8 unique one-page website templates

Establish your brand online and stand out with one of our one-page website templates. Did we mention you can easily customize them to your liking?

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Creative agencies, freelancers, and other designers all can benefit from using templates. Why start from zero when you don’t have to?

Stunning one-page templates built in Webflow

Whether you're selling a product online, building your portfolio, or building a website for your client, simplicity is key. You don't always need a complex multi-page design. Instead, you should find an efficient way to tell users who you are and what you do in the least amount of clicks as possible. Using a one-page layout design, also known as a landing page, allows you to connect with your audience in an immediate way.

Here’s 8 one-page templates you can use to get your website up in a quick and easy way:


capture webflow template

If you're a photographer you want a personal portfolio website that lets your artistry tell your story in a simple way. Building a photography homepage with Capture, a responsive template created by the ever prolific designer Pablo Ramos, lets you present your work in a straightforward framework — letting your photos be the highlight of the design.

Right at the top of the page layout, a horizontally triggered slider gives someone an introduction to your photography. With each click, there’s smooth fade transitioning from one image to the next. From this starting point, one can scroll down with blocks of content dedicated to writing a bit about you and your work, along with plenty of space for adding more examples of your photos. 

capture content section

This may be a one-page portfolio website, but there’s navigation set up on top giving someone direct access to wherever they want to go. With options in place to go right to the “About Me”,  “Services”, “Gallery”, “Testimonials”, “FAQ”, and “Contact Me” sections, you don’t have to worry about setting these up on your own. And what’s great about Webflow, is that even with little web design experience you can go in and change these up without much effort.

Whether you want to use Capture for a personal website dedicated to your photos, or for a business website to find clients and expand your business, this template will give you a jump start in claiming your space on the web.

Working with a prebuilt design gives you not only an HTML template, but all of the CSS styles. Thankfully, you don’t have to know anything about coding to edit or customize a Webflow template. Capture, as well as other templates in our marketplace have a lot to offer while still allowing complete flexibility no matter your skill level as a designer.


finapp template homepage

If you've got a cool new mobile app that you want the world to know about, you need a business website to show off how it works and why people should download it — all in a responsive design. FinApp by LightningLab gives you a modern HTML5 responsive one-page website template with a clean design that would work well for a mobile app, software, or other tech related product. 

It has a modern design aesthetic with a nice color palette of blues and white that always works so well for tech. You can always customize this template, adding in your own color scheme and changing the typography. There’s also plenty of space dedicated to web app screenshots and for other related content.

What really makes this stand out is the pricing plan section. This is a must have for any app or company that has different cost tiers and organizes them in a solid grid. At the top of the page you can flip between monthly and annually pricing options with the click of a button — which is a super useful feature built into the theme. And if you don’t require this full screen section, it’s easy to go into Webflow and fully customize or delete it.

finapp template pricing section

This responsive HTML5 single page template looks great right of the box, letting you get your homepage up in no time. And at the same time, it offers tons of options for editing the page theme to fit your own branding nee


delux template homepage

Conferences are about the energy that their participants bring to the experience. Whether you're a speaker or in the audience, you are all bonded by sharing the same passions and excitement. Delux by Rebecca Lowe is a responsive design template that lets you show why people would want to attend a conference and be a part of what makes it special.

Scrolling through this responsive website template layout reveals plenty of motion. There’s animated transitions, space for video background on the landing page, and great micro-interactions. There isn’t a section of this one page design template that doesn’t have some sort of dynamic embellishment to keep people engaged. And like any Webflow template, you can change the color schemes, switch up the typography, and do anything you’d like to customize the page theme.

This template is also great for lead generation — providing a contact form built in, giving those who are interested an easy way to get in touch.

delux template speaker section

Webflow templates are easy to customize and Delux is no exception. With a style guide and global swatches it’s easy to change up the look and feel to showcase your own creative vision.


portofino real estate template

Technical specs and lists of amenities are all a part of selling a piece of real estate. But the most important is communicating how these are more than just properties, but rather living spaces. Portofino, another fantastic responsive one-page template by Pablo Ramos lets you create a responsive business website that will connect with people personally — showing them the beauty of homes that could open up a whole new life for them.

Navigating this modern design brings you through arrays of photos of a home. There's enough variety in image sizing, alignment, along with scrolled triggered animations that frees this page design from monotony. Like a short stroll down the street, walking through this real estate website shows potential customers plenty of images of a home, giving them the opportunity to click on any of the photos for a closer view. Throughout this responsive single page web design are calls to action for those interested to book a tour — giving them multiple chances to to take that next step in actually seeing a house in person.


vivlio webflow template

If you're a writer and have a traditional book, or eBook that you want people to read, you need a website to promote it. Vivlio by Uros Mikic puts together everything an author would need to showcase their amazing work, while giving visitors the opportunity to purchase — all within one responsive landing page template

There are plenty of ways to entice readers with this design. You can display chapter recaps, show them a video, and include other important content needed to spread your message and convince readers to “Order today.

If you have any sort of content you are trying to get out there, Vivio gives you ample space to promote it and get people to purchase.

vivlio content section


soft webflow template

Soft, designed by Ciprian Paraschiv, is a template that hits all of the marks of what a tech related website design should be. With a contemporary look and eye catching visuals, it feels innovative — making it a multipurpose web design for technology products.

Large orbs of color are splashed across this design, breaking free from the straight lines that hold so many designs captive. These amorphous shapes add a nice visual dynamic. Though there’s a bit of a push against traditional design, nothing feels too weird or out of place. 

There’s plenty of space to list out the selling points and other features that you want people to know about. You can also integrate screenshots, which is always helpful, like this side scrolling interaction below that lets people click through a series of screens:

soft template gif

For those who want a one-page template that offers a multitude of visual goodies, Soft has plenty to offer.


Whether you’re putting on a conference, storytelling event, or even a musical festival, Conferencos, by Fouroom, provides a well thought out responsive one-page HTML template.

With bold text over a hero image, the opening page makes a big impact on anyone landing on it. From this first page, a short scroll down opens with a ring of images bursting out — creating a highly engaging interaction. This effect grabs your attention, making you want to go further into seeing what other fun visuals may lie ahead. 

Every section has effects like fade-ins and other dynamic motions. There aren’t any dead zones in the design, with every part having something that that will make those scrolling through it want to engage more. For those who want a one-page conference template that’s packed with action, Conferencos may be just the web template that you’re looking for. 


contabile webflow template

Contabile, created by LightningLab, offers a layout tailored towards accounting. There's no money green, gold, or other cliched trappings of currency related businesses. Instead there's plenty of white space, combined with touches of a medium dark brown. It has a solid, yet calming design aesthetic that will make anyone looking for an accountant know that they’re dealing with someone professional that they can trust.

conabile speaker page

There’s a nice three column block set up for showcasing your services, as well as profiles for team members and other neatly organized blocks for telling more about your accounting business. And like any website where the goal is to capture leads, there’s a straightforward contact form for gathering this important information. 

For those wanting to set up an accounting website that has a professional look, and smart stylization, Contabile is a solid template template to go with.

Sometimes all you need is a single page

Why build something that has too many moving parts? People like to get where they want to go in the easiest way possible, and one-page designs give them a clear path of navigation. Yes, there are many websites that require multiple pages, but not everyone needs them. Single page landing pages work well for so many different types of websites, and working with limitations often makes for a tighter design.

If you have any favorite one-page designs please post them below in the comments, we’d love to see how other designers are using this minimal approach!

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January 28, 2020



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