Facebook pixel integration

Facebook Analytics gives you the tools to learn more about how people interact with your site, and run targeted advertisements based on their behavior.

The first step is installing your Facebook pixel on your site — which you can now do right from your project settings, no custom code required.

Project settings > Integrations > Facebook pixel.
Project settings > Integrations > Facebook pixel.

Adding your pixel will automatically track pageviews, but you can add custom events (for example, whatever conversion event makes most sense for your site) you can set this up by adding custom code to the <head> of one or more pages on your site.

What about GDPR?

For the sake of GDPR compliance, we also give you the option to lazy load this pixel so only visitors who’ve accepted your cookie policy will be tracked. Note: if you turn this option on, you’ll need to create a cookie consent for your site as well.

P.S. We’ll be adding more default events when Webflow Ecommerce arrives, like “product viewed,” “product added to cart,” and “product purchased.” Soon!

Now you can add the power of Facebook Analytics to your marketing campaigns — just add your Facebook pixel ID in the integrations section of your project settings.