New feature: more link options

Adding links to rich text fields just got easier and more powerful in 4 key ways.

Yoav Givati
March 25, 2016

Now you can do a whole lot more with links in Rich Text elements in the Designer and Editor. Here’s 4 useful things you can do faster and easier than ever … as of today.

1. Easily link to your own site’s static and dynamic pages

Quickly link to static and dynamic pages on your own site by selecting them from a dropdown. You can also just start typing the page name or Collection name to find the right destination even faster.

Link to a page or Collection item by typing its name

2. Open external links in a new tab

Set links to external sites to open in a new tab, so people can easily come back to your site.

Open a link in a new tab by clicking the settings icon and ticking the Open in new tab checkbox

3. Easily link to page sections (via anchor links)

Easily direct people not only to the right page, but the right place on the page, with section (anchor) links.

Add an anchor link by selecting the anchor link type and typing the heading ID

Note: to create anchor links, you need to add an ID to the element you want to link to (usually a heading), and IDs must be added in the Designer.

4. Create email (mailto) and tel (click-to-call) links

Want to take the friction out of people getting in touch? Add a mailto or tel link so potential customers can email or call with a click.

Creating a mailto link
Creating a mailto link

You can even add a default subject line to your email (mailto) links.

Editing experience improvements

We’ve also improved the Rich Text editing experience in a number of ways, so now you can:

  • Type next to linked text without the new text becoming a link
  • Use the key combos Command/Control + b to toggle bold and Command/Control + i to toggle italic as you type, without selecting any text

Plus lots of other little tweaks to make editing just feel and work better.

Yoav Givati

Engineer at Webflow. Follow me @YoavGivati

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