Introducing the next generation of Webflow Apps and updates to our developer platform

Learn more about the steps we’re taking to make Webflow the most-powerful visual development platform there is.

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Our mission at Webflow — to bring development superpowers to everyone — is undeniably ambitious.

One of the things that inspires us most about this lofty goal, is knowing that we can’t do it alone. With that in mind, we have been focused on finding ways to harness the knowledge and expertise of the Webflow community, while providing our creators and developers with the tools they need to create the most-powerful visual development platform out there.

Today, we’re taking a big step towards that goal with the launch of the next generation of Webflow Apps and an all new platform for developers looking to build their own Apps for the Webflow community.

The next generation of Webflow Apps


No website exists in a vacuum — instead, they are deeply integrated with the tools and processes that businesses need to thrive. Since launching Apps in beta last year, our team has been working to deliver more power and flexibility to this critical component of building and launching a successful site. Here’s what’s new:

  • The power of Apps in the Webflow Designer. You can now view and launch Apps right in the Designer–making it not only easier than ever to find and use Webflow Apps, but also unlocking new ways that Apps can help supercharge your workflows in the Designer by adding and editing site elements such as forms, images, and text in real-time.
  • Seamless integrations with the tools you use everyday. Apps now connect with more of Webflow’s core features including the assets manager, forms, and custom code — allowing for more powerful integrations with the tools in your stack such as your CMS, marketing automations, and analytics platforms.
  • Transparent authorization and permissions. We’ve introduced an improved installation and authorization flow allowing teams to view and accept more granular permissions when installing an App to a site or workspace — providing an extra layer of confidence.

In addition to these updates, we’re excited to be launching over 20 new Apps in the Webflow Marketplace from partners like HubSpot, Finsweet, Unsplash, Jasper AI, Typeform and many more. Here’s a quick look at some of the new Apps available today:


A new and improved HubSpot integration available to all Webflow customers. Embed and style HubSpot forms in the designer, easily add HubSpot chat bots, and connect your HubSpot assets to your Webflow site. Try it


Use Jasper to bring AI-driven, on-brand content to your Webflow site. Quickly adjust the length of your web copy, align content to your brand voice and style, and adapt your site content to different languages or audiences. Try It


Search Unsplash’s collection of 5M+ images right inside the Webflow Designer and insert beautiful images into your designs. Try It


Adding Typeforms into Webflow is easier than ever. Embed beautiful, interactive, multi-step forms to your Webflow site–all without developer or designer resources. Try It


Access Memberstack functionality & data attributes directly inside Webflow–add secure and encrypted user authentication to your site using Google, Facebook, email login, and many more or easily set up Stripe checkout and billing on your site. Try It

Finsweet Table

Build semantic HTML <table> elements with Finsweet’s latest tool. Copy and paste, or upload a CSV, to generate, edit, and style a table right in Webflow. Try It


Monto provides an easy to use suite of ecommerce Apps including Abandoned Cart Recovery, Product Reviews, Subscriptions, Affiliates & Referrals, and Multi-Currency Converter. Try It


Connect Webflow with other data sources to help you transfer and transform data. Try It

An expanded opportunity for Developers

In addition to the big wins that Apps bring for those managing and building sites in Webflow, our updated developer platform unlocks the opportunity for more developers to build more powerful products for our rapidly growing community of agencies, freelancers, and marketing teams at companies like the New York Times, Dropbox, and Rakuten. 

An image of the different stats for Webflow Apps.

Here’s what's new for App developers:

  • Designer Extensions. In order to bring the power of Apps to the Webflow Designer, we’ve introduced an all-new App building block called Designer Extensions. Powered by an official set of Webflow Designer APIs, Designer Extensions let your App interact directly with a site’s Canvas, while creating a seamless, native experience for your users.

  • New REST APIs. To compliment the new powers of Designer Extensions, we are launching a V2 of our REST APIs including four new APIs that unlock deeper integration with Webflow’s core features, including Assets, Pages, Forms, and Custom Code.

  • Improved authentication flows. Finally, we've introduced scopes, allowing you to define the specific permissions your app will need–ensuring our users have more control over the data an application can access on their behalf, and the actions it can take.
We build apps for Webflow because it's the tool of the future. When you mix Webflow's potential as a platform with its passionate and supportive community, it's a clear long-term win.

Joe Krug, Finsweet

We can't wait to see what you build

We’re thrilled to be empowering more developers to join us in our mission, and can’t wait to see what you build next. Visit our developer documentation to learn more about our new APIs, Designer Extensions, and to start building your App for the Webflow Marketplace.

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August 29, 2023

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