Better manage emails for your Ecommerce customers and team

Launched on 
February 20, 2020

Three new enhancements let you flexibly manage various emails for your Ecommerce customers and team.

Control who receives notifications about new orders

You can now specify who receives emails about new orders on your Webflow Ecommerce site. If you’re a business owner, you can better secure the details of every order by only sending new order notifications to the right people on your team. You’re free to include anyone with a valid email address — even a contact group so each order automatically emails a full team at once (like If you’ve built the site for a client, your inbox will no longer be flooded with extraneous emails.

Head to the notifications tab of your Ecommerce settings to choose or input who should receive each new order notification.

Easily resend lost, deleted or Spam-eaten emails 

You can now quickly and easily resend an order’s confirmation email to any Ecommerce customers right from each order detail page in the order manager

Select the ‘Resend Order Confirmation’ option in the detail page of each order.

Preview email designs with your store’s products

Better visualize the various order emails sent to your customers and team. You can now preview each design with your store’s products.

Customize each email design in the email tab of your Ecommerce settings.

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You can now: control who receives new order notifications, easily resend an order’s confirmation email, and preview email designs with your store’s products.