Control element visibility based on member login status

Launched on 
December 14, 2022

In a continued effort to bring granular design control to visual developers on Webflow, today we’re launching element-level gating for our Memberships beta. This lets you show and hide any element on a Membership enabled site - from a button to an entire section - based on the visitor's log in status. 

To date on the Memberships beta, you’ve been able to gate content for specific segments of logged in users - such as pages or collection lists. But we heard your feedback that you wanted even more ways to personalize the experience for these audiences. 

With element-level gating, you can now create a homepage experience for logged out users that is solely focused on conversion, while logged in users are taken directly to your premium content experience. Or you can have a universal navbar throughout your site that exposes a different level of detail based on a visitor's access permissions. 

So what is next for Memberships? We are continuing to add more granular controls to the end user experience that you can expect to see in coming months.  

How to get started

Our product documentation will help you understand how to set up the core functionality.

Join our beta community to connect with other beta users as well as access a feature list, and product tips and tricks. 

If you run into any issues, please submit a ticket through the Webflow Support portal.

Membership sites now benefit from the ability to show and hide elements to logged in members. Available via the Memberships beta.