8 powerful content embeds to grow your business

Maximize your content experience by using embeds to capture leads, grow your social presence, do customer research, and so much more.

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Use content embeds to boost your content strategy by embedding Tweets, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, quizzes, Google Forms, or Typeforms to help grow your brand awareness and enhance user experience.

Embeds maximize your content

You’ve got great content out there — with multiple social media profiles and an audience full of people happily engaging with all that you post.

These are effective platforms for promoting who you are, but they can be like satellites orbiting a planet that is your brand. Why not pull some of this great content into your owned platforms like blogs, and other spots on your website where they can get exposure? This not only adds value to what you’re offering, but also helps gain followers. Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media can be woven into content you already have, growing your audience, and further promoting all that you do. 

Content embeds aren't limited to social media — they can also gather more information from your audience. Embedding newsletter forms, email address captures, polls, and other elements that people can enter information into can give you more insight into who is landing on your website and help you connect with them further. Without further ado, let’s check out these 8 different embeds you can use in your content:

1. Forms can help capture leads

People landing on your website are there for a reason. Maybe you have inbound marketing content like blogs that have given your page a steady flow of organic traffic. Or perhaps digital ads are paying off and bringing in new people. Whatever the case, you've had them take that all-important step of coming to your website. Now's the chance to get them to go further by signing up for a newsletter or subscribing to your email list.

There are a few ways to embed email signup forms, with services like Mailchimp offering embeddable signup forms that can be popped into a page with ease. They offer plenty of stylization options to help you keep your forms on-brand. Much like any other embeddable content, using a Mailchimp form involves grabbing HTML embed code like the example below and pasting it into an element in your own design. Embedding email, contact, and newsletter signup forms on a website, mobile app, or blog post can be important tools in building your email list. 

mailchimp html embed

A website shouldn’t be a dead end. Having their email addresses lets you send them content that could be key in turning that visit into a conversion.

Okay — you've gained some new fans who've given you their email addresses. Now it's time to send out that first email. You want to give them something that they'll like, instead of the digital equivalent of junk mail that will have them running to hit that unsubscribe button. But how do you do that?

Give them something extra with content upgrades

A content upgrade is a great reward for them taking the time to fill out a form! Much like someone getting a bump up from coach to first class, they'll be in for a more enhanced customer experience. Content upgrades and gated content can go beyond what’s on your website and include things like ebooks, webinars, and coupons. 


People love getting things for free — and since they can be downloaded, ebooks are a welcome gift to offer in an introductory email. Give people more information about what they may be looking for while showing that you're experts at what you do. Introductory emails give your potential customers something more that they’ll appreciate and set a precedent for what they can expect from you in the future.


Webinars let people be part of an audience that gets to experience something extra you're giving them in real time. They cover the topics that you and your fans care about and give people a chance to see who's behind your brand. Letting people know about an upcoming webinar not only promotes it, but it shows that you’re dedicated to sending only relevant materials to their inbox.


They’ve shown their love by signing up via your embedded form, so why not reward subscribers with a discount or promo code in your introductory email? They’ll like getting something that will save them money, and have a reason to return to your website and make a purchase.

2. Embedding audio

Embedding audio content gives visitors an enhanced experience. Integrating multimedia content not only gives folks a chance to connect with you at a level deeper than text on a screen, but gives them the opportunity to follow you on your other platforms.

Boss Your Life Up (BYLU) provides resources to help underrepresented millennial professionals further their careers. Their website features plenty of valuable embedded content in the form of their podcast episodes. These podcasts can be listened to right from BYLU’s website via the embedded player, but they also make it easy to follow them on the podcast platforms they’re active on.

This BYLU website was made in Webflow, which allows users to embed a variety of audio and video media. Check out our post about embedding podcasts to see how it’s done.

bylu campaign

Not only does BYLU offer their podcast as embedded content, but they also have an embedded Typeform signup for their Slack channel and a newsletter subscription form. All smart ways to spread their message, gain new followers, and ultimately help more people.

3. Instagram posts

Instagram embeds are another opportunity to let people experience what you do in a deeper way.

DreamLife Beats, a hip-hop producer, showcases audio of some of his work at the top of his website, but also features embedded Instagram posts in the design. These videos, like one featuring his beat-making work on the SP-404 sampler, lets people see more of his process, and complements the rest of his content so well in marketing his music production skills. Leaving these Instagram posts out of the design would represent a missed opportunity for getting new followers.

DreamLife Beats was built with Webflow, with a widget from Elfsight enabling the Instagram embeds.

4. Client testimonials

Featuring real customer reviews helps so much in strengthening your reputation. Quotes and testimonials from your fans communicate why you're great in a way that's authentic. 

Q Audio puts the words of their customers’ positive Yelp reviews right in their design.  Embedded testimonial content may also inspire those who’ve had good experiences with your brand to write reviews of their own.

thorens client testimonials

Elfsight also offers a Yelp review widget that can easily be popped into a Webflow design. Take a look at this YouTube video that shows how to do this. Once again this process involves taking an embed code snippet and pasting it into an element in your design.

5. Facebook and Twitter posts

Elfsight also has other useful widgets for embedding social media like Facebook and Twitter. Embedding Facebook and Twitter content is another way to expand your presence on social media straight from your own website.

The famous comedy theater The Second City, of which Stephen Colbert is an alumnus, embeds Twitter into their landing page, inviting their fans to follow them their and providing more comedic content.

the second city social media

6. Video content

If you’re active on YouTube or Vimeo, you want your videos to be seen by as many people as possible. Putting these videos on your landing page puts them in front of more people and lets you potentially gain them as new followers.

EarthQuaker Devices, a manufacturer of boutique guitar effects pedals, produces videos that anyone into the gadgetry of guitars would love to watch. They have video embeds throughout their website, giving their fans more to experience and multiple chances to follow them on YouTube.

earthquaker devices

Webflow has a YouTube video embed element, and all that it requires is dragging the element onto the screen and popping in the link and other pertinent information. One rule of thumb: be careful with autoplaying videos. While some find them very engaging, they can also cause myriad accessibility issues, ranging from nauseating some visitors to making overlaid text nigh-impossible to read.

Webflow youtube embed

7. Customer research surveys

Analytics provide valuable insights — so how about getting more information straight from the very people who’ve landed on your page? Get to know them as people rather than numbers representing impressions.

Zappos offers a survey on their business website that isn’t too long, asking only the important questions they’d like to know the answers to. Here’s just a slice of it:

zappos survey

For example,  SurveyMonkey offers embeddable questionnaires that can be popped into any Webflow design. They offer a free tutorial on their website to guide you through the process. 

Wufoo also offers embeddable forms and polls that integrate well into a design, giving you other ways to capture important customer data.

8. Ads and affiliate links

There’s a tasteful way to integrate ads into your website. Ads from reputable companies and products related to what you do can fit into the theme of your page. You can use Google AdSense to tie in ads that would be a good fit. Carbon is also popular with many design and development outlets.

Amazon affiliate links to products you mention can also generate you some cash. If you want to include these, make sure to be transparent about your affiliate links.
If you tread carefully, you can make a bit of extra money without compromising your design or reputation.

Use Webflow’s rich text element to embed

If you’re creating longform content for a web page, whether it’s a blog post, landing page, or your brand story, Webflow’s rich text element makes it easy to construct these, with multiple options for embedding content from Airtable, Mailchimp, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Soundcloud, and more.

webflow rich text editor

It speeds up the process of formatting, structuring, and embedding, making your job much easier.

Let your content be seen

If you have content showing off your products and what you do out there on social media, integrating it into your website can be beneficial. Not only will it help get the word out about where you’re at, but using this content adds to a user's experience by giving them something more and showing who you are.

Use content embeds along with informative writing and visuals to tell your brand’s story. Webflow’s ready-to-use elements make embedding content so much easier than wrestling with code alone, and we’re free till you’re ready to launch.

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November 26, 2019



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