, or Growth), you can switch to the Freelancer or Agency plan from your Billing settings

If you indicated during onboarding that you work with clients and are on an Account or Team plan that hasn’t migrated to Workspaces yet, we’ll automatically move you to the relevant plan next week. You can learn more about this process on Webflow University.

Find your perfect plan

Start building for free. Purchase a paid Site plan when you’re ready to go live, then upgrade your Workspace to unlock greater collaboration.

Find your perfect plan

Start building for free. Purchase a paid Site plan when you’re ready to go live, then upgrade your Workspace to unlock greater collaboration.

We’re committed to our mission of empowering you all to build for the web, and we believe that these changes will help ensure that we can continue improving Webflow for decades to come. We’ll continue investing in new ways to improve our platform and offerings moving forward – including exploring localized pricing for international customers, expanded tools to find and work with clients, and many more powerful visual development capabilities.

If you have questions or need additional information, visit the Pricing Update section of the Support Portal.

Last Updated
September 22, 2022