Forms will stop working on exported sites

Launched on 
April 24, 2018

As we announced in “Preparing for the GDPR,” because of the additional constraints that GDPR places on Webflow as a data processor, we’re phasing out support for Webflow-powered form submissions on exported sites, starting on May 25, 2018.

To keep your forms working on exported sites, you’ll need to connect your forms to a third-party form service, many of which are free.

This change will happen in two phases:

On May 25th: Forms on sites exported on this date or after will not work, unless you’ve connected them to a third-party service.

On July 31st: Forms on all existing exported sites will stop working, unless you’ve connected them to a third-party service.

For more on why this change is taking place, and what else we’re doing to prepare for GDPR, read our blog post.

In preparation for GDPR, we’re phasing out support for Webflow-powered forms on exported sites. Here’s a look at what’s changing, when, and how to prepare.