13 templates to build on for a stand out wedding website

13 templates to build on for a stand out wedding website

When you're planning a wedding, the last thing you want to do is stress over your wedding website design. Get a head start with these 13 templates.

13 templates to build on for a stand out wedding website

When you're planning a wedding, the last thing you want to do is stress over your wedding website design. Get a head start with these 13 templates.

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Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade

Congratulations, you're getting married! Or you're making a wedding site for someone who is getting married.

Whatever the case may be, this is an exciting time — the big day awaits. But before you send out those wedding invitations or set up a gift registry, you’ll need a wedding website. Not only do they show the world your unique love story, but they also make wedding planning and coordinating a lot easier.

Consider your site the central hub for everything that concerns the wedding — both prior to and post tying the knot. Guests can use it to RSVP, access the wedding registry, see the photo gallery, find information about pre-wedding events, venue details, dress code, and more.  

Thankfully, setting up your wedding site doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. You just need a good web builder, domain name, customizable template, and you’re set.

Here are 13 templates you can use to design your own beautiful wedding website. 

1. Sage & Milk 

An image of the Sage & Milk template.

If you have room in your budget for a more expensive template, Sage & Milk is a gorgeous option. It’s an in-depth template that can be reimagined and customized to your heart’s content.

Designed by Olga Hajjar, Sage & Milk has the typography, layout, color scheme, and imagery that would be great for a more traditional wedding site. This template works well for both beginner and intermediate designers — you can simply drag and drop elements or customize individual aspects of the design. 

2. Naura

An image of the Naura template.

Naura is an inexpensive yet stylish one-page template worth taking a look at. 

While this template by Azwedo is technically for a portfolio, it would still make a great base for a wedding website. The thoughtful animations, transitions, and fades as you scroll are perfect for  telling your love story in an engaging — and unique — way. 

3. Marriage

An image of the Marriage wedding template.

Marriage by Rowan Hartsuiker is another wedding website template on our list that won't break the bank. 

Marriage is a fully responsive wedding template complete with a home page, couple page, photo gallery, blog, bridal party page, schedule, registries, and RSVP functionality. This template also includes a Content Management System (CMS) that you could use to keep your guests updated about wedding planning, activities, and more. 

4. Luna Flora

An image of the Luna Flora website.

Next on the list is the elegantly designed template, Luna Flora. Made by Hollagraphica, this classy floral template would be great for a simple wedding website.

This template has all the stylistic elements you’ll need. The typography and color coupled with the layout and spacing reminds us of a dewy spring wedding. 

The charming little flower illustrations could serve as sweet, yet enchanting motifs throughout your website. As you would with any other template, replace Luna Flora's content and transform this florist template into your own wedding website. 

5. Framy

An image of the Framy Template.

Like Sage & Milk, Framy is another template designed by Olga Hajjar. It has the same essence  of the previously mentioned template, but isn’t as pricey. 

Framy is an ideal balance for those who want a wedding site that is minimalist and modern. It has a muted color scheme of off-white rose and violet and spacious and shapely typography,  which come together to create a dreamy aesthetic. 

6. Capture

An image of the Capture website template.

Designed by Pablo Ramos, Capture is a mesmerizing photography website template that can be redesigned into a riveting destination wedding website. Just swap out the stock photos with snapshots of your dreamy destination. 

This inexpensive template is fully responsive and fully customizable. Capture includes elements such as a blog, photo gallery, newsletter, contact forms, and FAQs. Because Capture is a photo-centric template, it would be great for a destination wedding site or a wedding site that puts photography front and center. If you’re looking for an excuse to share those pictures from your engagement, bridal shower, and other pre-wedding events — this template is a solid choice.   

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Unleash your creativity on the web

Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. Only with Webflow.

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Get started for free

7. Wiven

Wiven wedding template demo homepage. Blush background with white text "Wedding Webflow template"

Wiven by is one of the more robust custom wedding website options on this list. With various customization options and three different pre-built homepages to choose from, this template would work well for personal wedding website design or as a portfolio for a wedding planner or photographer. 

Wiven includes guest list management with an online RSVP, gift registry, and several wedding template staples like pages for your love story, wedding party, and important details like how to get to the wedding venue. 

For wedding planners and photographers, this template also includes ecommerce functionality, a services page, and blog. 

This template has several beautiful designs and customization options that are sure to be helpful during the wedding planning process. 

8. Volta

An image of the Volta template.

Another template designed by Pablo Ramos is the bold and beautiful Volta. While it is quite in  contrast stylistically to the above-mentioned Capture, Volta still puts photos at the forefront, and utilizes text and elements in a way that complements the photography. . 

Unlike Capture, Volta plays more with color, spacing, and typography. It’s fresh approach to design makes the template feel minted and confident, and is perfect for a wedding site that embraces quirkiness and color. 

9. Evolve

An image of the Evolve template.

Evolve is a beautiful and modern retail website template designed by Abel Hancock. Stylish and fluid, this template is a sweet peach dream and could be the basis of a truly unique wedding website. 

Transforming this retail site template into a wedding website will take a bit of playing around in the Designer. If you choose Evolve for your wedding site, it’s best to have a little web design experience, or have a Webflow designer who could help you.

10. Guest House

An image of the Guest House Webflow template.

Next is Guest House, a hotel website template designed by GKDC. Like Capture, Guest House is an ideal template for a photo-centric wedding site. 

Guest House could serve as a beautiful medium to convey your love story by featuring your engagement photos and your favorite shots from the big day. With its wide set contemporary design and the inclusion of animations functioning as transitions, each scroll is a page-turner, giving way for your story to unfold.  

11. Lorelai

An image of the Lorelai wedding template.

Lorelai is a stunning wedding website template designed by Kevin Haag. This one-page template is ideal because it packs in all of the desired and necessary features you’ll need for your wedding site in a simple format. 

With this template, you can easily and quickly add everything your guests need to know— both for the wedding day and all the events leading up to it. You can plug in details about the bridesmaids and groomsmen, rehearsal dinner, location, and FAQs. Even better, Lorelai has a minimalistic feel, making it easily adaptable for any wedding theme. 

12. Personos

An image of the Personos website template.

Personos is a personal website template designed by Fouroom. This template is simplistic, stunning and can easily be redesigned into a beautiful wedding site. 

We especially love the soft pastels and elegant typography — it would be a wonderful backdrop for any wedding. 

13. AlphaFloris

An image of the AlphaFloris

To wrap up our list, we have AlphaFloris— a lovely and quaint floral design by Chima Okehie. This template has all of the elements and features that can easily be reworked into a gorgeous wedding website.

Simple changes like swapping the Events page for Wedding Day and Contact for FAQs would make all the difference. The color scheme and typography already have a romantic feel, all you need to do is add in photos and wedding details. 

Your beautiful wedding website is a click away

We hope we've got your creative juices flowing. We hope to see you transform these templates into your own unique wedding website. 

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January 24, 2023