Zapier and API support for ecommerce events

Following up on our beta release, we’ve added API and Zapier support to make integrating your store management workflows smoother and more flexible. Here’s the new triggers and actions we’ve added, along with some new workflows this integration makes possible:

Ecommerce triggers:

  • New order: Fire an action when a new order comes in.
  • Updated order: Fire an action when order details are updated.

Ecommerce actions:

  • Fulfill order: Mark order as fulfilled in Webflow.
  • Unfulfill order: Mark order as unfulfilled in Webflow.
  • Update order: Edit an order’s details
  • Refund order: Issue a refund for the order.

What this makes possible:

  • Send orders and manage fulfillment via Shipstation
  • Send order details to Quickbooks for accounting
  • Get a text when new orders come in
  • … and much more

To learn more about using Zapier with Webflow, check out Zapier’s Webflow integration page. For more on using our Webflow Ecommerce API, check out our documentation.

We’ve added new ecommerce triggers and actions to Zapier (and in our API) so you can connect your order fulfillment workflows and more with other apps.