9 photography website templates to kickstart your design

Here are 9 stunning photography website templates you just have to see for yourself.

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Whether you have 30 years of experience or 3 months, if you’re a professional photographer, you need an online portfolio.

Not only are they vital for exposure, but they also function as a digital business card or online billboard. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Here are 9 stunning photography website templates, each made in Webflow.

9 photography website templates

1. Photographos by Fouroom

An image of the Photographos website template.

Photographos is a gorgeous, fully responsive photography portfolio template designed by Fouroom.  

If you're an art photographer or focus on high concept art subject matters, Photographos is your template. The poise and elegance of this photography website template is captured throughout each animation, transition, and parallax effect. 

Coupled with the template's chosen typography and each demo's unique color scheme, Photographos is a perfect happy medium of mod meets mass appeal. 

2. Elise by Lightning Lab

An image of the Elise website template by Lightning Lab.

Elise by Lightning Lab is another photography portfolio template that beautifully displays your work beyond the constraints of the standard photo gallery or carousel. 

Elise is ideal for high-concept art or contemporary pieces. Lightning Lab's choice in color scheme creates a moody, yet mature aesthetic. But if the darker color palette isn't for you, no worries, this template is fully customizable.

Elise is complete with a homepage, about, online portfolio, and contact form — all the essentials to get started on your own photography portfolio website.   

3. Jasmine by Lightning Lab

An image of the Jasmine website template by Lightning Lab.

Next we have Jasmine — a beautiful, fully customizable photography website template brought to us by Lightning Lab. 

One thing that's particularly exciting about Jasmine's website design is its minimalist homepage. This template would be great for a single page or landing page portfolio. 

The homepage includes an about section, image gallery, testimonials, services, and contact form — the complete starter kit for a single-page website. If you're a photographer just getting started or you have a limited amount of work to display, Jasmine may be the portfolio website you’ve been seeking. 

4. Hailey by Daniela Tomanova

Next, we have Hailey by Daniela Tomanova. This website template is a gorgeous demonstration of balance and contrast done right in web design.  

With its fullscreen layout, gorgeous linework, sans serif font, and muted color palette — Hailey is one of those photography templates that can only be described as dreamy. Its creative take on photo galleries and slideshows within the homepage and individual portfolio pages is particularly noteworthy. 

Hailey's functionality and multipurpose design make this photography portfolio website template a great pick for just about any creative professional.    

5. Crop by Elastic Themes 

An image of the Crop website template by Elastic Themes.

Crop by Elastic Themes is a stylish photography website template. This fully responsive template is where chic meets professionalism.

This online portfolio is all about statement pieces. A simple header image on a single fold further alludes to its editorial appeal — and the inclusion of the highly stylized hamburger navigation design is the cherry on top. 

Complete with a blog page and mailing list, Crop is ideal for creatives seeking to lean further into their SEO and marketing strategy as a means to attract new potential clients.  

6. Leap by Elastic Themes

An image of the Leap website template by Elastic Themes.

Next, we have Leap — a beautiful professional photography website template with fully responsive functionality. 

Leap's homepage employs a single-fold, fullscreen header image and hamburger navigation design. It comes complete with a blog page, photo gallery, and mailing list. It even includes a “request a quote” page, which is separate from the contact page.  

Leap is stacked and ready for optimization. This is an ideal photography theme for any creative freelancer looking to level up their online portfolio. 

7. Aspect Ratio by Roaawn Hartsuiker

An image of the Aspect Ratio template by Roaawn Hartsuiker

Minimalist is the first word that comes to mind when describing Roaawn Hartsuiker's Aspect Ratio.

Aspect Ratio swaps the heavy parallax effects found on many photography websites for a simpler experience. This template’s content and design make it a versatile option and great canvas to draw and expand upon. 

8. Photy by Milos Knezevic

An image of the Photy website tempalte by Milos Knezevic

Photy by Milos Knezevic is a smooth, contemporary take on a photography website template. Its black and white color scheme and thick, curvy sans serif typeface come together in a way that feels both distinct and original.   

Photy comes equipped with all of the key features you'd find on a professional photography website — homepage, about, services, photo gallery, blog page, and contact form.

9. Mirro by GKDC

An image of the Mirro template by GKDC.

To conclude our list, we have the crisp and clean Mirro by GKDC.

If you're a photographer or creative looking for an online portfolio template that also includes a built-in, fully functional ecommerce site — Mirro is the template for you. 

Mirro is a fully responsive photography portfolio template with full ecommerce capabilities. Whether you sell digital art, prints, or preset assets, Mirro is a great foundation to build upon if you're keen on finding a template already built for your online store. 

Feeling inspired?

So there's our list of 9 stunning photography website templates. If you're feeling inspired, go ahead and give one of these gorgeous templates a go!

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March 11, 2022



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