The enterprise businesses embracing the power of no-code

Webflow customers TED, Attentive, and Nvidia joined us for a session during No-Code Conf 2021 to share their journeys with Webflow.

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Time and control are two of the most precious commodities for enterprise-grade businesses, which is why a growing number of teams are turning to no-code tools.

Last November, over 18,000 attendees gathered virtually for No-Code Conf 2021, where we presented our vision for the future of no-code, along with several exciting announcements. Marketing leaders, practitioners, and creatives from across industries participated in the two days of programming, including Webflow for Enterprise customers using the platform to build the no-code experiences of their dreams. 

Among these enterprise users are Michal Pechardo, senior creative web designer at Nvidia; Max Valiquette, director of brand design at Attentive; and Mireille Pilloud, senior product manager at TED. From consolidating their marketing stacks to gaining more flexibility to iterate on the look and feel of their websites, here’s what these leaders had to share about their journeys with Webflow and how no-code is transforming their organizations.

The push to search for a better CMS

Digital enterprises managing multiple sites or tools often share the need for consolidation — a way to eliminate the need for multiple platforms and efficiently manage growth at scale. This was the case at TED, where Mireille’s team was responsible for managing a number of initiatives, each with its own website. Over time, her team realized they needed a more streamlined way to manage these sites and establish efficient processes for making copy or design changes, as well as the option to work with vetted agencies that could make their digital vision a reality. 

Beyond owning processes, more teams are looking for complete ownership over their marketing sites. Organizations with in-house marketing and design teams, like SMS marketing platform Attentive and tech company Nvidia, saw how making even small changes to a web page were becoming a time suck, compromising not only their ability to accelerate go-to-market plans but also draining developer resources. Michal details the turning point for Nvidia’s team:

“The moment we knew we had to change was when we needed to change a small thing on the marketing website. It was just a button, but that whole process took a week. And the scary part was, many people weren’t even shocked because they were used to that timeline. I used to be an engineer, and I know that took way too long, so something had to change.”

Gaining full control of the marketing site through an enterprise-grade CMS was also a priority for Attentive, which is home to an incredibly talented team of full-stack designers. Previously WordPress users, making the switch meant the team no longer needed to rely on a slow-moving third party for custom builds and could instead gain control over its visual identity and future. 

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How no-code transforms organizational operations

It can be nerve-wracking to introduce new tools or ways of working to an integrated team, but the benefits extend far beyond a shiny new site. Mireille's team at TED knew suggesting new processes to the larger organization could be tricky. They needed to quell misconceptions that no-code could lead to a loss of control over their work or decision-making capacities. That’s why communicating the core benefits of no-code web design and web development and how it would benefit not just the business, but also their work, was crucial. These benefits included freeing up developer time, providing TED initiatives with more agency over what they're working on, and alleviating some of the stress that comes with figuring out how to approach a site or page build on their own. 

The TED Circles website homepage. It is a light blue background with darker blue circles statically floating on the page. The headline text that reads "Invite your friends to discuss big ideas," which appears above two CTA buttons: a red one that says "sign up to host" and a blue one that says "register your event."

At Attentive, the company has seen a major shift not only in its ability to launch pages but its headcount and scale. The team now works with an SEO agency to optimize the impact of its marketing websites and has even added new roles to their marketing department whose sole responsibilities center around web development, putting the organization in a position for long-term growth. 

The business value of flexibility and speed

Speed to market and maintaining a competitive edge are non-negotiables for modern enterprises, which is why some no-code champions go the visual route when looking for executive or team buy-in. Michal and Max wanted to show how seamless using a no-code solution was and both built proof of concepts in just days to present to their teams, showcasing the ease of platform use, the power of animations, and how quickly they can launch and edit their sites with Webflow. Now with years of Webflow use under his team’s belt, Max shared that the platform has empowered Attentive’s team to be more iterative, giving them the freedom and autonomy to make gradual changes for marketing site updates instead of having to wait until the company undergoes a massive brand refresh. “We have to listen to our customers and respond thoughtfully. Having this control that Webflow has allotted us is hugely beneficial," he explained.

At Nvidia, eliminating friction from its web development process using no-code meant the team could think big picture, reclaiming time to explore, experiment, and launch new experiences that positively impact the business. In fact, in just the first month using Webflow, Nvidia was able to increase its conversion rate by 54% and its click-through rate by 18%. With confidence in the impact of their efforts, they are now able to analyze the market and respond to changes or demand more frequently.

A screenshot of Attentive's "Texts we love" site page. It features a light blue background behind header text that reads "Texts we love. Discover how the best brands use cart abandonment text messages to engage mobile consumers & drive revenue." Below it, a library of text messages mocked up on smartphones is on display, with the left side of the page housing a filter menu for the text message library.

Empower modern enterprises and teams with no-code

Way more than a fresh coat of paint, getting started with Webflow meant the teams at Nvidia, TED, and Attentive could hit publish on updates on the fly, address time-sensitive business needs efficiently, and create beautiful experiences for the web that generate tangible value. For Max at Attentive, Webflow was the tool that empowered his team to reach new goals, and for Michal and the team at Nvidia it was even simpler: Webflow allowed them to be independent.

Embracing no-code web development can help you better connect with your customers, communicate a new product offering, or free up the workloads of engineers you’ve relied on for far too long. Your marketing and design teams can take back control over your site, test more flexibly, and unlock new opportunities in a secure and scalable way. This is the future of web design Webflow for Enterprise is building for. 

Catch additional sessions from NCC 2021 here.


February 10, 2022



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