9 simple website templates you should use for your next project

9 simple website templates you should use for your next project

Sometimes, less is more. Here are 9 stunning, simple website templates you should use for your next project.

9 simple website templates you should use for your next project

9 simple website templates you should use for your next project

Sometimes, less is more. Here are 9 stunning, simple website templates you should use for your next project.

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Naja Wade
Naja Wade

Whether you’re a freelancer, startup founder, or a small business owner — in today's digital landscape, you absolutely need a website.

There's simply no way around it. 

Yet, this doesn't mean you need something overly elaborate or complex in nature. Like one-page websites, HTML templates allow you to design a stunning website without compromising on web design or functionality. And with the right website builder, you can create a gorgeous website – complete with animations, parallax effects, and spellbinding transitions – without having to write a single line of code.  

These web templates speak for themselves, so let's just get right into it. Here are 9 simple HTML website templates to consider for your next project. 

9 simple website templates 

1. Fitnesso by Uros Mikic 

The Fitnesso website template. The headline reads "Your go to online fitness trainer and nutritionist."

Fitnesso is a free website template made in Webflow. This ecommerce solution is ideal for any fitness coach or influencer looking to bootstrap their small business beyond the confines of social media. 

Getting your online fitness coaching website set up is a breeze, as Fitnesso gives you the ability to sell premium fitness packages, schedule bookings and calls, and more.  

2. Yonk by Djaya de Vries 

The Yonk website template by Djaya de Vries. It features a large image tilted on its right side, a section for a headline on the left and a rectangle navigation n the upper right hand side.

Yonk by Djaya de Vries is a bold and beautiful landing page template perfect for bars and restaurants alike. Yonk's stark lines, chunky layout, and dreamy pink color scheme make this affordable one-page template a total standout for your new website.  

This minimalist, single-page website maximizes its space and design – complete with a homepage, about section, a full menu with pricing, contact form, and hiring section. This is where minimalism meets maximalist design.

3. Trönic by Deni Bozo 

An image of the Trönic website template. It features a giant H1 in the middle with a description on the upper left hand corner. The website is simple with a hidden navigation and small icons for social media.

Creative freelancers, startups, and small business owners — do we have a treat for you. Trönic by (the incredibly talented) Deni Bozo is modernism meets total functionality.

This mesmerizing HTML template is one of those website templates you just have to check out on your own. Delight yourself using this stunning website template – complete with a homepage, about, pricing page, blog, and contact form – without sacrificing page speed or load time.

Trönic uses tastefully placed animations and parallax effects throughout each page design to create an immersive and interactive online experience that surpasses the standard portfolio template. Along with its dark, mystic color scheme and chunky font type, Trönic is truly a gem. 

4. Satoshi by JP 

An image of the Satoshi website template. It features lots of white space with a headline, subhead, and CTA on the left hand side. Above, there is a simple navigation and another CTA.d

Meet Satoshi, the multi-page, multipurpose, all-in-one Webflow template suitable for just about any small business or startup, but most specifically financial services. 

Cut hours of time fumbling with WordPress themes or plugins, and start setting up your new website with ease with Satoshi. Designed for banks, as well as credit card, crypto, fintech, digital payment, and insurance companies, Satoshi comes complete with 20 unique landing pages and 35 multi-use flexible elements.

From landing page templates to login and account creation functionality, blog templates, FAQs, testimonials, and contact forms – Satoshi is the bootstrap template for financial services.  

5. Aspire by Daywork 

An image of the Aspire template by Daywork. It features a simple blog section that serves as the home page, along with an a

Next, we have Aspire by Daywork. This minimalist blog template is perfect for bloggers seeking functionality. 

The website design incorporates subtle animations and transitions throughout, creating a fluid and immersive experience for each page layout. 

Aspire is timeless. With its stripped-down, bare-bones design and illustrative page headers, this modest, yet beautiful blog template puts your work front and center – allowing you to focus solely on content creation and SEO.

6. Better Half by Flowyak 

An image of the Better Half by Flowyak website template. It features a large H1 in black, serif type on a cream background.

Better Half by Flowyak is the perfect template for photographers and creatives alike. 

The parallax animations unveil the website's narrative flow on scroll, creating an immersive user experience that can only be described as spellbinding. It's enthralling, hypnotic, and gorgeous. 

Whether you're a beginner or fully-fledged professional with decades of experience, if you're in need of a website template that feels distinctive and goes beyond your client's expectations, Better Half is your template.   

Do yourself a favor and check out the projects page in dark mode — the opening page header is astounding. 

7. Mercer by Medium Rare

An image of the Mercer template by Medium Rare. It features a large image, in this case, a modern house. Mercer — the headline — is in small font in the upper left hand corner.

Real estate agencies and brokers, rejoice, this one's for you. Going with the theme of aesthetics and beauty, we have Mercer by Medium Rare.

Mercer is the complete package for your real estate website. Not only is it beautiful, but it also comes equipped with a homepage, properties page, agency about page, blog, and an inquiries page. 

In Mercer's own words, "Mercer offers your real estate agency a prestige façade with the appropriate grace to match the caliber of high-end properties you represent" – just make sure you invest in a decent DSLR camera. 

8. Opus by Flowbase

An image of the Opus website template by Flowbase. It features a prominent H1, an announcement bar above,  and a simple navigation

Like Satoshi, Opus by Flowbase is a multipage, multipurpose HTML5 template designed specifically for startups or small to medium-sized businesses.  

With over 30 pre-built web pages and its extensive library of fully customizable Webflow components, Opus is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also incredibly functional – the perfect starting point for simple, yet complex business websites. 

Eliminate hours of stringing together your new website from scratch and do yourself a favor by checking out Opus. You'll thank yourself later. 

9. Vet X by BRIX Templates 

The Vet X template by BRIX templates. It features bright colors on a muted beige background with a prominent H1 and CTA.

Vet X by BRIX templates is a fun and trendy HTML website template designed specifically for veterinarians and veterinary practices of all sizes. 

Vet X comes fully loaded with a homepage, about page, services page, blog, shop, product, contact form, and more. If Vet X is anything, it's comprehensive to say the least. Give your veterinary business a head start and impress your clientele with this colorful HTML template. 

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November 27, 2023

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