404 page

404 page

A 404 page is an error page a visitor sees when they try to access a non-existent or broken URL on a website. This error corresponds to a 404 HTTP status code, which indicates that the page could not be found on the server. A 404 page guides visitors back to relevant pages on the site and reduces bounce rates.

An effective 404 page balances both functionality and creativity. It should clearly communicate the error message and offer easy navigation to other parts of the website. Many sites make creative 404 pages that are engaging for visitors by incorporating humor, unique design elements, or on-brand messaging.

Webflow includes a default 404 page which you can customize in the Utility pages section of the Pages panel.

A well-designed 404 page is an essential part of web development, contributing to user experience and SEO value. Learn more about creating a custom 404 page in Webflow University.

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