Conditionals, also known as conditional statements or expressions, are coding instructions that tell a program to execute an action for a certain condition. They usually take the form of if and if else statements, which the program can identify as true or false depending on the condition. Else is the default result if the program can’t determine whether the conditional is true or false.

This structure represents the general conditional syntax between programming languages: 

if (today = " Monday ") {" Scrambled eggs "}

else if (today = " Tuesday ") {" Banana smoothie "}

else if (today = " Wednesday ") {" Cheese quiche "}

else {" Pancakes "}

In this example, the days of the week are conditions, and the breakfast items are actions. Real code has more technical conditions. On an Ecommerce website, for example, if a visitor doesn’t input their shipping information, the conditional might trigger an error message that prompts them to complete the field.

Webflow Logic creates conditionals without coding to automate and streamline your marketing processes and other workflows. The drag-and-drop interface lets you combine different triggers and actions on your Webflow website, like sending a new customer a welcome email or updating CMS items.

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