BiDi (pronounced bye-dye) stands for bidirectional. When a document is BiDi, it supports text that reads from right to left (RTL) and left to right (LTR). While English text appears from left to right, many other languages, including Hebrew, Arabic, and Urdu, move from right to left. 

Web pages need to support languages in both directions — that’s where BiDi comes in. Content written in multiple languages should show the direction of every language correctly in web documents, which BiDi offers, even if there are different languages in the same sentence or paragraph.

When developing a website, you can guarantee BiDi support with the <bdi> HTML element, which tells the browser which text sections need to go in different directions. Framing text with <bdi> calls up the algorithm and analyzes characters to display them correctly on the page. 

Webflow's custom code embed element lets you input BiDi on your webpage to improve readability for any language.

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