Google Domains in Webflow

Launched on 
May 26, 2016

Buying domains from Google Domains

Buying new domains in Webflow is now easier than ever for those of you with U.S. billing addresses, thanks to the new Google Domains widget. Simply search for the domain you want, checkout with Google, and you're done!

Choose from hundreds of domain name endings, then purchase directly from Google

Once you've bought the domain(s), it will appear under your site settings with a 'G' icon next to it, and you can publish directly to that domain without configuring DNS, CNAMES, A-Records, or any of that messy technical stuff.

Domains listed right in your settings

Note: You may need to add billing information if you've never used Google Checkout before. This is not connected to Webflow's billing system.

Need a custom domain for your website? Now you can buy one directly within Webflow, thanks to our friends at Google Domains. No need to mess with DNS, CNAMES, A-Records, or any of that technical stuff.