Simplify checkout for orders that don’t need shipping

A new toggle for each Ecommerce product lets you say whether the product requires shipping. Toggle it off to offer a faster, simpler experience for orders that won’t be shipped.

By default, the Requires shipping toggle will be on. Toggle if off for any product that doesn’t need to be shipped. 

To deliver this simpler experience, you can now set a conditional visibility rule on your checkout page to hide the shipping method and address sections on orders that don’t need them.

This new conditional visibility rule will be automatically set for checkout pages created after today. 

Which means less friction for your customers.

For orders that don’t require shipping, your customers can now bypass shipping information and get through checkout faster. 

This is just the first step toward better support for digital goods and services. Share your thoughts on how we can better support your store on the Webflow Forum

Have an existing Ecommerce store with digital goods, or use PayPal for checkout? Head to Webflow University to learn how to make the most of this new option.

Now you can create a faster, simpler checkout experience for items that don’t ship, like digital files and services.