August 2022 projects: immersive experiences, one page wonders, and customizable views

Explore 9 projects that show off interesting experiences with mesmerizing interactions, clean layouts, and customizable visuals.

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Whether you’re looking to delve into another world or keep it clean and simple, this month’s projects are sure to intrigue you.

Check out what the Webflow community’s been up to. 

Immersive experiences

Creative design can make site visitors feel like they’re being pulled into another world. Dive into these websites to experience a new place. 

Design Made Cool 

Chinmay Choudhury’s portfolio Design Made Cool promises “truly immersive and memorable web experiences” right on the homepage. Once you start scrolling, you’ll get a taste of what that means. 

Design Made Cool website, featuring a 3D illustration of a man with a chrome effect. Large text "Hellow, I am Chinmay from Midguard (Earth)."

Chinmay keeps you guessing with a mix of vertical and horizontal scroll-activated interactions. Animations, 3D elements and other-worldly graphics provide a peek into Chinmay’s mind while also showing off impressive design skills. 

BelArosa Chalet

The BelArosa Chalet experience starts on the website. Rather than describe the posh accommodations, this site draws you in with a series of illustrations and scroll-activated animations. 

BelArosa homepage showing an illustration of a woman in an infinity pool peering out at a snow-capped mountains.

You’re treated to an illustrated view of the mountains from the infinity sky pool, a cozy room warmed by a fire, a steam room oasis, and more. The entire homepage seems to mimic a storybook, telling a tale of luxury and relaxation. 


Canada-based consulting firm, Alba, opens their site with an animated cartoon of a person walking two happy dogs. These black and white illustrations (and the peppy pups) follow you throughout the website.

Loading screen. Black and white drawing of a woman walking two small dogs above a pixelated loading bar.

As you scroll, the view point shifts to bring you up to a building, through an office window, then back outside to a park before finishing in outer space. Alba’s site does a great job of keeping you immersed in the cartoon world. Key phrases and call to action buttons appear in color, helping them stand out amongst the grayscale illustrations. 

One page wonders

Simple structure does not mean boring design. These projects pack a lot of information and clever design into a single page website


Brand designer and Webflow developer Diego immediately encourages visitors to explore their one page portfolio with a squiggly arrow prompting you to scroll. 

Diego homepage. Gray background. Right side, bold text "Brand designer. Webflow Developer." Right side, squiggly arrow pointing down.

Colorful cards shuffle into place as you move through Diego’s portfolio. After several project highlights, you arrive at a straightforward summary of who Diego is next to a slider containing various testimonials. This straightforward website packs a lot of information in a clean and simple layout. 


Youness Bennamou announces his speciality as a creative Webflow developer with large, white text that takes up the opening page of this single page site, Webtimise.

Webtimise homepage. Dark navy background and large white text "Creative Webflow Developer."

To explore Youness’s site, you can either scroll through or click on any of the menu items in the top navigation bar to skip to the associated section. Images move into place with a wave effect reminiscent of a flag moving in the wind. Youness also added a fun cursor effect with  emoji eyes appearing whenever the cursor hovers over a clickable image. 

The Minimalists (cloneable)

True to its name, The Minimalists project keeps it simple with four colored rectangles and a logo in the center of the homepage.

 The Minimalists website. Four rectangles in charcoal gray, teal, lime green, and coral with respective text About Us, Our Work, Get in Touch, Our Services.

Unlike many other one page websites, The Minimalists does not require scrolling to explore different sections. When you click on a section, a card shuffles into place, filling the page with the relevant information. The clean layout and intuitive navigation make this an ideal cloneable for straightforward sites with minimal content. 

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Customizable views

Each of these projects provides some cool customization options that allow site visitors to adjust aspects of the website to their liking. 

King Bee Creative

The King Bee Creative homepage allows visitors to select both their preferred color and dominant hand. 

King Bee Creative website showing Color Mode options (Cafe, Dark) and Dominant Hand options (left, right)e

Color Mode allows you to choose between classic dark mode and a lighter color scheme, “Café.” Dominant Hand caters to mobile accessibility by allowing users to move the hamburger menu and associated links to the left side of the screen — ideal for left handed users on mobile devices. 

Changing the logo color on scroll (cloneable)

This fun cloneable project keeps the logo text stuck at the top of the page, changing colors as you scroll down. 

Logo type project with caramel color background and logo in matching color. White text "Changing the logo color on scroll"

Once you clone the project, you can modify the logo and select the colors that the animation will cycle through. 

Spooker Design

Vladmir Mabille’s website, Spooker Design, includes 5 different color options that you can click through on the left side of the homepage.

Spooker Design homepage showing 5 color options on the left side. Big, animated eyeball in the middle of page.

After you select your preferred background color, you can also play around with Vladmir’s hobby wall by dragging letters onto the illustrated whiteboard. These small, playful touches fit right in with Spooker Designs’ artsy, early-internet aesthetic while also showcasing Vladamir’s design skills.

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September 27, 2022



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