11 one page website examples to inspire you

11 one page website examples to inspire you

With single-page websites, the sky's the limit for the mindful designer. Here are 11 beautiful examples that demonstrate the unique appeal of one-pagers.

11 one page website examples to inspire you

With single-page websites, the sky's the limit for the mindful designer. Here are 11 beautiful examples that demonstrate the unique appeal of one-pagers.

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Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade
Naja Wade

Websites don’t have to be complex to be effective.

A well designed one-page website can pack a punch with a single page. 

While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional structure of using the homepage as a hub that links out to individual pages like About or Contact, multi-page websites aren’t the only option. 

One-pagers can provide a smooth and simple user experience for a wide range of website types, whether it be for a freelancer portfolio, restaurant website, or small business homepage. 

Why make a one-pager?

The limitations of a single-page design can work in your favor. Less real estate means you can focus all your creativity into one page. Whether you build from scratch or use a template, you can incorporate animations and visual motifs, then strategically use typography, color combinations, and spacing throughout your design. 

You can consolidate the content you’d use for a multi-page website and turn it into a concise yet captivating experience. This way, you can keep your site visitors in one place rather than sending them through multiple pages to get the information they need.  

11 examples of one pagers to try

Effective single-page websites combine beautiful design, usability, and effective messaging. We’ve gathered 11 of the best one-page website examples to showcase their site structure and give you some eye-catching design inspiration. 

1. Octi

Octi is a fun single-page website example for startups and small business websites. Their team has managed to take a niche as polarized as NFTs and create a sense of genuine mass appeal.

The Octi home page. It reads "Infinite creativity."

Octi's team of writers and designers banded together to build a playful site full of scroll-triggered animations, 3D illustrations, and snappy headlines. Rather than boring visitors with irrelevant details, Octi’s website succinctly explains what the Octi app is and how to use it. 

Octi’s single-page website shows that you don’t have to explain every aspect of your business or product on your site to draw people in. A simple yet entertaining design allows you to focus on key value propositions and drive visitors towards conversions faster. 

2. Actor's Portfolio (cloneable)

Actor's Portfolio is a bold and fun single-page cloneable made in Webflow. As soon as visitors open this single-page website, they’re greeted by a massive end-to-end header fold that entices the user to scroll and reveal more content. 

The Actor's Portfolio cloneable home page. It reads "Seth Hampton."

The layout, stark lines, and color scheme are reminiscent of works by painter Piet Mondrian. However, this design incorporates playful undertones that are often associated with improv and theatre — this is an actor’s portfolio, after all. 

The logical flow of Actor's portfolio is simplistically straightforward. Each fold covers a different section that'd typically live within its own page, then weaves the sections together to create a cohesive and concise narrative. This single-page site is ideal for any creative looking for an uncomplicated yet eye-catching design.

3. Ultranative

Charming, wholesome, and delightful — the perfect description for Ultranative’s pixelated, Mario-inspired single-page website design. 

The Ultranative home page. It reads "Ultranative Your Mission: Create World Peace."

Rather than a standard scroll bar, Ultranative adds beating hearts in the top left to mark visitors’ progress on the page. As you explore the one-page site, a cute little brain hops along with you, collecting coins as it passes flying birds, bouncing mushrooms, and swimming fish. 

When all your content is on a single page, getting people to scroll is key. Ultranative achieves this by rewarding you with new illustrations and animations along the way — eventually placing your little brain buddy into a trophy and announcing a high score. 

While the immersive visual journey is a delight on it’s own, Ultranative also peppers in blocks of text that explain the company’s beliefs and the type of work they do. They even send the brain past several client logos, adding in a dash of social proof right before you arrive at the contact form. 

4. Juan Mora

Up next we have Juan Mora's single-page online portfolio. If you're a small business, creative agency, marketing agency, or freelancer within any domain and your site is under construction or coming soon – let this one-pager inspire you. 

Juan Mora's portfolio website. It reads "Yo yo my dear stranger, I'm Juan."

Juan Mora shows us that your site's design can still retain your branding, personality, work samples, social media, and more — even if the site is still a work in progress. 

In fact, you can use a site under construction to generate buzz around your launch. Juan links out to their Behance, Dribbble, and Instagram so you can check out their work, but doesn’t stop there. Juan keeps you on the web page with a series of warnings that beg you not to keep scrolling. 

Of course, this challenge works exactly as Juan intends — your curiosity keeps you scrolling, so you see more of Juan’s scroll-triggered animations, typography choices, and illustration skills along the way. 

5. Homebird  

Next on our list, we have Homebird — a friendly typeface with an even friendlier one-page website design. 

The Homebird website. It reads "Homebird: A Friendly Sans Serif Typeface."

Homebird is notable for its use of subtle animations that further personify the typeface, breathing a bit of life into both the font and one-pager. Interactive elements like the adjustable font weight and size let you test out the Homebird typeface. 

Instead of lorem ipsum text, Homebird showcases the typeface by describing the vibes with phrases like “mellow sunshine” and “voices & laughter.” They further sell you on the font with cheerful animations and motivational notes. 

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Unleash your creativity on the web

Use Webflow's visual development platform to build completely custom, production-ready websites — or high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code.

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6. Solamon's Key 

The design of the Solamon's Key website is like an NFTs and retro gaming crossover — featuring pixelated animations and classic green, grainy text on a black background.

An image of the Solamon's Key website.

Don’t be fooled by the navigation bar that appears at the top of the page — this is a one-page website. Navigation bar menu items function like jump links — skipping you ahead to that section of the page.

Solamon’s Key uses storytelling to keep you scrolling. Cryptic text like “...Two became four, and four became many spirits,” leave you hungry for more details, pushing you further down the page.

While Solamon's Key is an incredibly niche digital product, its single-page design can be applied to just about any website — especially creative agencies and marketing agencies. 

7. Geoli

Geoli by StopStare can serve as wonderful web design inspiration for single-page website design for restaurants and small businesses alike. 

An image of the Geoli website.

Geoli's website condenses the content of a multi-page website into a single, user-friendly one-pager. Oversized typography paired with high-resolution images of Geoli’s dishes put the focus on what matters most — Geoli’s selection of Korean street food.

Remember — not every product or service needs a mountain of text or a complex website. Geoli’s website proves that beautiful one-page websites can be just as effective as multi-page websites. 

8. Ribalta

If you’re looking for one-page layout inspiration for a restaurant, check out Ribalta

Ribalta is simply beautiful. The color scheme, imagery, font, and tasteful parallax effects all contribute to this gorgeous single-page design. Every element has a place in this clean layout. The smooth scroll-triggered animations really draw your eye to the photos of delicious food.

The team behind the Ribalta website design did an amazing job at maintaining simplicity without having to sacrifice branding or compromise in design. 

9. Musab Hassan

Musab Hassan's web development portfolio website packs a lot of beauty and work experience into a single page. 

An image of Musab Hassan's portfolio website.

Musab uses a hamburger menu that splits the homepage — links to different sections of the site appear on the left while images with subtle animations occupy the right side. When clicked, the menu items skip to that section of the single-page site rather than opening up a separate landing page. 

There are a multitude of creative ways to get around the restrictions of a one-page website. Musab proves that a web development portfolio can be simple yet effective. Essential elements of a portfolio like contact information and work samples are readily available. And instead of bogging down the site with all their past projects, Musab limits the selection to a few top projects.

10. Hunter (template)

Hunter by Djaya de Vries is a gorgeous one-page website that also happens to be a Webflow template. Designed specifically for creative freelancers and photographers, this template can be easily reimagined into a creative portfolio or personal website. 

An image of the Hunter template from Djaya de Vries.

Hunter’s one-page template is very image-focused, with plenty of space to share different projects. This template also reserves space for client testimonials and logos, a contact form, and a short about section. It’s a classic example of a one-page portfolio website with a smooth user-experience. 

11. Cafe Frida 

When you arrive at Cafe Frida’s website, you’re greeted with an illustration of a warm cup of coffee, followed by spring flowers that blossom on the screen. The steaming coffee and painted flowers set the tone for the site. Right away, you know this cafe takes their coffee and aesthetic seriously. 

An image of the Cafe Frida website.

Before jumping into the menu, Cafe Frida explains that everything they serve — from their eco-responsible coffee to their handmade vegan treats — is thoughtfully crafted. 

Co-owners Gabrielle and Emmanuel share a passion for art and food, something that’s made evident through their pleasing color scheme, beautiful photos, and detailed food descriptions. Cafe Frida isn’t just a place to stop for a meal, it’s an experience — and that experience starts on this immersive one-page website. 

Take a page from Cafe Frida's book if you're looking for creative ways to build a brand aesthetic or complete start-to-end experience — from finding your website via social media or Google to the actual in-person visit. 

Feeling inspired?

If these beautiful one-page websites sparked some ideas, why not get started on your own design? Grab a one-page website template or start building from scratch. 

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January 25, 2022